e-Forex Magazine October 2011

e-Forex Magazine October 2011

e-Forex Magazine October 2011.
FX Social Investment Networks - leveraging trade replication technologies.
Post Trade FX - addressing risk, connectivity and regulatory complexity.
Cloud Computing in FX - increased precision with older execution.


Playing Sovereign Poker


The power of the free market and in particular its ability to speculate responsibly, has heightened the awareness of Western and Eastern politicians in both developed and lesser-developed countries causing them to ask, ‘What is wrong with the entire system’, ‘Why were years of accumulated sovereign debts discovered so late? And ‘Where were the rating agencies and accountable authorities during those years? On the other side of the spectrum but adding to the instability of the global financial market, were hoarded foreign exchange reserves. This instability has spread to the next asset class of commodities, causing, a never before seen, run on gold. It has also revealed that trust that has been placed in other financial safe-havens such as the Swiss currency is misleading. ...show more

Fragmentation and liquidity in FX - is it worth upsetting the balance?


There is already significant fragmentation of liquidity in Wholesale FX which has facilitated the evolution of a competitive marketplace creating venues that have developed features appropriate to different user types. Justyn Trenner and David Poole, Co-Principals at ClientKnowledge examine the risks of creating stagnant pools of liquidity within FX if the current delicate balance of fragmentation is upset....show more


More intelligence and control - taking FX Aggregation services to the next level


A return to the traditional values of the FX market is seeing a greater demand for transparency. Nicholas Pratt examines how these demands are influencing the development of next generation aggregation services....show more

Leverate - offering turnkey solutions for Institutional clients

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Leverate has been recognized as one of the leading IT Solutions providers at the forefront of the Forex industry. The company provides turnkey trading technology solutions and offers a complete suite of products and services for financial institutions and brokers. ...show more


Addressing risk, connectivity and regulatory complexity in Post Trade FX


While the FX industry is well versed in addressing the challenges of connectivity and the operational and credit risk in the back office arising from spiralling volumes, Frances Maguire asks how it will deal with more complex regulatory demands in the post-trade arena....show more

Is Your FX Brokerage Functioning Optimally?

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Panda Trading Systems is a leading FX trading technology provider specializing in system integration, MetaTrader server-side technology and fully customizable developments, available on-demand. New and veteran brokers turn to the Panda TS’ advisory services to learn how to best accelerate reaction to market trends and adopt new technologies while minimizing operational risks and costs....show more


Regional e-FX perspective on Canada

Regional eFX Perspective

Canada consists of ten provinces and three territories and is one of the worlds wealthiest nations. It has a very diversified economy much reliant on natural resources and trading relationships with overseas countries, particularly the United States. Heather McLean explores the current FX trading environment within this huge country and how leading Institutional and Retail FX providers are meeting increasing demand for electronic FX execution solutions amongst their clients....show more


Meeting a man with his eye on the ball

e-Forex Interview

e-Forex talks with Richard Anthony, head of e-risk - FX & Metals at HSBC...show more


Single Bank FX platforms - moving to enrich the customer experience


Frances Maguire talks to a selection of leading banks about how they are differentiating themselves and adding value to their e-FX platforms in a maturing, but still increasingly competitive, market place....show more


Regulatory changes, discussions around a Tobin Tax.


Isn’t the biggest global financial market actually in a good shape?...show more


Offering wider market access – Cloud Computing proves well suited to FX

Forex Technology

Cloud computing services are widening access to the FX market and helping firms to better integrate front, middle and back-office functions. Joe Morgan examines in what ways use of cloud computing can improve the operational capabilities of trading desks and allow FX firms to fine tune their offering....show more


Integrating CEP technology as a core component of real-time FX trading architectures.

Forex Technology

Complex Event Processing (CEP) technology continues to fan out further and faster across the FX market moving beyond the algorithmic trading arena into new areas. Roger Aitken examines the landscape and canvasses some leading vendors....show more


Improving real-time response rates to FX Trading opportunities

Forex Technology

When it comes to improving real-time response rates in the FX trading world a number of factors come into play in terms of the whole technology stack - from messaging and front-end technologies for data distribution to execution latency and the network layer. Handling one aspect at the expense of another rather than addressing matters holistically is flawed and ultimately could prove costly. Roger Aitken reports....show more


Slicing and dicing - utlising new algo toolsets for increased precision with FX order execution

Algorithmic FX Trading

Now that slicing and dicing algorithms have become a common feature of the FX marketplace, Nicholas Pratt examines how traders are using the latest algorithmic tool-sets for increased precision with FX order execution....show more


Regulatory Roundup

Regulatory Roundup

Last summer, the financial sector was in knots over the passage of the Dodd-Frank Wall Street Reform and Consumer Protection Act. The largest financial regulation overhaul since FDR’s New Deal threw market participants into agonies of uncertainty about the future of the industry. One year later, and nearly two months after the mid-July deadline for many Dodd-Frank swaps rule-makings, many unanswered questions persist....show more


MT4 Liquidity Bridges - powerful new business engines for Retail FX

Retail e-FX Provider

As Retail FX brokers look to adapt their trading platforms to cater for the increasingly popular ECN market, MT4 Liquidity Bridging applications are certain to play an important role. Nicholas Pratt looks at the challenges that lie ahead for the application developers....show more


Gold-i Gate Bridge for MT5

Product Launch

The Gold-i Gate Bridge - which connects brokers’ trading systems to global banks via MetaTrader 4 - has been such a successful product that it put Gold-i on the map as the UK’s leading systems integrator to the global FX and CFD market. We caught up with Tom Higgins, CEO of Gold-i, to find out about his company’s latest product launch – the Gold-i Gate Bridge for MT5....show more


Join the professionals - maximise your trading and investment potential with a Retail FX ECN platform

Retail e-FX Client

Electronic Communications Networks (ECN) have revolutionised the Institutional FX market and many commentators believe ECN-style trading platforms are likely to do the same in Retail FX. Heather McLean explores the options available to Retail FX traders who might be looking to switch from a traditional market-making broker to an ECN platform provider....show more


In search of better yields with Forex Social Investment Networks

Retail e-FX Client

As Social Investment Networks and associated social trading communities become increasingly popular with the Retail FX traders all around the world, Joe Morgan talks to some of leading providers to discover more about how the investment network model works and what new features and functionality are being offered to help traders more closely align their risk and investment objectives....show more


eToro - Spearheading the FX Social Trading revolution

In the chair

e-Forex talks with Jonathan Assia, CEO of eToro...show more


DynexCorp - from systems to market pulse: a life long performance in currencies


e-Forex talks with Peter Panholzer of DynexCorp, one of the oldest Currency Management firms in the world....show more