e-Forex Magazine April 2016

e-Forex Magazine April 2016

A block-chain based world - Is the vision too big?
Spotlight on Australasia - An emerging powerhouse of e-FX.
FX performance analysis - Improving operational oversight.
Financial cloud services - Challenging the status quo in FX.
DDoS attacks in FX - Protecting your IT resources.
CFD Trading - Liquidity platforms and technology.
Cover Interview - Charles Henri-Sabet CEO of London Capital Group - Building success upon a new strategic focus.


AUD: Navigating the China slowdown

Currency Clips

When the Chinese economy roared out of the gates and onto the global stage, its major trading partners were the envy of the world. Australia, with approximately a quarter of its total exports going to China, was one of the lucky few. However, as the initial Chinese sprint slows to a trot, the close trading ties Australia boasts have turned from an advantage into the country’s Achilles heel. Among the industries hardest hit in this economic slump is the mining sector. Iron ore ...show more


Spotlight on the ECB

Currency Clips

We expected some market volatility with the ECB meeting in December. There were signifi cant expectations concerning how far President Mario Draghi will expand the QE programme. The infl ation target of 2% has been said to be the primary objective of the central bank and Draghi mentioned that he will do whatever it takes to boost Eurozone infl ation -and growth - in the near future. ...show more


The rise of the elephant

Recent Events

<strong>India Investor Summit - London Stock Exchange - January 2016<br></strong> In January this year, I was invited to attend the India Investor Summit, which focused on economic developments undertaken by the Indian government since its election in 2014. Whilst, commodities are at the centre of the fall in global markets, not all commodity-pegged countries are sharing the same experience, with India bucking the trend. ...show more

2016 EMEA Trading Conference

Recent Events

<strong>3rd March 2016 - Old Billingsgate, London</strong><br> The EMEA Trading Conference has become Europe’s largest one day trading event. Now in its eighth year, the conference is noted for its high quality speakers, relevant issues under debate and the significant networking opportunities it presents to the region’s trading community....show more


Will the Aussie Dollar head lower in 2016?

Currency Clips

Will the Aussie Dollar head lower in 2016?...show more


The ECB tries everything

Currency Clips

There is definitely something that cannot be hidden, the current European crisis is deeper than expected....show more


The Brazilian real: Every dog has its day

Currency Clips

Sometimes in the world of finance the simple approaches can work out the best. ...show more


Middle East investors head for the Yen

Currency Clips

From the middle of 2015 through the start of this year Middle East investors and traders have moved into the currency markets, in large numbers, to hedge their local equities investments primarily buying the Japanese yen....show more


FX Trading 2.0

e-FX Industry Report

Brad Bailey is a research director with Celent’s Securities and Investments practice...show more


A blockchain-based world: Is the vision too big?

Blockchain and CryptoCurrencies

When it comes to the Blockchain, keep taking the small steps, says William Essex. Then you can change everything...show more


360T Extending the value chain for all their clients

Provider Profile

e-Forex talks with Andrew Cromie, Global Head of Product Management for Institutional Investors, 360T Group, the award-winning multi-bank, multi-asset trading platform for OTC financial instruments....show more


Single Dealer Platforms: The quest to deliver a more impressive digital experience.

FX e-Commerce and Platforms

Multi-channel, multi-asset and multi-dealer: The Single Dealer Platform continues to evolve. To discover more, Frances Faulds talks to two leading FX providers to see how they are adapting their e-commerce offerings to the changing landscape in FX....show more


The Platform Provider Viewpoint

FX e-Commerce and Platforms

John Ashworth, CEO of Caplin Systems talks to Frances Faulds about the evolution, and the changing face of Single Dealer Platforms....show more


Performance analysis – new toolsets for improving the operational oversight of FX trading operations

Trading Operations

New solutions that can deliver more granular analysis of FX trading activities are increasingly in demand from both buyside and sell-side firms. Nicholas Pratt examines some of the critical components of these services....show more


London Capital Group – building success upon a new strategic focus

e-Forex Interview

e-Forex talks with Charles Henri-Sabet, CEO of London Capital Group (LCG)...show more


Australasia – an emerging powerhouse of digital FX innovation

Regional eFX Perspective

Richard Willsher reports on how a strong regulatory environment coupled with increasing demand for new, more efficient trading technologies, particularly from buyside firms is driving the development of e-FX across Australasia....show more


Saxo Markets

Meet the team

e-Forex speaks with Peter Plester, Head of FX Prime Brokerage at Saxo Markets, the Institutional Division of Saxo Bank Group....show more


Latency and FX – Why it still matters

Expert Opinion

In every industry, there is always a milestone moment when network latency decreases in importance and is replaced by other IT purchasing considerations – for example, network reliability, overall cost, risk management or security. ...show more


Financial Cloud Services – utilising scalable solutions for FX trading applications

Special Report

Dan Barnes investigates why Cloud computing is challenging the status quo in FX and how a diverse range of ecosystems are now available to cater for banks, FX brokers, asset managers and high performance trading firms. ...show more


Global growth at CFH Clearing: With clear benefits for banks & brokers worldwide

Sponsored Statement

With recent record sales, new team members and new office locations, CFH Clearing continues to experience significant growth. According to Global Head of Sales, Paul Jackson, “Business is strong because we have a compelling offering – in terms of technology and liquidity – for clients across the globe. Organisations who have found it difficult to secure a Prime Broker are seeing the benefits of working with us to access institutional liquidity and this has contributed to major growth for CFH Clearing and CFH Systems over the last year.”...show more


Seizing the opportunities of new disruptive technologies in FX


Dan Barnes explores the nature of some of the so called “disruptive technologies” and where competitive advantages may lie for FX firms who are first to seize the opportunities that these can deliver....show more


Liquidity, platforms and technology – greasing the wheels for more efficient CFD trading

FX Brokerage Operations

Increasing numbers of institutional firms and FX brokers are looking to trade and expand their product range with contracts for difference (CFDs), as they are now a mainstream product with genuine appeal. Yet, as Heather McLean discovers, CFDs pose interesting challenges that need to be addressed....show more


Gold-i Matrix 2.0 Make more money and reduce risk

Product Launch

Gold-i’s CEO, Tom Higgins describes Matrix 2.0 as the most significant Gold-i product since the inception of the company. With an investment of almost £1million to bring Gold-i’s new liquidity management tool to market, Tom explains why Matrix 2.0 is such a game changer for the world leader in trading systems integration and how it will help brokers and banks worldwide to make more money and reduce risk....show more


DDoS attacks in FX – taking steps to protect your bandwidth and IT resources


Last year’s wave of DDoS attacks on financial institutions that targeted forex brokers and banks in particular, renewed worries over cyber security and whence the next attack will come. These attacks were particularly worrisome for the foreign exchange industry. As of last year, everyone has been on guard — especially trading infrastructure companies, software platform providers, forex brokers and traders who count on reliability and security to conduct their business....show more


A never ending pursuit for Best Execution

Voice from the buyside

Russell Investments is one of the oldest and most well-known buy-side firms in the world. Established in 1936, the firm has some $266 billion in assets under management. That creates massive currency trading needs. e-Forex speaks with the man in charge of handling those needs in the EMEA region, Klaus Paesler. He’s ready to use any method at his disposal to provide bespoke services for clients, whether that involves voice, netting and matching or algo-based trading....show more