e-Forex Magazine July 2013

e-Forex Magazine July 2013

e-Forex Magazine July 2013.
SEFs and FX- The name of the game is disintermediation.
FX liquidity Aggregation - An old concept with a new face.
Special Report - The unstoppable pace of FX on Exchanges.
Regional e-FX perspective - Central & Eastern Eur


Consultation, Tax and Regulation


Manfred Wiebogen President ACI, The Financial Markets Association...show more


SEFs and the FX market: The name of the game is disintermediation


As swap execution facilities begin to take their place in the grand scheme of global FX trading, banks are responding with bigger and better single-dealer platforms....show more


Beyond regulatory compliance harnessing the extra value from FX Trade Repositories

Market Infrastructure

With trade repositories (TRs) set to become part of the FX landscape Frances Faulds looks beyond the reporting side at some of the added-value services these institutions are developing. ...show more

FastMatch delivering a new standard of trading transparency in FX

Provider Profile

e-Forex talks with Dmitri Galinov, Chief Executive Officer at FastMatch, the exciting new matching system for spot FX....show more


FX Liquidity Aggregation An old concept with a new face

Liquidity Management

Nicholas Pratt looks at the efforts of liquidity aggregation providers to develop innovative features and the importance of long term relationships between liquidity providers and takers....show more


FXSpotStream a fast and transparent price aggregation service offering no cost execution and economies of scale

Provider Profile

e-Forex talks with Alan F. Schwarz, CEO of FXSpotStream LLC, the fast growing technology and infrastructure company which provides a multibank spot FX price aggregation service...show more


Valbury Capital. The London based gateway to Asia

e-Forex Interview

e-Forex talks with Mark Hanney, CEO of Valbury Capital....show more


Regional e-FX perspective on Central & Eastern Europe

Regional eFX Perspective

The countries of Central and Eastern Europe (CEE) are often characterised as emerging markets. Yet this masks a two-speed region where electronic foreign exchange trading is common and well developed in some local markets and less so in others....show more

Thoughts on the current CEE currency landscape

Regional eFX Perspective

By Mats Olausson - chief emerging markets strategist and Magnus Lilja, head of FX and emerging markets sales at SEB ...show more

TMS Brokers S.A.

Regional Provider Profile

With Jonathan Williams, COO and Vice Chairman of the Management Board...show more


The unstoppable pace of FX on exchanges

Special Report

With the incoming regulatory environment favouring centrally cleared products over OTC instruments Frances Faulds looks at how the exchanges are gearing up for continued growth....show more


LMAX Exchange. Exchange style trading for spot FX

Special Report

LMAX Exchange is the first MTF for FX, regulated by the FCA. Established to deliver the benefits of exchange quality execution to both buy-side and sell-side trading institutions, LMAX Exchange brings market participants together in an anonymous, order-driven and fully transparent environment...show more


Embedding algorithms into FX buy-side strategies

Algorithmic FX Trading

William Essex sets out to discover what types of FX algos have been proving most popular with FX buy-side trading firms and how their use is being refined....show more


Will CEP become a catalyst for competitive differentiation in FX?


As complex event processing (CEP) becomes increasingly popular as a tool for analyzing high frequency data in a latency driven trading environment, Nicholas Pratt examines whether CEP will become a catalyst for competitive differentiation in FX. ...show more


In-Memory Computing: offering transformational opportunities for FX trading applications


By Nick Deacon, senior director, EMEA at SAP....show more

Solid FX : where technical innovation meets customer satisfaction

Product Launch

e-Forex talks with José Baptista, Director of Solid Trading B.V., about Solid FX, the multi-bank ECN trading platform....show more


Choosing a PoP to partner with

FX Brokerage Operations

Heather McLean explores why the Prime of Prime Brokerage (PoP) model continues to gain traction and how brokers can go about harnessing the powerful technology services and customised liquidity solutions provided by PoPs....show more

Providing a clear route to success in Forex Brokerage

Expert Opinion

By Lars Holst, Co-Founder and CEO of CFH Clearing...show more


Top class technology. Lowering risk and easing the FX brokers path towards increased sales and client acquisition

FX Brokerage Operations

The phenomenally massive industry that is electronic foreign exchange trading demands nothing but the best software, hardware and trading infrastructure. This is particularly true for both Retail and Institutional FX brokerages where top class technology can lower risk and ease a broker’s path towards increased sales and client acquisition. However, as Heather McLean discovers, finding and choosing the most appropriate technology is no simple feat....show more


Top tips for selecting a technology provider

Sponsored Statement

Tom Higgins, CEO of Gold-i, the global market leader in multi-asset retail trading systems integration, offers guidance on key areas for brokers to consider when selecting a technology provider. Prior to setting up Gold-i, Tom Higgins was a Chief Technology Officer in the City for over 20 years. He used his experience and perspective as a technology buyer to shape the Gold-i offering. His vision from the outset was to lead the market with innovative products which address a gap in the market and help brokers to trade or manage their risk more effectively. In addition to compelling products, he knew it was paramount to offer exemplary customer service at all times. ...show more


Volta: guaranteeing ultra low latency and resilience

Product Launch

e-Forex talks with Julian King, Commercial Director of Volta, central London’s first new Data Centre for over a decade....show more


Modifying FX trading infrastructures to achieve faster connectivity

Networks, Hosting and Connectivity

To meet the rapidly changing environment of high-speed FX, trading firms have to redesign or outsource their networks to specialist providers. Dan Barnes investigates why connectivity has become much more complex and what low latency solutions are available....show more


Forex Time. Making a real difference in Retail FX


Olga Rybalkina, CEO of ForexTime, outlines why her firm aims to raise the industry standards in Retail FX and how the launch of FXTM PAMM will spearhead the company’s growth strategy. ...show more


Traditional Forex Trading –Not the Fairest of Them All!

Sponsored Statement

24option is threatening to dominate global markets as binary options grab the attention of traditional forex trading. In binary options, traders must predict whether the underlying price of an asset will be higher or lower in a predetermined time frame known as the expiration. With 24option, this may be as fast as 60 seconds or as many as 30 days....show more


Alacrity FX taking an evolutionary approach to achieving currency alpha


Stephane Coquillaud and Dave Hitchins have worked together since their days at Credit Agricole. Now they have formed Alacrity FX to bring their offering to market, and with almost two years of respectable performance at low gearing under their belts, their future in FX Fund Management looks somewhat promising. Using technology from the US firm Deltix, they have deployed and tested a powerful set of polymorphic algo’s across multiple markets. Larry Levy, our roving photo-journalist went to their offices to catch up with them, to see and hear how these innovators are making a positive difference to the growing world of FX funds and managed accounts. Stephane and David currently work under the nurturing umbrella of the Ganymede Partners multi manager alliance in The City of London....show more