e-Forex Magazine January 2013

e-Forex Magazine January 2013

e-Forex Magazine January 2013.
Regional e-FX Perspective - China and South East Asia.
FX under Dodd-Frank - Making strategic choices.
Real-time analytics - Achieving improved TCA in FX.
Prime of Prime Brokerage - Extending market access.
Retail FX Br


Benchmark fixings under review


Market stories may still be dominated at concerns over Europe’s debt crisis, Greece’s negotiations for aid, the US debt problems or the fiscal cliff and possible effects of a clumsy economy. But for us the hot spot remains regulation. ...show more


Cost and convenience - making the right strategic choices for FX under Dodd-Frank


As e-Forex went to press the FX industry was awaiting the imminent publication of the final rules and regulations governing SEFs from the CFTC. Frances Faulds looks at how the industry is readying itself for the new regulatory environment....show more


Speed and precision - empowering clients with faster and smarter FX e-commerce engines


The astounding rate at which technology has developed in recent years has allowed the FX trading market to execute in huge volumes, at microsecond speeds and with unerring precision. Nicholas Pratt talks to one leading bank and FX technology provider to explore how these enhanced capabilities have allowed traders to pursue strategies previously unthinkable and to also discover what factors have led to a step-change in the speed, flexibility and transaction processing capabilities of FX e-commerce platforms...show more


Citi Velocity Trading 2.0 Delivering speed and far more efficient use of desktop space

Platform Profile

Offering a host of customisable pre-trade analytics and trading tools Citi Velocity 2.0 is a next-generation cross-asset trading platform that is leading from the front. Frances Faulds talks to Alaa Saeed, Global manager for Citi Velocity Trading about its recent launch....show more


From platforms to market penetration – electronic currency derivatives trading takes further steps forward


The birth of ‘standardised derivatives’ looks set to herald a new era of electronic trading for currency derivatives and as Frances Faulds finds out, it is long overdue....show more


e-Forex talks to Zeeshan Khan, Global Head of eCommerce at Standard Chartered Bank

e-Forex Interview

...show more


China and South East Asia

Regional eFX Perspective

Rapid growth and technical change are continuing to drive electronic foreign exchange trading in China and South East Asia. The world’s biggest technology providers, banks and market makers are all active in the region, beefing up their capabilities and many hiring new staff. At the same time regional banks and brokers are rushing to offer more sophisticated technology to their customers. In the meantime they all have their eyes on China so that they’ll be ready for any significant changes that could open up the world’s most populous market and soon-to-be world’s largest economy....show more


DBS Bank – developing e-strategies and customised FX solutions for clients throughout Asia

Regional Provider Profile

e-Forex talks with Kwa Woei Kyet, Head of FX Liquidity at DBS Bank...show more


Applying real-time trading analytics for achieving improved TCA in FX


TCA is still nascent in the FX environment but as Dan Barnes discovers, it has the potential to leapfrog development stages found in equities....show more


Software, hardware and hybrids: optimal configurations for achieving low latency FX

Forex Technology

Dan Barnes discovers why delivering effective low-latency for FX trading requires a tailored technology stack. ...show more


Adaptive FX algorithms - giving control back to clients

Algorithmic FX Trading

What, do you suppose, is the opposite of “adaptive”? Rigidly inflexible, perhaps? Incapable of adapting to changed market conditions? To suggest that we trade/execute in FX with rigidly inflexible algorithms would be ridiculous. But if we’re talking about adaptive capability (adaptiveness) in the context of the microstructure and dynamics of the FX market, there’s a surprising amount more to be said than just: let’s be as adaptive as we can. FX is big, liquid, complex, changeable, unpredictable, and a lot of other adjectives as well. To maximise the adaptiveness of your FX-algo suite is a good idea. To believe that this will always be a simple process – no...show more


Complex Event Processing – a proven technology and highly scalable for FX

FX Mythbusters

Stuart Grant business development manager, SAP...show more


Prime of Prime Brokerage – extending market access for Retail FX providers

Retail e-FX Provider

Nicholas Pratt examines the prime of prime brokerage (PoP) model and why it has been an increasing feature of the retail FX market as a consequence of numerous factors, including a more educated (and consequently more suspicious) client base. ...show more


Becoming more competitive - giving Retail FX brokerages the right tools for the job

Retail e-FX Provider

Retail FX brokerages now have to keep up with both increasing operational demands and external market forces in this highly active market. As the Retail FX brokerage industry becomes progressively more competitive, Heather McLean explores what mission critical technology and business services are now required to meet all of these challenges and how can these services can be leveraged by brokers to reduce risk, maintain their competitive offerings and grow their market share. ...show more


Gold-i bolt-ons help brokers to trade more effectively

Sponsored Statement

Gold-i’s portfolio of bolt-on products are in high demand as they can play a significant role in helping brokers to trade or manage their risk more effectively. They have largely been developed in response to client requests and all address a genuine need in the market....show more


eFX - Still lagging in Web and Mobile?


Consider this scenario: You’re travelling for business when you receive a message from your broker mid-way through your flight (it’s a fancy new Boeing that doesn’t blow an engine when you check your email). The heads of the Eurozone have struck up an agreement on Greece’s new bailout. Hooray! Wait, not hooray. You had SOLD the euro and now Merkel is eating her way Pac-Man-like into your profitable position. If you don’t do something fast, you’ll hit your stop loss sooner than the next Athenian can lob a petrol-bomb at a policeman....show more

MetaTrader 5 Gateways Connectivity to Exchanges and Liquidity providers Seminar

Recent Events

On the 7th of November 2012 at their offices in Limassol, Cyprus, MetaQuotes Software Corporation held a seminar entitled, ‘MetaTrader 5 Gateways, Connectivity to Exchanges and Liquidity providers.’ The event was designed to highlight the advantages of MetaTrader 5’s Gateway system and the breadth of liquidity providers represented and it’s ability to allow brokers to provide liquidity themselves or trade as an ECN reducing both their own and clients risk. ...show more


Capturing investment opportunities with a new generation of Retail FX trading services

Retail e-FX Client

Retail FX trading has advanced in leaps and bounds over the last few years and today a new generation of retail investors are out there working the markets. Heather McLean explores why they demand a new, more sophisticated way of exploiting the fast moving currency markets. ...show more


Trading Signals Service from MetaQuotes Software Corp

Product Launch

Trading signal services are an increasingly popular trend in today’s forex trading environment. They provide a solution for those seeking to diversify their portfolio from just using their own signals or for those who are not willing to invest the time and effort into developing their signal systems. The market already has several solutions that are actively used by traders. Taking this into account, MetaQuotes Software Corp. (developer of the MetaTrader trading platforms) has released its own signals service which promises integrated advantages for the trading systems market....show more


Mern Capital: Focused on Applying Systematic Strategies to the World of FX


e-Forex talks with Daniel Proville, Co-Principal of Mern Capital, a leading research partnership focused on the application of algorithmic trading techniques in the FX market...show more


Retail isn’t Retail anymore!

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Jon Vollemaere Co-Founder, LetsTalkFX ...show more