e-Forex Magazine April 2012

e-Forex Magazine April 2012

e-Forex Magazine April 2012.
Risk and the FX Back-office -utilising Cloud computing architectures
FX e-services - helping to strengthen client relations
Regional perspective on Africa - a continent ripe with opportunities for e-FX
Social Investing -


From FX Regulation to FX Taxation


The financial markets have never before seen so many reviews looking at fresh ways to regulate. Although Regulation and Taxation may no longer be real news to us, the frequency and attention given to the topic in public discussion is increasing....show more


Strengthening client relations with FX e-services


As many leading FX providers are now adopting more client-centric strategies when rolling out new electronic products and trading platforms, Nicholas Pratt explores in what ways electronic FX services can help improve and engender more productive client relationships....show more


Electronic trading tops 60% of Global FX trading volume

e-FX Industry Report

Strong growth in electronic trading activity last year pushed electronic foreign exchange volumes above 60% of the overall global FX market for the first time. ...show more


2011 Social Forex Awards


Roger Aitken reviews the ‘2011 Social Forex Awards’ held this February in central London – which were the first of their kind....show more


Making sense with CORTEXFX

Platform Profile

The CORTEX brand is synonymous with 2 concepts - Intelligence and Advantage. Just as the CORTEX of the brain controls the senses, CORTEXFX, (which is the first product to be launched under BNP Paribas new electronic trading brand) allows BNP Paribas clients to take full control of their FX trading environment using a feature rich, stable, platform. Thomas Soede, global head of e-commerce at BNP Paribas talks to Frances Maguire about the launch of BNP Paribas advanced multi-product FX trading platform. Employing cutting edge trading technology, CORTEXFX offers efficient execution and a one-stop point of access to a range of intelligent electronic products, tools and services from BNP Paribas. ...show more


Streamlining and simplification of FX trading operations with more unified post trade architectures


Mandatory clearing of NDFs via CCPs is expected to be implemented this year and with clearing of FX Options to follow, Frances Maguire looks at whether the changes to the back office will bring more joined-up processing for FX....show more


ProTrader2 - bringing a fresh perspective to the fast evolving FX market

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Lars Holst, CEO of CFH Markets, talks about how the FX market is evolving and in what ways the new ProTrader 2 platform has been designed to improve the overall trading experience for the company’s clients....show more

Why controlling your entire margin trading chain should be a top priority

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...show more


Visualisation – achieving real-time perspectives of the FX liquidity landscape


A new generation of liquidity aggregation technologies and liquidity management toolsets can now assist high performance FX sell-side and buy-side firms to visualise liquidity and therefore accelerate deployment of alpha generating algorithms and optimise the implementation of their trading strategies. Nicholas Pratt explores what factors and FX business drivers are creating demand for improved real-time views of FX liquidity. ...show more


ActForex: Treading the path to business success in FX

Technology Provider Profile

The independent trading platform provider, ActForex, started business in 1998, which was before e-Forex was launched. As the company now has traders in over 100 countries using its products, we asked CEO Ilya Sorokin to tell us more about the secret of their success....show more



Regional eFX Perspective

Richard Willsher discovers how trade and telecommunications infrastructure shape the current foreign exchange market in Africa as a whole and although South Africa is the continent’s leading electronic trading market, he outlines why we can expect to see growth in e-FX taking place in many other countries within the continent over the next few years....show more


Committed to maintaining a balanced ecology for all traders

e-Forex Interview

e-Forex talks with Jeff Ward, Global Head of FX Sales at ICAP Electronic Broking....show more


Strength, experience & innovation – pivotal issues when choosing a strategic partner for FX Prime Brokerage services


While FX prime brokerage is already a growth area, the added complexity of mandatory clearing for NDFs and FX options is likely to give the segment another boost as those drawn into clearing consider the benefits of a prime broker. Frances Maguire looks at what is in store....show more


Hotspot FX Private Label

Product Launch

e-Forex talks with John Miesner, Managing Director and Head of Sales at Hotspot FX, about the launch of Hotspot FX Private Label....show more


CEP - A disruptive technology changing the face of FX

Forex Technology

Complex Event Processing (CEP) technology is continuing to expand further out across and beyond capital markets and banking sectors - including at FX retail and institutional levels. Top use cases from just a few years ago - headed by algo trading - have been leapfrogged lately by auto hedging and risk, market surveillance and FX e-commerce. Roger Aitken examines the landscape. ...show more


Utilizing cloud computing architectures for improved control over risk and FX back-office operations

Forex Technology

With cloud computing services continuing to have a dramatic impact on the delivery of FX trading applications, Joe Morgan looks at where we can expect to see further significant use of the technology being applied to post trade and FX risk management operations....show more


Improving FX Market Data delivery with Managed Network connectivity services

Forex Technology

Joe Morgan discovers more about how managed network connectivity solutions can significantly improve the delivery of FX market data between FX trading venues, counterparties and data centers and what tools and applications are now available via managed network providers to help High Frequency FX trading firms analyse their pricing, trading and post-trade data processing activities....show more


Unified Messaging: helping to extend FX trading platforms beyond the enterprise

Forex Technology

Joe Morgan examines how a new generation of middleware messaging architectures can now be leveraged to help platform developers overcome many of the difficulties in moving real-time FX data across multiple delivery channels....show more

Banks and brokerages to benefit from Gold-i enhancements

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Latest developments from Gold-i, a global market leader in trading systems integration, ensure that its flagship product, the Gold-i Gate Bridge, remains at the forefront of the trading technology industry. Tom Higgins, Gold-i’s CEO explains the key features and benefits of Gold-i’s latest upgrade, Version 258....show more


FX Mythbusters: Defending the value proposition of Single-Dealer Platforms

FX Mythbusters

Patrick Myles, Chief Technology Officer at Caplin Systems answers some questions on the subject of Single Dealer Platforms....show more


Boston Prime: bringing innovation to liquidity connectivity

In the chair

e-Forex talks with David Hastings, CEO of Boston Prime, an innovative liquidity connector which provides institutional-grade liquidity for FX market participants....show more


CoreVG - helping to amplify market making profits.

Retail e-FX Provider

Varengold, the German investment bank, has recently launched an enhanced flow and risk management tool - CoreVG for brokers that enables them to amplify and leverage their market making profits. The company’s CEO Yasin Sebastian Qureshi, tells e-Forex more about this product and the growth of the firms institutional offerings....show more


White Labelling taking the fast track to capturing new business opportunities in FX

Retail e-FX Provider

Heather McLean examines what factors should influence a financial institution or brokers choice of FX White Label (WL) solution and strategic licensing partner to work with and in what ways WL partnerships can help trading firms to grow their market share and take advantage of fast evolving regional business growth opportunities in FX. ...show more



Fast Track

With Andrew Ralich, Co-Founder and CEO of oneZero Financial Systems, a leading provider of low latency software systems for the financial markets....show more


AxiTrader - a perfect partner to get your clients trading

Retail e-FX Provider

e-Forex talks with Matt McIntyre, Partners Manager at AxiCorp Financial Services Pty Ltd, about the company’s institutional offering....show more


Retail FX ECNs - helping traders achieve more effective strategy implementation

Retail e-FX Client

Nicholas Pratt examines what benefits traders can get from dealing with brokers who take a hybrid approach to trade execution by offering both traditional Dealing Desk and and Non Dealing Desk facilities and he looks at what factors should determine whether a retail forex trader should transition to an ECN Broker and the issues that might influence their choice of platform provider....show more


MBTFX – offering more direct access to multiple liquidity providers

Product Launch

MB Trading recently launched MBTFX, a proprietary Electronic Xrossing Network (EXN) router. We asked CEO Ross Ditlove to tell us more about this product and the benefits of a more transparent FX pricing environment....show more


ThinkForex – matching high speed trade execution with dedicated client support.

Broker Study

e-Forex talks with Moses Virella, Marketing Director at ThinkForex, about the firms range of online trading services and plans for business development....show more


Social Investing - reshaping the face of Retail FX

Retail e-FX Client

At home in the spare room, all alone, day in, day out. That can be the lonely life of the retail trader. Or rather, that is what has been the lonely life of the retail trader until recently. As Heather McLean discovers, things are changing now with the rapid growth of social investment trading platforms, also known as copy and mirror trading networks, which are becoming ever more popular as they connect individuals from around the world in a hub of virtual social activity that relieves the feeling of isolation. ...show more

Harnessing the power of Harmonic Trading to improve your FX trading potential

Traders Workshop

My journey in harmonics came from a background of using Fibonacci Retracements and Extensions for the better part of two decades. It was a natural curiosity that led me to study “Fibonacci Patterns” since harmonic trading uses price patterns and Fibonacci ratios to project reversal levels (think support and resistance) in the markets....show more


Sticking to what works with currencies


e-Forex talks with Philippe Bonnefoy, co-founder of Eleuthera Capital AG...show more