e-Forex Magazine October 2016

e-Forex Magazine October 2016

Non-bank liquidity provision - The changing face of currency relationships
Electronic FX options - Technology lowers the entry barrier
Coping with Brexit - How electronic platfroms held up during the worlds messiest divorce
FX on Exchanges - The value proposition strengthens
Algorithmic FX Trading - Meeting the need for increasing control over order execution
The coronation of MetaTrader 5 - Will it be crowned the platform of choice?
Cover Interview - Andrew Ralich - CEO of oneZero Financial systems discussing the connectivity revolution


What’s driving growth in trading of Asian currencies?

Currency Clips

The recent past has shown a growing interest among currency traders to trade in Asian currencies, with the currency contracts listed on exchanges in Dubai and Singapore witnessing a growth or 30% or more in the year 2015. ...show more


The Aussie Dollar - where to go from here?

Currency Clips

A weaker currency is mostly considered as the key by most central banks if they want to stimulate growth. Monetary policy is the common approach that they use to devalue the currency. The currency warmed to a level of 0.6859 at the start of this year when the Fed were immensely bullish with respect to their interest rate hike. Nevertheless, it then regained its losses by touching the high of 0.7810 in late April for this year which was nearly over 14.75%; a signifi cant move when it comes to currency trading. Since then, we have given up some of these gains, but it is still up nearly 11.07% since the start of this year....show more


German economy suffers and ECB is still on the dovish side

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Over the past weeks, German data has provided quite a disappointment after July factory orders came in below expectations at 0.2% m/m vs. 0.5% m/m. In addition, July industrial production was also very weak. Consensus bet on a quasi-fl at print at 0.1% m/m but the fi gure was released in negative territory at -1.5% m/m. Germany’s economic data is very troubling, especially when we consider that the country is the main driver of the Eurozone....show more


Pound weakness can unwind in Q4

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The British pound was the worst performer since the beginning of this year compared to G10 currencies. This drop intensifi ed after the U.K electorate voted in favour of a referendum to leave the EU. Meanwhile, Sterling fell by more than 13% against the U.S Dollar before finding a temporary low around 1.2798 level....show more


The Brazilian real stands out

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In theory at least, the carry trade should not exist. But theory and practise often diverge and even more so in the FX markets. Carry is what you make from the interest rate differential between two currencies. Currencies are money and money bears interest, so if you borrow (go short) in a lowyielding currency and invest (go long) in a high yielding currency, you will receive positive carry (or interest)....show more


The Blockchain Ecosystem - Who can you trust?

Blockchain and CryptoCurrencies

Cryptocurrencies are back in fashion with blockchain designers. But future prosperity really depends on bankers getting past their trust issues, says William Essex....show more


The Bitcoin Rock

Blockchain and CryptoCurrencies

Newly listed on the Gibraltar Stock Exchange (GSX) is BitcoinETI, an asset-backed Exchange Traded Instrument that is “invested exclusively in Bitcoin, making it the first European regulated product for the leading digital currency,” as the paperwork puts it. Nick Cowan, Managing Director of the Gibraltar Stock Exchange (GSX), and Paul Astengo, Senior Executive at The Gibraltar Finance Centre, spoke to William Essex about Bitcoin, Europe and Gibraltar’s role as an “innovative financial jurisdiction”....show more


The question of MiFID II post Brexit - A UK perspective

Regulations & Compliance

James Phillips, Lombard Risk Global Head of Regulatory Strategy discusses the impact of Brexit on the application of MiFID reforms to UK based trading fi rms....show more


A new market model - FX Futures and Clearing to be unavoidable in 2017

Expert Opinion

We are now nearly seven years into the three-year market reformation project kicked off by the G20 in Pittsburgh 2009, but we are still some way from our end-state....show more


Liquidity provision and the changing face of currency relationships

Liquidity Management

As banks withdraw from market-making, a growing number of non-banks are stepping in to fi ll the void as Nicholas Pratt discovers....show more


The future of Electronic FX Options trading: Putting the building blocks in place

FX e-Commerce and Platforms

John Crisp, Director of Product Strategy at FENICS explores how the electronic trading of FX options has evolved and what factors are likely to encourage greater usage of automation for these relatively complex instruments....show more


smartTrade Technologies - A pioneer in the creation of disruptive cross - asset class electronic trading technologies

Technology Provider Profile

e-Forex talks with David Vincent, co-founder and Chief Executive Officer of smartTrade Technologies....show more


Acting on a micro level: How FX algorithms are meeting the need for increasing control over FX order execution

Algorithmic FX Trading

FX algo take-up is going strong as adopters get comfortable taking on market risk, resulting in a shake-up of the traditional order. Anna Reitman reports....show more

oneZero - The award-winning software provider that is helping to bridge the FX technology gap

e-Forex Interview

e-Forex talks with Andrew Ralich, co-founder and CEO of oneZero Financial Systems (oneZero), a leading developer of institutional software solutions for the foreign exchange, commodities, and futures markets....show more


Regional e-FX perspective on sub-Saharan Africa

Regional eFX Perspective

Although dazzled by its own diversity, hampered by economics, politics, poverty and lack of infrastructure, sub-Saharan Africa is a continent full of e-FX possibilities as Richard Willsher discovers....show more


Retail FX in Africa

Regional eFX Perspective

Retail customers tend have two reasons to engage with foreign exchange. One is through remittances. The other is through speculative trading....show more


ForexTime (FXTM) - the global broker with a local touch

Regional Provider Profile

e-Forex talks with Hussein Sayed, Chief Market Strategist for the Gulf and Middle East, at FXTM....show more


Currency trading on exchanges - the value proposition strengthens

FX on Exchanges

With reports that the global FX market is slowly shrinking, Frances Faulds looks at how currency trading on the world’s exchanges is faring up and looking to grow....show more


360T echoes shift to exchanges

FX on Exchanges

360 Trading Networks, acquired by Deutsche Börse Group last year, has been working closely for some months with Eurex Exchange to improve and expand its listed FX derivatives products....show more


Broadway Technology - a FinTech company with innovation running through its DNA

Meet the team

e-Forex speaks with Tyler Moeller and Joshua Walsky, Co-founders of Broadway Technology....show more


Coping with Brexit - How electronic platforms held up during the world’s messiest divorce

Special Report

Nicholas Hastings investigates how platforms and trading venues coped with volumes and market volatility during the recent UK referendum event....show more


Intelligent Services via Intelligent Networks - Moving FX trading, collaboration and communication to a higher level

Networks, Hosting and Connectivity

Dan Barnes explores why getting a network provider who can offer intelligent services may create better opportunities, fewer risks and more efficient trading....show more


CFH: A responsible approach to Risk Management

Sponsored Statement

Paul Jackson, Global Head of Sales, CFH Clearing answers our questions about recent changes in brokers’ attitudes, particularly towards risk management. He explains how CFH has responded to market changes in order to provide institutional clients worldwide with an unparalleled end-to-end trading solution and award winning liquidity....show more


The Coronation of MetaTrader 5: Will it be crowned the FX Platform of choice?

FX Brokerage Operations

MetaQuotes fifth generation trading platform, MetaTrader 5 (MT5), launched in 2011. Despite muted initial adoption, the platform is finally catching the interest of the forex market and interest is growing at a rapid pace. Nicola Tavendale investigate...show more


Why are Business Intelligence tools so key for brokers?

Ask Tom

Tom Higgins, CEO, Gold-i has created a multi award-winning Fintech company, renowned amongst retail brokers worldwide for its market-leading software which helps brokers using MetaTrader to make more money, cut costs, reduce risk and differentiate from competitors. In the next in our series of Ask Tom articles, Tom answers questions about business intelligence tools. With only 20% of MT4 brokers currently using such tools, he believes the majority of brokers are missing a trick on simple ways to make more money. ...show more


More tailored and personalised - FX White Labelling completes a startling metamorphosis

FX Brokerage Operations

White labelled electronic foreign exchange products used to be all about speed to market. One simply had to pick a box, plug it in, and start trading. Now however, there has been something of a revolution in the white labelling market and as Heather McLean reports, it is no longer focused on a one size fits all approach, but on personalisation, customisation, and flexibility....show more

Triple A Rated - Adoption, Adherence, Advantages – assessing the practical implications of the FX Global Code


With David Puth, Chief Executive Officer, CLS and Tod Van Name, Global Head of Foreign Exchange (FXGO) and Commodities (CMET) electronic trading at Bloomberg LP....show more