e-Forex Magazine January 2016

e-Forex Magazine January 2016

Countdown to MiFID 2 - FX gears up for impending new regulation.
Spotlight on Asia - All eyes on RMB.
Regional e-FX Providers - Combining high-tech with local currency expertise.
FX Prime Brokerage - Whats causing the flght to quality?
FX Liquidity - How do you find the right providers?


Brazil – the year ahead

Currency Clips

Last time, I looked at the impact of events in China on LATAM currencies, but as we enter a new year and a likely Fed tightening, it's worth taking a step back and a look at what the coming year may hold. ...show more


Middle East update

Currency Clips

Investors in the Middle East are looking for further weakness in the Euro against the major currencies and especially against the US Dollar (USD). Although it has been a choppy ride, the consensus, looking at the open positions, is for further declines towards the parity with the USD. ...show more


Market themes for 2016

Currency Clips

Thinking about the direction of currencies in 2016, we have to start with the question: what will be the main themes likely to persist throughout the year? The past year was dominated by fears about global growth, particularly China; the decline in commodity prices, particularly oil; and the denouement of policy divergence between the US and the rest of the world, particularly the EU. ...show more

Finance Magnates – London Summit

Recent Events

I recently had the opportunity to attend the Finance Magnates London Conference (FMLC). This is a renaming of the former Forex Magnates London Conference (‘FMLC’) which changed its name to reflect the greater diversity the Forex diaspora had produced....show more


EM is all about Oil, China and the Fed

Recent Events

This event has been getting better and better lately and I was quietly surprised and impressed by both the quality of speakers and attendees this year. ...show more


CNH = Change Now Here

Recent Events

I’m reliably told Gai Bain 更改 is the Chinese word for change. It’s not so much the concept of change that’s so apparent in RMB markets these days – but more the speed of it. Like the Shanghai sky line – its moving on up fast....show more


Narendra Modi - A Proper Brindian

Recent Events

In November it was my great pleasure to receive an invitation by the Lord Mayor and City of London to an address given by Prime Ministers Narendra Modi and David Cameron....show more


CNY = Change Not Yet

Recent Events

A lot gets said about China joining the Special Drawing Rights – will they, won’t they? More likely when will they? With many pundits adding colour or distraction to the debate....show more


Restoring trust in global FX markets

e-FX Industry Report

An exclusive report and survey carried out by LMAX Exchange goes right to the heart of what is wrong with the FX market and what needs to be done if it is to regain the trust it has lost among customers. e-Forex summarises some of the findings....show more


Countdown to MiFID II. FX gears up for impending new regulation


Whether or not MiFID II/MIFIR is delayed remains to be seen, but as Frances Faulds reports, the industry is still grappling with a January 2017 deadline to get the systems in place for the biggest regulatory shake-up of the FX, derivatives and commodities markets....show more


Follow the money! How else can we exploit the full potential of the blockchain?

Blockchain and CryptoCurrencies

Although William Essex believes that large parts of the FX industry have tried to disassociate the blockchain from Bitcoin he argues that ultimately this doesn’t matter as long as this potentially transformative technology is exploited to its full potential. ...show more


Any colour so long as it’s open?

Blockchain and CryptoCurrencies

Richard Olsen ...show more

Who gave you permission?

Blockchain and CryptoCurrencies

...show more

Reputation, again, and the "underlying" obstacle

Blockchain and CryptoCurrencies

...show more

Bitcoin and the central-bank dilemma

Blockchain and CryptoCurrencies

...show more


Leveraging the network effect

Blockchain and CryptoCurrencies

Many banks have joined the consortium around R3’s initiative to design and deliver advanced distributed-ledger technologies to global financial markets. Charley Cooper, managing director, R3, spoke to William Essex about the way forward....show more


A powerful mix: regional FX providers combine high-tech trading with local currency expertise

FX e-Commerce and Platforms

Regional eFX providers are making a comeback in currency markets long dominated by the majors, as the myriad new, sophisticated technology solutions available has made them more competitive at a time when clients are increasingly seeking local expertise and dedicated service....show more


FX Liquidity – how do you find the right provider?

Liquidity Management

Nicholas Pratt examines the growing challenge of sourcing liquidity in today’s FX market and what steps trading firms can take to select the right providers....show more


FXecosystem plans further expansion in 2016

Sponsored Statement

FXecosystem, the leading provider of outsourced connectivity services to the FX market, experienced significant growth over the last year with the introduction of new products and further investment in its network infrastructure. James Banister, CEO, FXecosystem talks to us about the organisation’s plans for 2016....show more


Crédit Agricole Corporate and Investment Bank Delivering high quality FX execution and very competitive pricing

Provider Profile

Crédit Agricole CIB is a leading market maker on the foreign exchange and precious metals market and offers a full range of spot, forward, option-based and derivative foreign exchange and precious metal products. e-Forex talks with Stamos Fokianos, Global Head of eBusiness, about the range of FX services the bank now offers, its growing electronic trading product suite and future plans for building on its comprehensive FX e-commerce capabilities....show more


Building the benchmark for global FX

e-Forex Interview

e-Forex talks with David Mercer, CEO of LMAX Exchange...show more


Hotspot’s London matching engine

Product Launch

In September 2015 Hotspot announced the successful launch of its new London FX matching engine. e-Forex caught up with Bill Goodbody, Head of FX at BATS Global Markets and asked him to tell us a little more about the venture....show more


Regional e-FX perspective on Asia: All eyes on the RMB

Regional eFX Perspective

The Chinese currency is the main subject of discussion among those involved in e-FX trading in the Far East....show more


The technology provider perspective

Regional eFX Perspective

Chris Davis, Managing Director of Broadridge FX and Liquidity (FXL) ...show more


CFH Clearing – Helping brokers to thrive

Sponsored Statement

CFH Clearing is rapidly gaining market share as a world leading Prime of Prime broker and award-winning Liquidity Provider. Paul Groves, Sales Director at CFH Clearing, shares his views with e-Forex readers on current broker requirements and priorities for the year ahead....show more


What’s causing the flight to quality in FX Prime Brokerage?

Special Report

Nicholas Pratt reviews the changes that have recently taken place in the FX prime brokerage market and what it means for trading firms....show more


FXCM – poised for growth and focusing on core areas of strength in their Institutional services

Meet the team

e-Forex talks with Brandon Mulvihill, MD and Global Head of Institutional sales at FXCM....show more


Widening your e-FX capabilities with a new generation of white labelling solutions

FX Brokerage Operations

Heather McLean discovers more about how white labelling solutions can assist retail FX brokers to quickly establish their online trading operations and why white label partnerships can prove a very attractive proposition....show more


Factors to consider when choosing a white label partner

FX Brokerage Operations

According to Luis Sanchez, CEO of BMFN...show more


Gold-i: Helping brokers to improve business performance

Sponsored Statement

Over the last six years, Gold-i has become widely known as the world leader in trading systems integration and has built an impressive client list consisting of many of the most prestigious and fastest growing brokerages across the globe....show more


Minimising risks and maximising trading opportunities - exploring the benefits of financial trading ecosystems for FX

Networks, Hosting and Connectivity

Dan Barnes looks at how financial trading ecosystems have evolved, what services they can offer and the benefits they can deliver to a wide variety of FX market participants ....show more


Stelrox Capital Management LLP


e-Forex talks with Buford Scott, Managing Partner at Stelrox Capital Management LLP, an alternative asset manager, with a focus on foreign exchange markets....show more