e-Forex Magazine August 2021

e-Forex Magazine August 2021

Is the current model sustainable?
Accelerating to smart treasury
The need for common analytics infrastructure
Delivering insights to preserve alpha
Bloomberg looks to take the lead in shaping the client e-FX trading experience
Founding Partner, DMALINK


Increased electronification, higher costs, and lower yields for LPs: How will FICC markets evolve?

Market Commentary

All market participants desire efficient markets and low cost risk transfer. Electronification has seemingly offered a path to achieving this. However, is the current model unsustainable? Vivek Shankar investigates....show more


Why you need independent data to differentiate between execution processes

Trading Operations

By Xavier Porterfield CFA, Head of Research at New Change FX...show more


The inexorable rise of FX Algos


By Brendon Bigelli, EMEA Spot & Algo Specialist at 360T...show more

Digitally enabling risk management: Accelerating to smart treasury


By Yi Hahn Chin, Head of eFX Solutions - EMEA, Corporates at Citi, and his colleagues Erik Johnson, Dr. Duncan Cole, Kelvin Ang and Ray Pereira....show more


Bloomberg: Taking the lead in shaping the client e-FX trading experience

Provider Profile

Bloomberg is a pioneer in supporting the growth and evolution of electronic trading in FX. e-Forex spoke to Tod Van Name, Global Head of Foreign Exchange electronic trading at Bloomberg, about how it is leading the way in the ongoing development of this space despite the accelerated pace of change in recent months....show more

DMALINK - A very smart operator looking to disrupt the FX status quo

e-Forex Interview

e-Forex spoke to Michael Siwek, Founding Partner of DMALINK to gain an insight into how an idea drawn up 7 years ago on the back of a paper napkin is shaping out to overhaul the FX ECN model for the buy-side and challenge the status quo of double charging, reporting inefficiencies, and costly use of credit. Since its launch, DMALINK has undergone significant transformations from operating an FX agency to a data-centric platform with a unique ECN-model, delivering benchmarked trading services that enable market makers to price buy-side clients at $0, blended with upcoming AI-powered liquidity management and anomaly detection across spot, forwards, futures, and NDFs...show more


Obermind - Taking platform development to the next level

Platform Profile

Alexander Talei is the Founder of Obermind, a fast growing quantitative research and technology development firm which has set out to help financial technology and trading firms to build, deploy and scale on its new platform. We asked him to tell us more about this venture and the toolsets and robust infrastrature Obermind is building for intelligent automation across a wide array of markets....show more


Evaluating FX algos: the need for common analytics infrastructure to enable better decision making

Traders Workshop

Usage of foreign exchange algorithmic execution has grown steadily.  Emerging in the FX market in the early-2000s, the adoption has been especially active over the last decade. Growth has also been driven by a range of factors including growing FX markets fragmentation, the decreasing balance sheet of FX dealers, the demand from regulators to develop a more holistic approach to best execution, and sharp increase in passive tracking assets under management with the focus on execution costs to minimise tracking errors....show more


Combining FX data and analysis gives asset managers insight to preserve alpha


Everyone now knows the value of “big data.” However, as with everything that is perceived to have some value, owners have quickly become protective. Some FX platforms are disrupting this trend, realising that the power of data collection from varied sources can enhance the decision-making process and Alpha opportunities for both buy- and sell-side clients. ...show more