e-Forex Magazine April 2013

e-Forex Magazine April 2013

e-Forex Magazine April 2013.
More signal less noise - Machine Readable News gains more traction in FX.
EMIR and FX - Meeting obligations.
FX Prime Brokerage - An industry gearing up for change.
The e-Forex Debate - Impact of new FX trading venues.


Each against all – or the request for enhanced cooperation


The past few weeks have seen some remarkable developments in the financial markets. A Supreme Court in Iceland has ruled on an FX settlement claim; EU 11 (FTT) are defining their own way for taxation, whilst some countries are preparing for a currency war. All these issues need enhanced cooperation – amongst politicians, amongst financial institutions and above all among each other. ...show more


Trading slowdown can’t stop the electronification of FX

e-FX Industry Report

Despite a modest slump in global foreign exchange trading activity last year, electronic FX trading systems attracted large numbers of new clients both in developed markets and in Asia, where market fragmentation and other factors had slowed the adoption of e-trading in prior years....show more


Discussing EMIR - FX meets the obligations and seeks the benefits


The European Market Infrastructure Regulation (EMIR) establishes the clearing and reporting obligations for all listed and OTC derivatives. With reporting for credit and interest rates derivatives starting in August 2013 and FX derivatives trades reporting expected to go live in January 2014, Frances Faulds looks at how market participants are gearing up and the choices facing the FX market today....show more


Leveraging the growing power of Single Dealer Platforms


Nicholas Pratt looks at the key strengths of the Single Dealer Platform and what a selection of leading banks are doing to exploit them....show more


Unlocking the full potential of FX Prime Brokerage - an industry gearing up for change


It is expected that the addition of clearing and reporting for certain FX instruments will dramatically reshape the traditional FX prime brokerage model. Frances Faulds assesses the impact of the regulatory changes and how FXPB providers are rising to the challenge....show more

Saxo Prime – offering FX DMA and prime brokerage services

Product Launch

Saxo Bank has taken a major step forward and created Saxo Prime, an FX prime brokerage solution that expands and diversifies the bank’s offering to institutional clients. Saxo Prime provides FX Direct Market Access, allowing institutional clients looking for connectivity and / or credit intermediation to trade directly on primary FX market venues. The Saxo Prime FX liquidity solution, which is independent from Saxo Bank’s market making desk and infrastructure, offers DMA to managed pools, custom streams and ECNs. It combines prime brokerage services from Saxo Bank with high end connectivity from MarketFactory, a provider of low latency algorithmic trading software and hosted co-location services....show more


Analytics, models and algorithms – pressure builds on FX Market Data platforms


Market data is the lifeblood of the FX trading community; and despite a fall in trading volumes last year, Dan Barnes investigates how trading automation could generate growth that would swamp existing data infrastructures....show more

FX Distribution Hub - offering true ‘connectivity as a service’

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...show more


e-Forex talks with Jonathan Brewer, Head of e-FX Business Development at Sucden Financial.

e-Forex Interview

...show more


Regional e-FX perspective on the Nordic countries

Regional eFX Perspective

Four hi-tech economies, three niche but liquid currencies and a number of banks and service providers competing tooth and nail to gain customer business, make the Nordic countries an intriguing case study in e-FX trading....show more


Delivering e-FX platforms in an ever changing landscape

Fast Track

With Joe Locke, CEO of Eurobase Banking Solutions, a leading provider of eTrading and Treasury Management software....show more

FXS - The Next Level of FX Swaps Dealing

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360T enhances its latest technology offering professional traders a state-of-the-art platform for FX swaps....show more

Will a new generation of trading venues bring more fairness and efficiency to FX?


With Roger Rutherford, Chief Operating Officer at ParFX, Harry Gozlan, Executive Chairman of SmartTrade Technologies, and Ty Danco, CEO of Buyside FX....show more


Liquidity Management - a game changer in FX brokerage


Nicholas Pratt examines the issues shaping FX brokers use of liquidity management services and how they can be the difference between success and failure in an increasingly competitive market....show more


Zing JVM - Optimising Java deployments for low latency FX trading


With Scott Sellers, co-founder and CEO, Azul Systems, a leading Java runtime innovator....show more


More signal, less noise – fine tuning MRN services for FX

Forex Technology

As Machine Readable News gains further traction in FX, Nicholas Pratt examines the reasons for its growing use and how the providers are extending their offerings....show more


Exploiting the Big Data advantage - right-sizing for FX algorithms

Algorithmic FX Trading

William Essex sets out to explore the nature of Big Data and to discover what opportunities and challenges its arrival presents to developers of FX algorithms....show more


Straight out of the box - Bringing a Binary FX Option business to market

Expert Opinion

By Ilan Tzorya, Founder & CEO at Tradologic...show more


Building and developing an FX brokerage with White Label services

Retail e-FX Provider

Heather McLean investigates what core services need to be delivered by White Label programs to assist firms to quickly establish a successful online FX brokerage business....show more


The Gold-i Gate Bridge Helping Liquidity Providers and Retail Brokers to strengthen their offering

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The multi-award winning Gold-i Gate Bridge is widely recognised as the leading super low latency smart routing product available anywhere within the market place today. It is highly scalable and works with any asset class in retail and institutional trading. Across the globe, liquidity providers and retail brokers are enjoying the benefits of Gold-i’s flagship product....show more


Toolkits and plugins - essential extras for optimising MetaTrader platforms

Retail e-FX Provider

Heather McLean explores how brokers can differentiate their services and capture new business opportunities by leveraging an increasingly wide range of third party components for the MT4 and MT5 platforms....show more


The evolution of Retail e-FX Technology

Expert Opinion

Andrew Ralich ...show more


Talking trading over tea at the Royal Exchange


e-Forex talks trading over tea, with Richard Campbell, Global Head of Trading at Sharpe + Signa, a Delaware based absolute return manager, specialising in discretionary, technical, quantitative and fundamental currency investment strategies....show more