e-Forex Magazine October 2015

e-Forex Magazine October 2015

e-Forex Magazine October 2015.
Coming of age - Has trading of the Renminbi reached a pivotal point?
Technology & e-Platforms - Moving to the centre of new FX client service models
Cyber Attacks - Tackling threats to FX trading operations
FX on Exchang


There’s not a lot of coffee in Brazil…

Recent Events

July saw the bi-annual meeting of the Emerging Capital Markets Taskforce. An initiative from George Osborne’s office to help expand trading in EM markets in the City of London....show more


Will the Elephant overtake the Dragon?

Recent Events

In July this year both R5 and the UK Foreign Office bought together a roundtable of INR traders to meet with the Indian Ministry of Finance and discuss the big question – When or will India overtake China in the economic growth race? ...show more

3rd Annual FXIC

Recent Events

In addition to the networking opportunities everyone expects, this year’s FXIC New York, organizer Shift Forex, included a new feature—speed networking. During this speed-dating-style program, 20 companies and organizations including Nasdaq, Current Desk, Eurex, CME Group, TIBCO, FCM360 and Investing.com to name few, sponsored tables for five-minute attendee meetings during the morning and afternoon....show more


Can Singapore Dollar sustain Parity Exchange Rate with the Australian Dollar?

Currency Clips

By Kenneth Tan Forex manager at Phillip Futures...show more


IMF calls again for Greece debt relief

Currency Clips

Yann Quelenn Market Strategist at Swissquote Bank SA...show more


The LATAM split

Currency Clips

By Simon Smith Chief Economist at FxPro...show more


Weak GCC equities pushing investors to FX

Currency Clips

By Noureldeen Al Hammoury Chief Market Strategist at ADS Securities...show more


FEMR – a watershed moment for FX?


At present the Fair and Effective Markets Review (FEMR) has produced just a report. But what might it achieve over the longer term for foreign exchange markets? Richard Willsher investigates....show more


Where’s the B? Can the Lego thinkers rebuild the block-chain without Bitcoin?

Blockchain and CryptoCurrencies

Here’s a thought-provoking idea. Bitcoin is the incentive that makes the block-chain work. ...show more


Building a better block-chain

Blockchain and CryptoCurrencies

Dan Connell, managing director, market structure and technology practice, Greenwich Associates, co-authored his firm’s report Bitcoin, the Block-chain and Their Impact on Institutional Capital Markets. He’s been watching the banks watching the block-chain. ...show more


Moving technology and e-trading platforms to the centre of new FX client service models

FX e-Commerce and Platforms

With Illit Geller, CEO of Tradair, Harpal Sandhu, CEO of Integral Development Corp., Patrick Myles, CTO of Caplin Systems Ltd and David Woolcock, Global Head of Sales and Business Development at Eurobase International....show more


The evolution of FX electronic trading on the buy-side and factors driving change


Roger McAvoy Institutional Sales Director, Asia, at 360T Trading Networks...show more


Coming of age – has trading of the renminbi reached a pivotal point?

Currency Focus

Caroline Henshaw reports on the development of rapidly growing Renminbi hubs around the world where trading volumes are now starting to surge and explores the role e-banking and e-trading channels will play in facilitating the future development of the RMB market....show more

What do brokers want from their Liquidity Provider?

Expert Opinion

What do organisations really want from a Liquidity Provider? How have attitudes and priorities changed since SNB events? Leading London-based Prime of Prime Broker, Sucden Financial conducted extensive research to address these questions amongst brokers, banks, fund managers and professional traders across the globe. The results provide insight into current market requirements and, as Peter Brooks, co-head of e-FX at Sucden Financial explains, highlight a major shift in priorities....show more


CIBC: Focused on innovation and empowering clients

e-Forex Interview

e-Forex talks with Takis Spiropoulos, Managing Director and Head of the Global e-Commerce Solutions Group at CIBC. ...show more


CFH Clearing broadens its offering to fuel further growth

Sponsored Statement

CFH Clearing, the London-headquartered Prime of Prime clearing provider, continues to attract an increasing number of prestigious institutional clients across the globe. We asked Lars Holst, CEO, CFH Clearing, about the secrets to the organisation’s ongoing success....show more


The Exchanges – gateways to a new world of regional FX trading opportunities

FX on Exchanges

Exchange traded currency products are here to stay. Frances Faulds looks at how existing and new derivatives exchanges are gearing up to cater for the OTC FX market....show more


Policies and Protocols - tackling cyber threats to FX trading operations

Special Report

Cyber attacks are increasing in both number and sophistication and no market is immune, including FX. Nicholas Pratt examines the nature of the threats and the work being done to limit the damage....show more


Ask Tom

Ask Tom

High service levels have always been a priority for Gold-i, a world leader in trading systems integration. The company has recently strengthened its support team with a number of new appointments to ensure its increasing number of clients have access to MT4 technology specialists at all times. Ian Bunn has joined Gold-i as Head of Support, with 25 years’ experience in support roles and a strong track record in servicing clients in Europe and Asia. As a further investment, Gold-i is opening an office in China in November 2015 and will be providing local language support to clients operating in the Asia-Pacific time zone. To coincide with this increased focus on service and support, we asked Tom Higgins, Gold-i’s CEO to highlight the options available to brokers who need external support in order to run MetaTrader effectively....show more


Boosting your business with the next wave of retail FX brokerage technology

FX Brokerage Operations

In a business where your customers are multitudinous, fast moving, often inexperienced, and therefore sometimes quick to fail, standing out as a retail FX brokerage can be difficult. Heather McLean explores in what ways investing in their technology infrastructures can help retail FX brokers to more quickly achieve their business objectives including becoming the gateways of choice to world markets for their clients....show more


JFD Group – a company on the fast track to record growth

Company in Focus

e-Forex asks Cyril Tabet, Partner & CEO at JFD Group, to outline some of the latest news from his company with a focus on JFD Prime....show more


Hardwired: FX trading in a chip


When every microsecond counts cutting code into specialised hardware offers real time saving, but has standard chip evolution caught up? Dan Barnes weighs up the benefits of hardware-accelerated appliances for electronic FX trading applications....show more


IS Prime enables clients to offer Prime of Prime by white labelling their front to back Institutional offering

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The Prime of Prime market is in transition, with many players still struggling to find PB solutions in the wake of the market turbulence in January. We believe that this gives an opportunity to the more active players in the retail broker market to compete in the Prime of Prime space. ...show more


Pathways to Asia - what are your FX connectivity options?

Networks, Hosting and Connectivity

Dan Barnes explores some of the characteristics of the foreign exchange markets across Asia and the key connectivity and infrastructure issues that FX firms need to consider in order to configure the best routes for accessing them....show more


MahiFX – offering mid-size banks and brokers the opportunity to compete at top level

Sponsored Statement

The gap between the spot e-FX pricing and risk management technology deployed by the big liquidity providing banks and other institutions has only slightly narrowed in recent years. ...show more


Better education and more informed choices - helping to bring CFDs in from the cold

Retail FX trading

Traditionally, Contracts for Difference (CFDs) have been seen as a financial derivative class best suited to be used by very experienced and semi-professional traders, as opposed to the majority of retail FX market players. However, as Heather McLean discovers, that opinion is changing, as more retail traders decide to try out CFDs. ...show more


Pecora Capital - Man and Machine working together


While many firms tend to pick a strategy or two and stick with that, Pecora Capital LLC prefers to mix things up. The Swiss-based macro investment management firm uses a variety of algo-based systems to navigate the world’s FX markets. What’s more, Managing Director Aaron L. Smith and Head of Trading William Adams see no reason why man and machine can’t work together. Smith calls the approach ‘managed systematic’....show more