e-Forex Magazine July 2012

e-Forex Magazine July 2012

e-Forex Magazine July 2012.
Standing out from the crowd - How are FX e-commerce services being differentiated?
Banks to the buy-side - FX Clearing brings risk mitigation to a wider market.
Anywhere, anytime - Retail FX trading gets seriously mobile.


Formulating a new benchmark of FX Best Practices


Increasing regulatory initiatives strive to capture, to master but also to govern most of the financial markets. One of them, the Foreign Exchange market, is still a mainly OTC (over-the-counter) one, which has been overcoming the ongoing economic and sovereign turbulences remarkably well. ...show more


From banks to the buy-side - FX Clearing brings risk mitigation to the wider market


The impact of clearing will be felt throughout the FX market. Frances Maguire looks at the main challenges ahead and what’s in store....show more


FX regulation around the world

Regulatory Roundup

The past year has seen a great deal of change in the area of international Forex compliance. Although four years have passed since the Dodd-Frank Act became law, its repercussions continue to be felt. By the time the CFTC announced in May that it was extending relief for the second year in a row (with one commissioner expressing doubt that even the newly revised schedule was feasible), it was clear that real regulatory clarity was still a long way off....show more


Standing out from a crowd - how are FX e-commerce services being differentiated?


Nicholas Pratt explores what it takes to rise to the top of FX e-commerce league tables and whether differentiation in e-FX can be more successfully achieved by delivering more client focused and less product focused products and services....show more


A Commanding view of FX

Platform Profile

Stefan Hamberger, Head of eFIC Sales at Commerzbank Corporates and Markets (C&M) talks to Frances Maguire about Commander, Commerzbank’s newly enhanced eFX platform, which gives users greater command and control over their FX trading....show more


FX Options – enhancing the pricing and execution experience of electronic platforms


As advances in technology have meant that trading in vanilla FX options and structures is being more widely adopted, Frances Maguire looks at how pricing and execution on electronic platforms are now being enhanced....show more


Latin America

Regional eFX Perspective

Global trade, local politics and regulation are the factors that most influence electronic foreign exchange trading in Latin America, while south of the US border the market is as rich and diverse as the countries that comprise the region....show more


Big Data - FX meets the challenge of a growing information tsunami


FX market firms are seeing a growth in trading volumes that is leaving their trading infrastructures struggling. Dan Barnes explores how, as legacy technology struggles to cope, new ‘big data’ systems offer faster, more reliable processing power....show more


Reducing latency in FX – making the case for investing in new trading infrastructures

Forex Technology

The arms race in to deliver high-speed, automated trading requires a solid underlying technology architecture – but as Dan Barnes discovers, the multi-price, multi-market nature of FX makes this a complex task....show more


Technology - helping to meet the challenges of electronic FX

Fast Track

With Peter Kriskinans, Managing Director of DealHub, one of the leading providers of financial market software solutions....show more


Achieving more rapid design and deployment of algorithmic FX trading strategies

Algorithmic FX Trading

Everything is getting faster, it seems. And the faster things get, the shorter they last. Whether this relatively unrefined truism can be applied to FX algorithmic trading remains a moot point but, as Nicholas Pratt discovers, it is clear that service providers are devoting an increasing amount of time to building tools that can help to speed up the construction process for FX trading algorithms – from design to development to deployment. ...show more


News Analytics - Capturing market opinion for high performance FX

Algorithmic FX Trading

As the use of machine readable news becomes more accepted among FX traders, Nicholas Pratt examines the challenges facing the providers of such services – from sentiment to speed to social media....show more


FX trade workflows and regulatory change

FX Mythbusters

New regulations mandating clearing of FX OTC products and trade reporting of all non-Spot trades will not only introduce the need to connect to central counterparties (CCPs), Swap Execution Facilities (SEFs) and Trade Repositories to the FX back office, it will also impact all aspects of the clearing workflow for FX derivatives. Nick Dyne and Keith Tippell, co-heads of MarkitSERV’s FX business debunk a few myths around just how much market participants will be impacted by the new regulatory landscape....show more

Gold-i Gate Link – A unique real-time back office integration product

Sponsored Statement

Leading trading systems integrator, Gold-i has risen to the forefront of the industry by spotting gaps in the market and developing products for which there is a genuine need amongst brokers....show more


cTrader – a turnkey Non Dealing Desk platform

Product Review

Spotware Systems is a financial technology provider that strives to put the interests of traders at the heart of all their product development decision making. e-Forex talks to Ilya Holeu, Managing Director, about cTrader and cAlgo, the company’s DMA, NDD and STP Margin Spot FX platform....show more


UltiMT – an exciting new unified solution for MetaTrader traders and brokers

Product Review

Anthony Brocco, CEO of Advanced Markets, a leading provider of foreign exchange direct market access (DMA) services, talks to e-Forex about the launch of the company’s new technology, liquidity and credit offering, UltiMT....show more


Liquidity Bridging - helping FX brokers to manage risk, capture business and improve customer loyalty

Retail e-FX Provider

Liquidity bridges are now seen as an established and crucial element in delivering electronic forex trading services. Heather McLean explores how they can also help FX brokers capture more business, increase customer loyalty and manage risk more effectively by streamlining the back office and making operations run in real time, a vital task given today’s rising retail trade volumes, and increasingly savvy customers. ...show more

Top questions to ask when evaluating an MT4/Bridge solution


By Andrew ralich, CEO at oneZero Financial Systems ...show more

CommexFx - working to provide a better FX trading environment

Sponsored Statement

...show more


Anywhere, anytime - Retail FX goes seriously mobile

Retail e-FX Client

Heather McLean explores in what ways the more powerful native features of mobile devices are being exploited to deliver improved mobile FX trading solutions...show more


Valbury Capital – bringing traditional service values to FX brokerage

Broker Profile

e-Forex talks with Mark Hanney, CEO of Valbury Capital, an FSA regulated brokerage firm operating from a London base....show more


ayondo – giving traders and investors access to Street Alpha

Product Review

Manuel Heyden, CEO and founder of ayondo GmbH, talks to e-Forex about why this social trading platform is proving so popular amongst the online trading and investment community....show more

AFX Capital - combining technology, experience and dedication to customer service

In the chair

e-Forex talks with Manuela Mazzacco, CEO of AFX Capital....show more


QFS Asset Management - taking a unique view on the business of managing money


e-Forex talks with two new members of QFS Asset Management, Karlheinz Muhr, CEO and Jim Conklin, Ph.D., Head of Research. QFS is a leading asset and risk management firm based in Greenwich, Connecticut, USA....show more