e-Forex Magazine July 2009

e-Forex Magazine July 2009

e-Forex magazine, July 2009, issue 36, Relationship versus anonymous fx trading, optimising workflows, 2009 Forexdx awards, Focus on FX margin and collateral management


Currencies in movement – ever heard about the ‘Khaleeji’ project?


Manfred Wiebogen looks at how the economic impact of globalisation together with the current financial crisis may demand some reorganisation in the world currency structure. ...show more


Relationship versus anonymous FX trading - the old debate returns


The debate about whether relationship trading or anonymous trading is superior is perennial, but now is an opportune time to revisit the methods' relative merits. The emerging competitive electronic trading platforms for the interdealer, multi-dealer, and dealer client markets have facilitated the adoption of electronic trading and the ability to trade anonymously during this decade. This article discusses a number of critical risk and regulatory outcomes from the current financial crisis that focus on the deployment of relationship trading vs. anonymous FX trading. ...show more


Business as usual: FX trading platforms help to achieve more with less

e-FX Industry Report

The current economic situation is unique for a combination of reasons, but one of the most prominent is the combination of a commercial slowdown with an exceptional decline in many bank balance sheets. While this has numerous implications, the effect on global FX trading volumes is particularly conspicuous. Andy Webb explains how FX trading platforms have a duty in such an environment to assist participants in achieving more with less. ...show more


Where to draw the line on the issue of leverage

Regulatory Roundup

In this Regulatory Roundup feature Felix Shipkevich, General Counsel at CMS Forex, examines the question of leverage and what factors may influence the way regulators draw the line of what is the appropriate level of leverage that should be allowed to be used by retail clients, if any. ...show more


Pre-settlement processing - A new initiative from CLS and ICAP


CLS Group and interdealer broker, ICAP, are creating a new joint venture (JV) to provide trade aggregation services to participants active in the over the counter FX market. The new business, initially named CLS Aggregation, is designed to address the rapid increase in foreign exchange trading as an asset class by a widening group of hedge funds, algorithmic traders, retail and institutional market participants, which have brought substantially higher volumes to the foreign exchange industry....show more


Optimising workflows: Asset Managers embrace the benefits of e-FX


While there is little doubt that investment managers are rapidly increasing their use of electronic trading, there is still much to be done in terms of standardising access and processes to enable them to reap the full benefits of automation....show more


Building momentum Flagging new CEP initiatives within FX


With Complex Event Processing (CEP) having spread out across the asset classes – initially in equities – multiple and growing demands for using CEP in the FX space are being made among both sell-side and buy-side firms. Roger Aitken canvasses leading CEP vendors and others on the landscape. ...show more


The Perfect Match: What to look for in Electronic FX Providers


New and seasoned participants in the burgeoning foreign exchange (FX) market continue to leverage electronic trading platforms. Whether they are money managers in search of better fund performance or banks in need of cost-saving efficiencies, users are seeking particular electronic FX (e-FX) functionality and benefits. The best products and providers offer access to liquidity, improved cost and time efficiencies, better price transparency, greater stability, error reductions, enhanced auditability, and smooth integration with existing in-house systems....show more


Achieving more rapid Algorithmic FX trade strategy development

Algorithmic FX Trading

Time is money and nowhere can this truism be taken more literally than in the trading world. Algorithmic trading in FX has grown in order to sate the appetite for higher frequency, larger volume trading and more sophisticated strategies – all of which can be more easily achieved through the deployment of automated systems....show more


A man with a unique view of the global FX market

e-Forex Interview

Derek Sammann, Managing Director, Global Head of foreign exchange at CME Group...show more

Regional expertise: focusing the strength of FX e-commerce services

e-Forex Roundtable

With Bjorn Lundvall, E-commerce Manager Trading, e-solutions at Handelsbanken Capital Markets, Niels.van.Daatselaar, Head Financial Markets e-Commerce at Rabobank International, Peter Hagenauer, head of eCommerce Applications & Technologies, Markets, ANZ Institutional, Stamos Fokianos, Global Head – eChannels, Financial Markets, Standard Chartered Bank and Clive Standish, Head of Electronic Markets Client Service, North America at RBS Global Banking & Markets. ...show more


Reducing the risks: new perspectives on FX margin and collateral management


FX margin trading and the subsequent need to manage collateral has become very much in the spotlight in recent times as the cost of credit becomes more prohibitive and firms seek to squeeze greater efficiency from their bottom line....show more


ProTrader: “The One Trading Platform?”

Product Review

We review the ProTrader multi asset platform from PFSoft. ProTrader provides a complete solution for retail brokers, market makers and hedge funds. The platform supports a wide range of products and is based on the latest technology. Denis Borisovsky, CEO of PFSoft tells us more about it.....show more


Traders checklist: Will your FX platform give you that edge?

Retail Forex Client

Before a trader can start making money in FX, they must first choose a trading platform from which to work. This is no simple or even relatively easy task such as deciding on a new car or a lawnmower. From broker, to type of service, to checklist of needs and wants, to individual trading style, the choices facing traders are varied and can be quite complex....show more


PROFILE – United World Capital

Retail Forex Client

e-Forex talks with Jamal Fakhory, Managing Director of United World Capital, a leading provider of online FX trading services for Retail and Institutional investors....show more


2009 Forexds Awards : Breaking new ground in ranking FX brokers

Retail Forex Client

The recent release of the 2009 Forexds Trader’s Choice Awards provides a rare glimpse inside the broker preferences of average currency traders worldwide.  Rather than making an article about yet another FX award, e-Forex magazine asked me to share the unique aspects of the Forexds Awards. For that, I’d like to share some personal thoughts going into this 2 year project and then delve into the results beyond what appeared in the May press release....show more


Howard Carr, Director at TEAM Asset Management


A fully regulated, diversified asset manager located in Jersey, Channel Islands....show more


Algo FX Case Study

Algorithmic FX Trading

Thomas Vinding, co-head of e-Markets at Nordea discusses the question of whether Algorithmic Trading can work in abnormal FX Markets....show more