e-Forex Magazine January 2014

e-Forex Magazine January 2014

e-Forex Magazine January 2014.
Special Report - SEFs, a difficult birth but a promising future in FX.
Multi-Asset class SBPs - Servicing a wider set of client needs.
FX Algorithms - Now easier to use and tactically more proficient.
Retail Forex - Push


Forex Magnates London November 2013

Recent Events

A personal appreciation by Eddie Tofpik, Head of Foreign Exchange ADM Investor Services International Limited. ...show more


RMB Trading in London

Recent Events

Jon Vollemaere ...show more

Volatility and Depreciation in Emerging Market Currencies – Indian rupee

Recent Events

‘Curry in a Hurry’ is an Indian Restaurant on Lexington Avenue in NYC and not a low latency, high frequency trading algo for Rupee….or is it ...show more

Profit and Loss Conference Singapore

Recent Events

This November’s Profit and Loss Conference in Singapore saw an interesting panel discussion on the electronification of EM currencies or rather the introduction of eEM....show more

The Cyprus EMIR Conference 2013

Recent Events

In light of recent significant changes in EU regulatory matters, and in a bid to keep all interested and affected parties abreast of developments, MAP S.Platis, the financial services advisory firm, organised an international conference titled “The Cyprus EMIR Conference 2013,” which was held in Limassol on Saturday 30 November 2013.The conference proved to be a great success....show more


Bitcoinomania: Hype or Pioneer?


Recent headlines have been full of articles and speculation concerning Bitcoin which caused me to look closer into the first virtual currency....show more


Defining a new standard for client enablement in FX


The accuracy and speed of electronic trading in OTC markets has been one of the key aspects that continue to drive its growth and the move to have more instruments traded electronically has been supported by legislation such as Dodd-Frank and the next round of Market in Financial Instrument Directive (MiFID). However, as Alex Wolcough outlines in this article, whilst electronic trading, and the associated straight through processing to clear and settle trades, aims to remove costly operational errors, one key aspect remains as a potential Achilles Heal: Client Enablement. ...show more


CCPs, TRs and SEFs solving the puzzle of multi-participant workflows in FX

Market Infrastructure

The connectivity and workflows required for trading FX products will change and become more complex as a result of the new FX clearing and reporting environment. Frances Faulds talks to providers about what’s in store....show more


Coming of age. Social Media reaches critical mass in FX

Social Media

With barriers to treating social media as legitimate outlets for communication now being lowered across the capital markets, Eva Szalay looks at how these digital channels are being used as tools for FX providers to educate, communicate, establish trust and attract new customers, and also as an invaluable and essential source of news and market sentiment for currency trading firms who are looking alpha generating opportunities....show more


Multi-asset class SBPs servicing a wider set of client needs

FX e-Commerce and Platforms

Competition from the ever increasing number of multi-bank platforms and greater diversity from traders is driving banks to re-evaluate and often rebuild their single bank platforms to offer cross-asset class trading functionality. Frances Faulds reports....show more


With David Mercer at LMAX Exchange. Aiming high and growing fast - a unique vision for global FX

e-Forex Interview

e-Forex talks with David Mercer, CEO of LMAX Exchange, the first FCA authorised and regulated MTF for FX. ...show more



Regional eFX Perspective

Dodd Frank, RMB and Mrs. Watanabe: Richard Willshire reveals how all signs point to a great leap forward for e-trading in Asia’s foreign exchange market, where regulation, trade in renminbi and the Japanese retail sector are the outstanding features in the landscape....show more


Swap Execution Facilities. A difficult birth but a promising future in FX

Special Report

Eva Szalay sets out to explore areas of concern that have be expressed by market participants regarding the operational procedures associated with SEFs and how these are being addresses by regulators and the industry....show more


Transparency, efficiency and innovation


Uncovering the real benefits of Institutional ECNs and new trading venues for the FX buy-side...show more


FX algorithms now easier to use and tactically much more proficient

Algorithmic FX Trading

William Essex investigates the latest developments with FX algorithms including efforts by providers to develop more advanced algorithmic toolsets with new tactical capabilities that although quick and simple to deploy are functionally much more adept than their predecessors...show more


A day in the life of an algo

Algorithmic FX Trading

Gary Stone, Chief Strategy Officer, Bloomberg Tradebook, gives us a masterclass in handling a trend reversal....show more

Seabury Financial Solutions

Provider Profile

planning to make FXone the liquidity aggregation solution of choice for buy-side and sell-side FX institutions including retail FX brokers....show more


Technology Partners. Helping retail FX brokers to build a more successful business

FX Brokerage Operations

Nicholas Pratt examines the challenges Retail FX brokers are likely to be facing over the next few years and how the industry’s leading technology vendors are helping them to meet them....show more

Five areas to consider when selecting a Liquidity Provider

Sponsored Statement

The super low latency Gold-i Gate Bridge connects to more Liquidity Providers than any other Bridge connecting to MetaTrader. But with such a choice of liquidity on offer, how does a broker know which is best for their client needs?...show more


Outside the box. New thinking in the development of electronic FX brokerage platforms

FX Brokerage Operations

The emergence of more open platforms has led to a step change in the retail FX brokerage market. Nicholas Pratt examines the thinking behind the development of the latest electronic FX brokerage platforms....show more


How can FX Brokers differentiate themselves in a crowded market?

Expert Opinion

By Simon Cox, CEO of Ariel Communications....show more


Building low latency FX trading architectures with customised network solutions

Networks, Hosting and Connectivity

For firms trading with high-frequency or utilising high-speed event driven strategies, low latency is crucial, but with so much in the hands of network providers, what can they fine tune? Dan Barnes investigates...show more


Forex Expert Advisors. Taking the emotion out of trading for profit

Automated FX Trading

One of the many benefits of expert advisors (and trading models more generally) is that they offer traders a disciplined framework within which to operate. For those who find the emotional pressures of discretionary trading an issue, they are therefore a valuable solution. However, as Andy Webb explains, they also open the door to other opportunities not economically feasible for a human trader, such as diverse strategy portfolios....show more

The MetaTrader Signal Service

Product Launch

MetaQuotes has launched its new Trading Signals Service, which enables traders to copy the trades of others and earn money even when they are unable to trade themselves. The company developed its new Trading Signals Service thanks to unprecedented customer demand for such a solution on its trading platforms. Both brokers and traders requested social trading functions that would give traders the ability to copy the trading operations of other traders. ...show more


Pushing the boundaries in retail forex with cutting edge trading services

Retail FX trading

The fast growing retail forex market is hungry for technology to fuel the needs of smart and increasingly savvy investors who are looking for trading opportunities and the quickest ways to execute them. In response to this powerful demand, Heather McLean discovers how a new breed of retail FX broker is utilising state of the art technology coupled with fully customisable trading platforms to provide powerful suites of online services catering for mobile, automated, social and power traders. ...show more


Smart Box Capital. Leveraging diversification to provide a unique and uncorrelated offering.


e-Forex talks with David Rich head of Smart Box Capital’s Managed Accounts platform. Smart Box Capital is a research driven investment manager which, utilizing systematic trading programs, aims to deliver uncorrelated superior returns in all market conditions....show more


The Middle East looks to the East and the West

Currency Clips

Max Knudsen Chief Market Strategist at ADS Securities...show more



Currency Clips

regional currencies less vulnerable than six months ago...show more



Currency Clips

Finnish and Swedish markets perform well...show more


Latin America

Currency Clips

Mexican Peso could be a star EM currency in 2014...show more