e-Forex Magazine October 2012

e-Forex Magazine October 2012

e-Forex Magazine October 2012.
FX Clearing and Reporting - Addressing the complexity of new post trade operations.
FX Prime Brokerage - A 15 year business set to benefit the wider financial marketplace.
Binary Forex Options - Adding a new dimension to


Managing risks associated with the settlement of foreign exchange transactions


Last time I drew your attention to ACI’s update of The Model Code – formulating a new benchmark of FX Best Practices. At its Executive Board meeting on September 4th in Paris, the Committee for Professionalism published the final version of the International Code of Conduct and Practice for the Financial Markets. This version will now become merchandised and distributed to relevant authorities to recall the association’s initiatives in the OTC markets for decades. ...show more


Addressing the complexity of new post trade operations for FX clearing and reporting


Incoming regulations will add a wholly new layer of complexity to the FX back office. Frances Maguire talks to firms about the challenges ahead and what is being done now to prepare....show more


CME Group - 40 Years of Innovation and Global Growth

Provider Profile

This year CME Group celebrates 40 years of trading financial futures beginning with foreign currency contracts in 1972. It has the largest regulated marketplace in the world for FX with US$121 billion dollars traded in average daily volume with US$250 billion of open interest residing at the CME Group Clearing House with growth rates over the last five to six years for listed FX that has significantly outperformed the broader OTC FX market. Derek Sammann, global head of FX & interest rate products at the CME Group speaks to e-Forex about the firm’s plans to deliver expanded FX trading and clearing services....show more


FX Prime Brokerage – a 15 year business set to benefit the wider financial marketplace


The new regulatory environment looks set to shape the future of FX prime brokerage as well as open up the services to a wider audience. Frances Maguire talks to providers about how the FXPB model is evolving and how they are preparing for new growth....show more


The new Autobahn - breaking new ground in FX platform development

Platform Profile

In July this year Deutsche Bank unveiled its next generation FX trading platform on Autobahn. Frances Maguire talks to Ian O’Flaherty, Global Head of FX eSales at Deutsche Bank, about what this means for the bank....show more

Single Dealer Platforms – marking the end of uncoordinated e-trading delivery channels


It is somewhat against expectation that the value proposition of single dealer platforms (SDPs) in the FX market continues to strengthen and as Nicholas Pratt reports, they are now considered the prime relationship channel for increasing numbers of FX providers. ...show more


Liquidity Aggregation - opening the way to business success in FX


Liquidity aggregation has been an increasingly prominent feature of the FX market in recent years, to the extent that a general consensus has emerged among traders that aggregation services can not only alleviate the visual burden of trying to watch five screens simultaneously but also have a positive impact on the quality of trade execution – something that has been extolled by the providers of these services for some time now, as Nicholas Pratt discovers. ...show more


e-Forex Interview

e-Forex Interview

Philippe Savoy, Head of eFX Sales at RBC Capital Markets talks to e-Forex about RBC’s newly enhanced FX trading platform and the continued evolution of e-FX....show more


Regional e-FX perspective on the Middle East

Regional eFX Perspective

Electronic foreign exchange trading made a slow start in the Middle East. Take up is now well advanced in some sectors and some countries, though a lack of infrastructure, varying degrees of regulation and local civil and political disturbances paint a mixed picture across the region as a whole....show more


Forex ECNs - leveraging a powerful new generation of transparent marketplaces


With acquisitions and new launches, the FX ECN market is abuzz with activity. Nicholas Pratt examines the developments and what factors will decide the fates of the various players, new and old....show more


Evaluating ecosystem strategies for improving FX trading performance

Forex Technology

As increased adoption of algorithmic and high-speed trading strategies continue to turbo-charge the FX landscape, Dan Barnes explores how FX trading has become very time and latency sensitive, multiplying the challenge of tracking market activity and the cost of doing business. ...show more

Why controlling your entire margin trading chain should be a top priority

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...show more


A company focused on streamlining workflows and increasing operational efficiencies

Fast Track

With Alfred Eskandar, CEO of Portware, a leading developer of broker-neutral, automated trading solutions for global equities, futures, options and FX....show more


Liquidity, price and timing - engineering more client centric FX algorithms

Algorithmic FX Trading

Foreign exchange may be almost as old as commerce itself, dating back to the days when commodities were sold off the backs of camels, but widely accessible FX-dedicated execution algorithms are a surprisingly recent innovation. As William Essex discovers they go back just five years....show more


Product Launch

Product Launch

Olivier Virzi, Chief Operating Officer of Olfa Trade, talks to e-Forex about some of the key features of his company’s new ECN platform, SeamlessFX and global order management system....show more


Binary Forex Options - helping brokers add a new dimension to retail FX services

Retail e-FX Provider

Heather McLean explores why Binary Forex Options are gaining in usage amongst retail traders and investors and how the inclusion of these instruments can help FX brokers to differentiate their e-trading products and services ...show more


Binary Forex Options - the brokers perspective

Retail e-FX Provider

TMS Brokers is one of the leading brokers in Poland. We asked their CEO, Mariusz Potaczala for his thoughts on the use of and demand for Binary Forex Options....show more

UniTrader – built with the Introducing Broker in mind

Product Review

e-Forex talks with Paul Belogour, CEO of Boston UniSoft Technologies, the home of UniTrader (UT)....show more


Assisting FX brokers to deploy the DMA/ECN/STP risk model

Retail e-FX Provider

Life for FX brokers is being revolutionised. Direct Market Access (DMA), Electronic Communications Networks (ECN), and Straight Through Processing (STP) are now having a major impact on brokerage operations and becoming the number one choice for increasing numbers of firms operating in the Retail FX market. As Heather McLean discovers, brokers need no longer be exposed to the same high levels of risk that being a market maker involved and profits are able to be increased as blood pressure decreases in this exciting electronic world....show more


LMAX Exchange - Inviting brokers to leverage the power of technology

Case Study

David Mercer ...show more


How To Select An FX Prime Broker and Liquidity Provider

Retail e-FX Provider

Sucden Financial’s e-FX Division has a global client base, grown primarily through client recommendations. With a thorough understanding of how to give retail brokers a competitive edge, Sucden Financial’s Head of e-FX Business Development, Jonathan Brewer is ideally placed to offer advice on key areas to consider when selecting an FX prime broker....show more


Celebrating success: A record performance from Gold-i

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This month, trading systems integrator, Gold-i is celebrating four years of being in business. Tom Higgins, Gold-i’s CEO, outlines how the company has grown from a start-up UK business to a global market leader....show more


Prime of Primes – Aligning interests


As FX volumes continue their stratospheric rise, an increasing number of brokers and other financial firms are exploring different methods for dealing with liquidity sourcing and distribution. Prime of Prime Brokerages or “PoPs” is an increasingly popular option for retail brokers looking to effectively manage the problems brought about by spiralling volumes, with a long term view to reaping their maximum benefits. But what, exactly, can be accomplished through the use of PoP, and how does the broker decide on which PoP service is most suited to their business requirements? TopFX makes the case for PoPs. ...show more


DMA, NDD and STP – choosing your agency model of FX trade execution

Retail e-FX Client

To trade FX more fairly without the threat of a broker making money from trading losses as well as gains, increasing numbers of retail traders are turning to the wonderful world of Non Dealing Desk (NDD) execution, Direct Market Access (DMA), straight through processing (STP) and electronic communications networks (ECNs). Heather McLean explores these terms in more detail and how they can facilitate more efficient trading and remove major conflicts of interest. ...show more

TradingForex.com building a business based upon ethical principles

Broker Profile

e-Forex talks with Stavros Hadjikyriacou, CEO of TradingForex.com, an STP broker that aims to offer the best possible trading conditions for all forex traders....show more


Insch Capital Management Focused on delivering better risk-adjusted returns


e-Forex talks with Christopher Cruden, CEO of Insch Capital Management SA, a leading alternative investment manager based in Lugano, Switzerland....show more