e-Forex Magazine July 2014

e-Forex Magazine July 2014

e-Forex Magazine July 2014.
HFT: Ban bad driving, not cars - Reducing the damage of disruptive HFT to FX
Single Dealer Platforms - Offering high precision toolsets to give clients what they need
Filling the Banking gap - The arrival of a new wave of FX


China – taking the first steps towards more open financial markets


I want to talk about the efforts China has been making to set up rules and regulations for its Financial Industry but will first comment about the FX business continuing to dominate many headlines around the world....show more


HFT: Ban bad driving, not cars reducing the damage of disruptive high frequency trading to FX


In the race for speed, disruptive high frequency trading (HFT) behaviour and an arms race for the fastest market data threatens to cause more reputational damage to financial markets – but ban bad driving, not the cars argues Daniel Marcus....show more


Becoming mission critical the profound metamorphosis taking place with Post Trade FX services

Market Infrastructure

Caroline Henshaw investigates how long considered simple back-office functions and post-trade processes are playing an increasingly important role in shaping global currency markets as stricter regulations and tighter margins prompt companies to streamline their workflows....show more


Cutting through the noise - leveraging web content curation for FX trading applications

Social Media

Emmett Kilduff, CEO and founder of Eagle Alpha, explains the concept of content curation. He also outlines how companies specialised in monitoring and filtering digital information from a wide variety of social media, news sources, websites, forums and chat rooms across the web can provide deeper market insights and actionable data for high performance FX trading firms looking to build alpha generating strategies and trading models. ...show more


Single-Dealer Platforms offering high precision toolsets to give clients what they need

FX e-Commerce and Platforms

Banks have made major investments in single-dealer platforms in recent years but as the technology is commoditised, platforms need to add unique value in a fully customisable format if they are to gain market share. Joel Clark reports...show more


With Alain Broyon, CEO of Dukascopy Bank. Forex Hub, technology provider and media phenomena

e-Forex Interview

Dukascopy Bank may be a Swiss bank but its approach to its foreign exchange brokerage business is anything but conservative. The Geneva based company began life in 1998 as a software project launched by a physicist, Dr Andre Duka. This meant that technology was part of the firm’s DNA from the outset and, as we shall hear from its CEO Alain Broyon, it has remained at the cutting edge of new ideas and innovations....show more


Electronification and the future growth of FX Options

Special Report

Strides have been made in electronic trading for FX options recently and as Frances Faulds discovers there are still more to come....show more


From conflict to collaboration - how client relationships are changing across the e-FX trading environment


With Ty Danco, CEO of Buyside FX, Alan F. Schwarz, CEO of FXSpotStream, David Vincent, CEO of smartTrade Technologies and Justyn Trenner, Global of Head of Liquidity Optimization at EBS....show more


From TCA to Execution Algorithms - FXone Seabury increases its product spread

Provider Profile

With Rosario M. Ingargiola, President and Chief Executive Officer of FXone Seabury Financial Solutions (SFS)....show more


Which, When and Why taking a more informed approach to algorithmic FX trading

Algorithmic FX Trading

William Essex sets out to explore why choosing the most appropriate FX algorithm for their own specific needs can sometimes be a complex undertaking for many buyside firms who may be new to the benefits and applications of using algorithms....show more


Advanced Markets - a true innovator of wholesale liquidity, technology and credit solutions for the FX brokers

Provider Profile

e-Forex speaks with Anthony Brocco, Executive Chairman of Advanced Markets Ltd., a company that now serves more than 40,000 clients across 30 countries globally....show more


Filling the banking gap with a new wave of FX prime broker and credit intermediary

FX Brokerage Operations

Nicholas Pratt examines how a new breed of FX credit intermediaries and prime of prime brokers are able to fill the void left by banks who are responding to the impact of the tightened credit environment by reconsidering their engagement with hedge funds, prop trading firms and retail aggregators, making it harder for these firms to access interbank markets...show more


Smooth Operations: Outsourcing IT can help brokers to run MT4 more efficiently

Sponsored Statement

Managing a MetaTrader environment is highly complex. It involves specialist knowledge to ensure that systems run smoothly at all times, even when you’ve left the office. From system updates and monitoring trade activity to ensuring there is sufficient memory, storage and bandwidth, it can also be very time consuming. ...show more


Brokerage technology: acquiring the right systems for moving up the retail e-FX value chain

FX Brokerage Operations

With retail investors being one of the fastest growing groups of FX traders, brokers are rapidly having to expand their range of products and services to keep pace. Yet, as Heather McLean reports, many issues need to be addressed in order to ensure that they acquire the right technology platforms for their businesses which will enable them to grow and eventually move up the retail e-FX value chain....show more


Selecting an additional platform to MT4

Sponsored Statement

According to recent research, around two thirds of brokers using MetaTrader4 either currently have a second platform or are considering using an alternative trading platform this year....show more

The race to zero and beyond: harnessing the benefits of Microwave technology for high speed precision in FX trading


e-Forex talks to Dr Jock Percy, CEO of Perseus Telecom and Jay Lawrence, CEO of NexxCom Wireless about the application of Microwave communications technology in the FX trading environment....show more


CFH Clearing: A Prime Broker on the rise

Sponsored Statement

With its strong heritage, tailor-made liquidity, innovative technology and growing global client base, CFH Clearing is widely recognised as one of the world’s leading Prime of Prime solutions providers. Lars Holst, CEO of CFH Clearing, talks to e-Forex about market developments, the company’s growth and future plans. ...show more


FX traders see sunshine through the Cloud

Networks, Hosting and Connectivity

Dan Barnes discovers how high availability, improved tolerance and increased scalability are leading FX traders to place more confidence in the Cloud....show more


Managing a team of committed professionals

In the chair

With Abdelrahman Alimari, Managing Director of CommexFX, a fully regulated award-winning STP/ECN Forex Broker ...show more


New models and methodologies: taking your automated FX trading to the next level

Automated FX Trading

Popularity of automated trading systems has been constantly growing throughout the years. On the one hand, the reason of such popularity is that an automated trading system allows a trader to generate more trades (a robot allows to analyze more trading instruments and timeframes simultaneously) and excludes the psychological factor when making decisions. On the other hand, automated trading is popularized by brokerage companies and developers of trading platforms and trading systems....show more


TradingFloor.com exploring the untapped potential of social trading

Sponsored Statement

With Rune Bech, chief digital and communications officer at Saxo Bank...show more


Trader Diary - A tale of winners and losers

Retail FX trading

Samuel J. Rae gives us an overview of the ups and downs he has experienced with his trading strategies over the last three months and the steps he takes to maintain a positive risk reward ratio....show more


RTFX and RTFT. A successful partnership centred around investment expertise and innovative financial engineering


In 2009, the business of the Swiss retail broker, Realtime Forex SA, was divided into an investment services licensed company, RTFX Ltd and its sister company RTFX Fund Management Ltd (both RTFX) and a technology services company, Realtime Financial Technologies SA (RTFT SA). e-Forex talks with Francesco Scotto, Senior Executive Officer at RTFX Fund Management Ltd, which is a specialised investment manager focused around FX, and Frederic Gay and Thierry Glauser, co-founders of RTFT SA, the trading technology provider to RTFX....show more


The last thing FX needs is the World Cup!

Currency Clips

Noureldeen Mufeed Kh. Al Hammoury Market Strategist at ADS Securities...show more


Asian currencies to weaken versus the USD in H2 2014

Currency Clips

John. J. Hardy Head of FX Strategy at Saxo Bank...show more


Common macro backdrop, different perspectives

Currency Clips

Bartosz Sawicki Head of Research at TMS Brokers...show more


Scandinavia in Focus

Currency Clips

Stan Klebaner Chief Business Development Officer at FinFx Trading Oy ...show more


Forget G10 – arise the EM10 EMFX London – May 20th 2014

Recent Events

May saw the 3rd instalment of the EMFX conference this year with a whole day dedicated to emerging markets, technology and people....show more


Has HMS EMFX left NYC? EMFX Conference New York City May 6th 2014

Recent Events

The Inaugural EMFX NYC conference was held in the Big Apple this May to bring together market professionals to discuss relevant issues surrounding both the local latam and emerging markets at large. ...show more

The search for good Mexican food Profit & Loss Conference Mexico April 2014 Mexico City

Recent Events

Someone once told me that if you want good Mexican food you need Mexicans. It’s not the same without them. With regulation front and center at PnL Mexico this year. Re-shaping market best practices, Mexico City (along with Toronto and San Paolo) are shaping up to be strategic cities for the America time zone. Its no surprise then that MXN is the 8th most traded currency pair....show more