e-Forex Magazine October 2014

e-Forex Magazine October 2014

e-Forex Magazine October 2014.
CLS - Still the blueprint for cross-border co-operation to mitigate risk
Special Report - Making the move towards real-time market surveillance in FX
The Redback comes of age - Harnessing opportunities in offshore Renminb


The zloty to retrace losses

Currency Clips

Bartosz Sawicki Head of research at TMS Bro...show more


Spotlight on recent currency developments in China and Malaysia

Currency Clips

Kwah Wee Hong FX Dealer at Phillip Futures ...show more


Scandie currencies remain interesting to trade

Currency Clips

John J. Hardy Head of FX Strategy at Saxo Bank...show more


Latam FX – Tough going

Currency Clips

Simon Smith Chief Economist at FxPro...show more


The Middle East awaits Scottish referendum

Currency Clips

Noureldeen Mufeed Kh. Al Hammoury Chief Market Strategist at ADS Securities...show more


FXIC New York draws 400 to discuss Regulation, Technology, and Marketing

Recent Events

Some 400 members of the FX community from the Americas, Europe and Asia gathered at the Shift Forex’s FXIC New York this summer for a round of panel discussions on regulation, technology and marketing and for informal gatherings at the Grand Hyatt Hotel....show more


RedBack comes to a Royal House UK – China Renminbi Summit June 18th 2014 London

Recent Events

In June this year it was my great pleasure to attend the first UK-China Financial Forum as a guest of HM Treasury....show more


Culture change in FX? What a lot of noise!


It should come as no surprise to readers of e-Forex magazine that the FX industry is undergoing pressure to reform, and that untold millions are being spent on external consultants to provide advice on how to achieve this culture change. From what I hear from market participants, heads of desks and board members, much of the effort has produced the same paralysis from the very participants at which the guidance is aimed. When was the last time a consultant lawyer provided your sales team with constructive wording on how to talk to clients? “But that leaves me with nothing to say!” is a common complaint....show more


Stability, trust and resiliency through technology the key to the safe functioning of financial markets


Everyone knows that CLS Bank plays a critical role in helping to mitigate risk across the foreign exchange markets. But many don’t know the history behind this systemically important institution and the key work that it has done over the past decade and more to help maintain financial market stability. e-Forex has invited David Puth, the company’s CEO, to provide a brief profile of his organisation and highlight why CLS remains the blueprint for cross-border co-operation to mitigate risk....show more


Cryptocurrencies – making the case for constructive regulation


Tom Robinson COO of Elliptic examines some of the challenges faced by policymakers as they attempt to deal with the rapid evolution of digital currencies and why they should be seen as a force for positive change which would benefit from the creation of best practice rulesets, minimum standards and a regulatory framework that would encourage institutional investors to use them. ...show more


Collective Forecasting bringing the wisdom of the crowd to FX

Social Media

Arjun Hassard, CEO of Myriada, explains how the concept of crowd wisdom works and the benefits that collective forecasting could bring to the FX trading environment....show more


360T Market Maker Cockpit: Delivering control


e-Forex talks with Alfred Schorno, Managing Director of 360T Group about the firms latest pricing engine functionality....show more


The Redback comes of age: managing risks and harnessing opportunities in offshore renminbi

Market Infrastructure

The internationalisation of the Chinese renminbi has picked up pace this year, with a growing volume traded in the offshore currency. But its path to becoming a major international currency in its own right still has some way to run, writes Joel Clark ...show more



Provider Profile

e-Forex talks to Patrik Nilsson, Head of algorithmic FX trading at SEB who shares some insights on how the bank has developed new internal trading infrastructure built around the concepts of internal liquidity pools and cross product benefits....show more


Eurobase Banking Solutions

Provider Profile

e-Forex talks to David Woolcock, Global Head of Sales & Business Development at Eurobase Banking Solutions....show more


Complex but rewarding – extracting the maximum value from FX Liquidity Aggregation

Liquidity Management

Nicholas Pratt examines how FX participants are able to extract the maximum value from the ever evolving world of the FX liquidity aggregation and how the providers are working to match the demands of buy and sell side....show more


ParFX Prime

Product Launch

e-Forex talks with Roger Rutherford, Chief Operating Officer at ParFX, about the launch of ParFX Prime....show more


Gold-i: The FX technology company with innovation in its DNA

e-Forex Interview

e-Forex talks with Tom Higgins, CEO of Gold-i, a global market leader in multi-asset class trading systems integration....show more


Transformation of the Foreign Exchange Industry Is it finally happening?

Expert Opinion

By Rosario M. Ingargiola, President and Chief Executive Officer of FXone Seabury Financial Solutions (SFS)...show more


Reduce time-to-market and costs with LiquidityFX

Provider Profile

LiquidityFX is an extensive trading solution for FX, Swaps, NDF and Precious Metals and is built on smartTrade Technologies proven liquidity management platform. e-Forex caught up with David Vincent, CEO and co-founder of smartTrade to ask him why the product is being so successful...show more


CFH Clearing is helping brokers to grow

Sponsored Statement

Whilst the market has been struggling with low volatility, CFH Clearing and its clients have been bucking the trends. Nick Mortimer, head of Prime Brokerage and Clearing at CFH Clearing explains why brokers are benefiting from partnering with the global leader in Prime of Prime solutions....show more


JFD Brokers

Broker Profile

A firm on a mission to disrupt the FX/CFD trading industry with a set of game-changing solutions. e-Forex talks with Cyril Tabet, Partner & CEO at JFD Brokers Ltd. ...show more


A look at some of the winners and Losers over the past Couple of Months

Traders Workshop

Samuel J. Rae gives us an overview of the ups and downs he has experienced with his trading strategies over the last three months and the steps he takes to maintain a positive risk reward ratio....show more


Orbex Putting customers, knowledge and technology at the centre of their operations

Broker Profile

e-Forex talks with Abdullah Abbas, Managing Director of Orbex, a fully licensed and regulated Cyprus investment firm supervised by CySEC....show more


Mitigating conduct risk – making the move towards real-time market surveillance in FX

Special Report

In today’s fast-evolving regulatory environment, building effective real-time market surveillance systems can be a key differentiator for clients when choosing their FX provider. Now, with the advent of of increasingly sophisticated systems that can predict breaches before they even happen, financial firms are also seeking to turn regulatory necessity into competitive advantage for their trading desks. Caroline Henshaw investigates....show more


Connectivity, clearing and contracts – wider opportunities for currency trading on exchanges

FX on Exchanges

With mandatory central clearing for FX OTC products already prompting a greater number of clearing services, contracts and connectivity options being offered by the exchanges Frances Faulds looks at growth in exchange-traded FX....show more


LMAX Exchange: Spotting the difference

FX on Exchanges

David Mercer ...show more


Eurex: Combining the best of both worlds

FX on Exchanges

Reny Morsch ...show more


Switching a retail FX brokerage to the multi-platform model

FX Brokerage Operations

Heather McLean explores what issues are leading increasing numbers of FX brokers to offer multiple platforms to their customer base and the advantages this brings....show more

Boutique prime brokers offering a far more customised FX service

FX Brokerage Operations

The prime brokerage industry is facing some of its toughest times since the financial crisis, squeezed on one end by stricter regulations and at the other by falling profits. But, as Caroline Henshaw now reports, mid the chaos, a new generation of agile and sophisticated boutique FXPBs have emerged that can offer clients a service tailored to their diverse needs....show more


Reaching a tipping point why FX data managers are now investing in the Cloud

Networks, Hosting and Connectivity

Cloud services may appear to be the answer to the data management challenges facing many FX firms offering almost unlimited space and constant availability at affordable prices. But, discovers Nicholas Pratt, potential customers should always ensure they examine the physical properties that lie behind every cloud service. ...show more


Isolating the real merits of fully outsourced hosting and FX connectivity services

Networks, Hosting and Connectivity

Outsourcing something as crucial as management of connectivity infrastructure may create concern through the loss of control, however, as Dan Barnes reports here, it can greatly improve flexibility around cost and market access....show more


CCTrack Solutions


Poised to deliver a unique blend of quantitative strategy, active risk management and extensive trading experience....show more