e-Forex Magazine October 2013

e-Forex Magazine October 2013

e-Forex Magazine October 2013.
Special Report - Introducing benchmarks into the FX trade execution process.
Regional e-FX Perspective - Australasia.
e-Forex Roundtable - Provision, distribution and consumption - Is liquidity changing the dynamics of FX


Foreign Exchange the market which never sleeps


We have seen some interesting developments during the summer break, keeping the momentum and volatility in the markets: Emerging currencies are falling and there have been some concessions on clearing rules. Whilst the industry was waiting for the BIS 2013 Triennial Survey, latest reports show a delay of FTT in Europe, however Italy has introduced a tax on high-speed trading and equity derivatives....show more

Get your Helmet On!!!

Recent Events

Highlights from the Currency War Correction...show more


Global FX market update 2013

e-FX Industry Report

Increased market transparency, more competition...show more


Transaction Reporting of OTC FX Derivatives - what are your options?


With the EU’s European Market Infrastructure Regulation (EMIR) requiring institutions to report their OTC derivatives trades to appropriate trade repositories starting as early as September 2013, Frances Faulds talks to REGIS-TR and Traiana to assess the options available to FX firms under both the Dodd-Frank Act (DFA) and EMIR....show more


Moving the benefits of e-FX for Investment Managers beyond the advantages of workflow automation

FX e-Commerce and Platforms

Nicholas Pratt explores why the value proposition of electronic FX trading and use of e-channels by Institutional Investors and fund managers is now stronger than ever in terms of achieving best execution, reducing operational risks, improving performance and reducing costs....show more


Breaking track records with SDPs the Formula One trading platforms of FX

FX e-Commerce and Platforms

Nicholas Pratt looks at banks’ efforts to develop their SDP offerings and examines whether it is still possible to break new ground in this well established corner of the FX market....show more


EBS Direct bringing a new dimension to liquidity-based relationship trading

Platform Profile

e-Forex talks to Jeff Ward, Global Head of EBS Direct, the new service from EBS that provides relationship-based disclosed liquidity, in addition to its traditional anonymous spot FX offering....show more


Thomas Soede at BNP Paribas creating a first class digital strategy resulting from a top-down commitment to e-banking

e-Forex Interview

Thomas Soede, Global Co-Head of Electronic Markets at BNP Paribas Corporate and Investment Banking talks to e-Forex about the major advances the bank is making in its institutional and corporate electronic platforms....show more


360T helping to lead the growth of electronic FX options trading

Sponsored Statement

As 2014 approaches, 4 years after the race to trade FX options on platforms began in earnest, volumes traded electronically remain a small fraction of the overall market. Delays and uncertainty surrounding Dodd-Frank have pushed back time tables and bets are still on as to when central clearing will actually occur. Yet the October 2nd deadline to start as a SEF is here, the participant community is fairly well defined and the race now enters its final stage. ...show more


Regional e-FX perspective on Australasia

Regional eFX Perspective

With Australasia increasingly being seen as a hotbed of innovation with respect to e-FX and Richard Willsher sets out to explore in what ways this region is set to see further growth in the use of electronic trading by all FX market participants....show more


NAB'S innovative eTrading approach

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National Australia Bank’s Drew Bradford outlines the bank’s approach to the global expansion of its Fixed Income, Currencies and Commodities (FICC) offering and the importance of its new eTrading platform....show more

AxiCorp Financial Services an increasingly popular portal to the foreign exchange markets

Regional Provider Profile

e-Forex talks to Goran Drapac, CEO of AxiCorp Financial Services, a leading Australian provider of foreign exchange trading, payments and currency transfer services....show more


Introducing benchmarks into the FX trade execution process

Special Report

The growing FX transaction cost analysis (TCA) market is bringing more tools to measure the performance of liquidity providers, execution quality and even latency. Frances Faulds looks at what is in store....show more


Provision, distribution and consumption Is liquidity changing the operational dynamics of the FX Marketplace?

e-Forex Roundtable

e-Forex talks to Justyn Trenner, Global Head of Liquidity Optimization at EBS, Joe Conlan, Global Head of FX Sales at INTL FCStone Markets, LLC, Yaacov Heidingsfeld, Chief Executive Officer, Co-founder of TraderTools Inc., Paul Tivnann, Head of Foreign Exchange and Commodity Electronic Trading at Bloomberg L.P., John Miesner, Managing Director, and Global Head of Sales for KCG Hotspot FX LLC, to discuss how the provision, distribution and consumption of liquidity may be altering the way the FX market has traditionally functioned, and to assess the wider consequences of this. ...show more


Choosing the right institutional platform for your forex brokerage operations

Expert Opinion

By Olivier Virzi, Chief Operating Officer of Olfa Trade...show more


Pick and Mix - choosing the best algorithms to fit your FX execution strategy

Automated FX Trading

William Essex sets out to explore in what ways factors that drive a firms execution requirements will influence the most appropriate FX algorithms for them to use and how buy-side clients are increasingly looking to pick and choose algorithms according to what they wish to achieve in any given point in time....show more


Agile and next generation algo trading and execution

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Algorithmic trading was originally about gaining best price and accessing liquidity but the market has moved on. ...show more

Using MetaTrader for Spread Betting

Sponsored Statement

Leading trading systems integrator, Gold-i has seen a big increase in demand from brokers wanting to implement spread betting into MetaTrader, largely due to the taxable benefits to clients and the simple trading methods....show more

IFS - helping retail brokers to maximise their business potential

Provider Profile

IFS is a leading IT services and software development company based in Russia. e-Forex talks to Olga Garaeva their CEO to learn more about how the company’s products and services are assisting retail brokerages to grow their businesses and achieve competitive advantages. ...show more


Binary Options - Friend or Foe to Forex Brokers?

FX Mythbusters

With Shay Hamama, VP of Business Development at MarketsPulse...show more


Investing for the future making the right strategic choices about retail forex technology


e-Forex talks to Tom Higgins, CEO of Gold-i, Olga Garaeva, CEO of IFS Software Development Company, Tim Haman, CEO of Fair Trading Technology, Jakub Zablocki, Managing Director of X Financial Solutions and Andrew Ralich, Co-Founder / Principal at oneZero Financial Systems, to discuss some of the key issues forex brokerages and margin FX providers are concerned about as the industry continues to go through a period of rapid growth....show more


Hardware, Software, Middleware and Networks squeezing out the latency for faster FX

Networks, Hosting and Connectivity

Hammering out the kinks in a trading workflow requires a comprehensive understanding of how latency can develop reports Dan Barnes....show more


Data, models and programming: overcoming complexity in automated FX trading

Automated FX Trading

As automated trading becomes increasingly accessible to retail traders, a fundamental shift is taking place among the available platforms. On the one hand, the sophistication of their tools and analytics is increasing. On the other, the programming expertise required to take advantage of this enhanced functionality is decreasing. Andy Webb examines some of the key areas in which this apparent contradiction is taking place....show more


FxPro Quant

Automated FX Trading

A growing number of traders are appreciating the advantages of automated trading when it comes to self-discipline. When an automated model is left to run, the trader is no longer subject to the fear and greed pressures of discretionary trading. Yet coding an automated model from scratch is not trivial - a point not lost on FxPro, which has launched FxPro Quant as a drag and drop solution. Andy Webb takes a look....show more

Power Trade Console - your personal Universal Expert Advisor

Product Launch

X-SGS Team have developed the Power Trade Console (PTC), a semi-automated trading tool which is available as an add-on for MT4 (MetaTrader4) platform....show more


Copy trading - opening up a world of possibilities for retail FX investors

Retail FX trading

From being able to trade instantly without spending time as an apprentice retail trader learning the ropes for yourself, to improving trading and investment performance by watching what makes others successful, copy trading is popular and is becoming more so as Heather McLean discovers. ...show more


With James Rockall at Record Currency Management offering experience, continuity and consistency


e-Forex talks with James Rockall, director of trading at Record Currency Management (Record), one of the world’s leading independent currency managers....show more



Currency Clips

Nordic-based volume at FinFX Oy decreased 15% from the previous quarter (Q1 2013). ...show more


Spotlight on Latam – God must be Brazilian

Currency Clips

When events are turning their way – Brazilians like to joke that “God must be Brazilian”. Well lately…. The ‘hand of God’ is more of a slap....show more


A view from Asia

Currency Clips

Storm clouds have been forming in Asia recently as macro liquidity tightens. ...show more


Update Middle East

Currency Clips

Q2 followed the pattern of previous years in the Middle East.  Volumes through April, May and June exceeded all expectations with flow from GCC based institutions and inward flows from Asia and Europe setting new records.  Targets which may have seemed in doubt after a lack luster Q1 were brought right back into play.  ...show more