e-Forex Magazine January 2015

e-Forex Magazine January 2015

e-Forex Magazine January 2015.
Regional e-FX perspective on asia
Special Report - Is mobile FX trading about to go mainstream?
Provider Profile - NBAD Global Markets
Technology - Addressing the challenges of big data in FX
TraderTalk - With systemati


ADS Securities London Ltd is launched

News Interview

e-Forex talks with James Watson, the Managing Director of ADS Securities London Ltd....show more


Indonesia - taking bold steps

Currency Clips

Yu Chung Leong Forex dealer at Phillip Futures...show more


Latam currencies – a look ahead

Currency Clips

Simon Smith Chief Economist at FxPro...show more


2015 - Stepping away from the EURCHF Floo

Currency Clips

Peter Rosenstreich Head of Market Strategy at Swissquote...show more


The Middle East – the FX equivalent of Black Friday?

Currency Clips

Noureldeen Al Hammoury Chief Market Strategist at ADS Securities...show more


The Central Bank of Russia faces difficult task

Currency Clips

Jameel Ahmad Chief Market Analyst at FXTM...show more

SINGAPORE – By R5. London’s Affect on Asia

Recent Events

Some might say that FXWeek had put in a bit more effort to this year’s Asia conference compared to last - and it paid off....show more

INDIA – By R5. Building the Power Station

Recent Events

“Evaluating the first 100 days of the new Indian government” City of London & Chatham House panel discussion London 16 September 2014 - Tallow Chandlers’ Hall...show more

CHINA – By R5. The Great Shanghai Taxi Ride

Recent Events

I had the great honour of sharing a ride from the airport to the conference hotel with Galen Stops, Editor of PnL – but about an hour into the journey it was apparent that Driver 530 was lost, and after sharing our best taxi ride stories from around the world – we were now a bit bored and quite keen to actually arrive at said hotel....show more

FXIC Shanghai

Recent Events

In December, FX consultant Shift Forex held the first of its popular FXIC events in Asia. FXIC Shanghai brought approximately 300 local brokers and bankers together with representatives from leading offshore solutions providers and brokers for two days of panel discussions and networking opportunities at the Waldorf Astoria Hotel on the Bund....show more


The only constant is change, (and ethical standards)


The fines have been levied, compliance officers hired, and outside counsel engaged. Has anyone counted the total cost? The FCA has blown their referee’s whistle, and the whistle has blown to start the new round of market activity, with a tighter oversight of standards. The banks who have been paying attention to culture, have trained their staff and maintained controls, have fared relatively better. They have certainly picked up business. But is that it, now? Job done?...show more


FXPA. A new force for advancing the interests of the FX Industry


Adam Cooper Chairman, FXPA; Senior Managing Director and Chief Legal Officer of Citadel LLC...show more


Evolution of FX Trading: Models converge and competition heats up

e-FX Industry Report

The market for Foreign Exchange (FX) is the largest and most liquid financial market. The FX market plays an important role in facilitating global trade and enabling cross-border payments, along with being an asset class that is widely used for hedging and carrying out speculative trades....show more


Getting the measure of Bitcoin

Blockchain and CryptoCurrencies

Bitcoin is a story that wants to be written. There’s always something happening, and almost all the main characters are available for interview. Bitcoin is never boring, nor predictable. Just this morning (in late November 2014), for example, the rumour reached this laptop that Satoshi Nakamoto, the possibly pseudonymous inventor of Bitcoin, might have been working for the US National Security Agency all along. Within the past month, a former SEC chairman, Arthur Levitt, has signed up as an adviser to two Bitcoin companies; a founding director of the Bitcoin Foundation, John Matonis, has resigned; and the FBI has shut down the Silk Road 2.0 online black market. The price of a single bitcoin hit its low for the calendar year, USD326, on 4th November (source: blockchain.info) and bumped up to USD430 ten days later....show more


Noisy and Inflammatory - helping FX trading firms to navigate the unstructured data flows from social media

Social Media

Like it or loathe it, social media is here to stay. And contrary to popular belief, social networks are not just about obsessive “Beliebers” or narcissistic “Selfies”. We now see influential politicians through to journalists (often posting scoops) and well followed investors and traders sharing the stage. This trend has even extended to regulators such as the U.S. Securities and Exchange Commission, which now allows corporates to disseminate material non-public information through social networks due to “appreciating the value and prevalence of social media channels in contemporary market communications”....show more


NBAD Global Markets offering world-class trading services in domestic, regional and international markets.

Provider Profile

The National Bank of Abu Dhabi (NBAD) is one of the UAE’s largest banks with operations in 18 countries. It has been ranked among the world’s 50 safest banks and the safest bank in the Emerging Markets. The Bank has an extensive branch network in the UAE. David Wilkins, Executive Director of E-Commerce at NBAD’s Global Markets, who is based in Abu Dhabi, tells us more about the development of the bank's new e-commerce platform which will place it among the very few specialist regional banks to have developed its own solution and thus be in a position to service Dirham currency demand on a global basis. ...show more


FXecosystem - changing how the FX market connects

e-Forex Interview

e-Forex talks with James Banister, CEO of FXecosystem, a leading provider of outsourced connectivity services for the FX market....show more


Regional e-FX perspective on Asia

Regional eFX Perspective

Electronic trading across Asia continues to become more widespread and is increasing rapidly by volume. But, as Richard Willsher discovers, the countries and customers of the Asian theatre are so varied that it would be a mistake to see it as a single market where one size fits all. ...show more


The future of retail forex is China


Much has been made of the rapid growth China has undergone recently, with the country now considered an economic powerhouse, second only to the United States. Alongside this unprecedented growth has been a parallel rise in the retail forex industry, with more investors in China than ever before interested in managing their own wealth through online forex trading. Though there have been some indications of the Chinese economy slowing down in recent months, the country remains one of the highest performing economies in the world, and the investment power of the Chinese population should not be underestimated....show more


Factors shaping increasing confidence in offshore renminbi markets

Expert Opinion

Chinese renminbi is increasingly being traded outside mainland China as authorities gradually loosen controls over the currency. Gary Lin, head of foreign exchange Hong Kong at Brown Brothers Harriman, talks to e-Forex about the growth of the CNH market....show more


Trading networks, hosting and infrastructure – investment in low latency FX propositions gathers pace across Asia

Networks, Hosting and Connectivity

The growth of Asian FX markets is seeing more interest from international FX providers in third party services to connect to these markets. Nicholas Pratt looks at the issues involved....show more


Every Cloud needs a home

Sponsored Statement

The phenomenal growth in cloud based service delivery is changing essential data centre requirements. These cloud services require a physical infrastructure: a safe and secure environment from which the business critical servers and hard drives that contain the applications and data can operate. They require fast, uninterrupted data connections, a totally secure and reliable power supply and buildings that offer the highest possible levels of security....show more


DealHub RefleX

Product Launch

e-Forex talks with Chris Leaver, COO of DealHub about the launch of the company’s new modular eFX platform DealHub RefleX....show more


Mobile e-FX delivery channels – are they ready to go mainstream?

Special Report

Use of mobile devices is standard practice nowadays amongst traders in the retail FX sector, and it has been for several years. The ability to literally not only keep a finger on the pulse of the market from wherever you are, but to execute trades from anywhere, is increasingly taken for granted. Now, use of this “on-the-go” functionality is beginning to spread to the institutional markets as well and, as Heather McLean discovers, although take up of mobile communication applications has so far been far more cautious than that of the retail market, there are signs that this hesitancy is changing....show more


IS Prime - focused on delivering a premium suite of products

Product Launch

ISAM, the alternative asset manager, has recently announced the launch of IS Prime, its new foreign exchange brokerage service. e-Forex caught up with Jonathan Brewer, Managing Partner of IS Prime and asked him to tell us more about the venture....show more


Optimizing access to FX liquidity pools

Expert Opinion

Peter Durkan CTO of Lucera Financial Infrastructures...show more


High velocity, volume and complexity - addressing the challenges of Big Data in FX


There are enormous advantages available for FX trading firms that are able to capture and analyse the universe of available data, but, as Dan Barnes reports, getting to grips with the massive wealth of information that’s out there is a considerable technical challenge....show more


2015 – A positive outlook for CFH Clearing and its clients

Sponsored Statement

CFH Clearing is one of the most respected and reputable liquidity venues and Prime of Prime clearing providers in the world. Headquartered in London, the firm focuses on helping financial institutions to grow their businesses – to be more profitable and operate more effectively. ...show more


Minimising costs, Maximising opportunities – taking the best route towards an FX White Labelling solution

FX Brokerage Operations

Caroline Henshaw discovers more about, how, in the competitive world of forex today, more and more hard-pressed brokers are choosing to concentrate their resources on areas where they can add value and outsourcing the rest to sophisticated white label service providers that can not only help start-ups enter the market but enhance existing businesses....show more


Ask Tom?

Sponsored Statement

Tom Higgins, a former Chief Technology Officer in the City, London, set up Gold-i six years ago, having spotted a gap in the market for serious expertise in retail FX trading technology for MT4 brokers. As CEO, he has grown the organisation into a global market leader by focusing on innovative products and reliable services which help brokers to trade more profitably and manage their risk more effectively. He is one of the world’s leading experts in MT4, thanks to his technical expertise and experience gained from working with the platform over many years. ...show more


Easing the brokers burden with powerful new technology and liquidity solutions

FX Brokerage Operations

With technology advancing at a rapid pace, it has never been easier for retail forex brokers to run their businesses more efficiently. Using cutting edge solutions to get more out of their liquidity providers and their trading platforms, brokers are not just able to survive in tough market conditions and comply with ever more stringent regulations, but they can capture new business opportunities and prosper as well. Heather McLean investigates....show more


VertexFX. One of the most reliable, secure, independent and scalable trading platforms

Platform Profile

e-Forex talks with Akram Majed, CEO of Hybrid Solutions about VertexFX Trader...show more


Traders Diary: Two winners, two losers

Retail FX trading

Samuel J. Rae gives us an overview of the ups and downs he has experienced with his trading strategies over the last three months and the steps he takes to maintain a positive risk reward ratio....show more


ISAM. A world leading systematic hedge fund, with a strong pedigree in quantitative research and technology


Formed in 2008, International Standard Asset Management (ISAM) is an alternative investment manager specialising in systematic investing. The management team has amassed over 150 years of combined experience within the quantitative alternative investment space. ISAM has deep experience in institutional alternative asset management and trend following strategies in particular. ...show more