e-Forex Magazine January 2017

e-Forex Magazine January 2017

Reg Tech Arrives - Taking steps to automate the FX compliance process
Regional e-FX Perspective - Asia e-trading moves beyond the tipping point
Selecting FX Algos - Taking a more systematic approach
FX Prime of primes - Bridging the retail and institutional gap
Competition in the FX Data space - Granularity, analytics, speed and delivery
Utilizing API's - The key to unlocking the real power of electornic FX
Cover Interview - Mohammed Rasoul Ceo of Alpha



Recent Events

Latest developments in the FX Markets: The impact of current regulation and insights into future market evolution. 26th-29th September 2016...show more


Mondo Visone’s Exchange Forum

Recent Events

Recently R5FX took part in a great panel entitled “The Changing FX Marketplace” at Mondo Visone’s Exchange Forum in London. The main question asked was whether the FX market would move from being mainly OTC to being traded on exchange. This is in light of increased global regulation, calls for better transparency and the increasing cost of credit. London, 10th November 2016...show more

The London Summit

Recent Events

Organized as usual by the Finance Magnates team, the London Summit took place from 14th November to the 15th November 2016 at the Brewery in London, United Kingdom. ...show more


Italy says no, ECB still on the dovish side

Currency Clips

It was clear that against a backdrop of global crisis, Italy would defy its government and not allow it the chance to apply European austerity policies. Matteo Renzi has made a wise decision by announcing his dismissal as he does not represent what Italians want. ...show more


Where next for Sterling?

Currency Clips

It has been a torrid few months for the pound, with the outcome of the Brexit referendum providing the fi rst of a series of notable legs down for the pair. Cable for example may be trading a few cents above those 31 year lows of 1.20 which were touched in the wake of the “flash crash” at the start of October, but does sterling deserve to be looking so depressed as 2016 comes to a close?...show more


Testing China

Currency Clips

Beyond US shores, nowhere has Trump’s election as the next US President been more acutely felt as it has in Asia and on Asian currencies in particular. ...show more


Growth Prospects Improving for Aussie in 2017

Currency Clips

It is the optimism about the growth in year 2017, which has shrugged off the losses for the Aussie after its brutal GDP number. If you look at the county’s GDP, it has not contracted since March 2011. Thus, there was no surprise that we have seen such a reaction by traders when the GDP number was released. ...show more


5,000 foot view of Multi-Asset EMS FX functionalities

e-FX Industry Report

The global foreign exchange (FX) industry has gone through quite a transformation over the last 40 years, both from a market infrastructure/market dynamics perspective and as a result of rapid technological advancement in communication mediums and trading venues....show more


FX clearing: the last hurdle?

Market Commentary

Two CCPs race to offer an FX options clearing solution first and as Frances Faulds reports, CLS may offer a settlement service to other CCPs....show more


Keeping up with the blockchain

Blockchain and CryptoCurrencies

Everybody’s talking about it and you should be listening, says William Essex...show more


The slow algo movement

Blockchain and CryptoCurrencies

Happy third birthday to NXT, the relatively enduring “decentralised financial platform” (the word “blockchain” fits in there somewhere), which cut the cake in November 2016. Nxt was “coded entirely from scratch”, and has handled around 2.3 million transactions to date. Nxt’s Dave Pearce spoke to William Essex about Nxt and the future of FX....show more


Compliant FX trading requires automated regulatory technology

Reg Tech

Global markets for FX derivative trading have developed under lightly regulated conditions. In the wake of the 2009 G20 Pittsburgh consensus on derivatives regulation, FX markets have become subject to significant regulatory oversight in areas such as price transparency, order execution, transaction reporting, central clearing and collateral management. ...show more


Portware - A company of supreme problem solvers that focuses on enhancing the client experience

Provider Profile

e-Forex talks with Alfred Eskandar, Chief Executive Officer, Portware, a FactSet Company, the award winning provider of solutions that transform the way financial institutions analyze, communicate, and execute investment ideas....show more


Taking a more systematic approach to FX algo selection

Algorithmic FX Trading

As firms increasingly access electronic execution for FX, the right decisions for deploying and selecting algorithms are, as Anna Reitman discovers, a combination of getting knowledgeable about market technologies and tapping into the lessons of traditional wisdom. ...show more


The importance of maintaining a time-series database of quotes, orders and trade executions

Expert Opinion

There has been significant growth in the use of algos for executing forex orders. There has also been a proliferation of execution venues (banks, ECNs, non-bank trading). As such, forex traders face a bewildering set of choices of where and how to execute. Given the dynamic nature of the forex market, any choices need to be constantly re-evaluated and changed objectively. ...show more


Alpha - the boutique broker with a focus on partnerships

e-Forex Interview

e-Forex talks with Muhammad Rasoul, CEO of Alpha which specializes in providing customized execution, risk management, and liquidity to financial institutions operating in the retail OTC market. The company also provides bespoke execution services to professional clients. ...show more


Asian FX e-trading: beyond the tipping point

Regional eFX Perspective

As foreign exchange trading volumes swing further towards Asia, eFX takes centre stage, writes Richard Willsher...show more

RMB now sixth most used currency for global payments

Regional eFX Perspective

According to recent SWIFT data, the RMB was now in the top six of world payment currencies by value with a share of 1.67%....show more


Mobile trading and banking apps - leveraging the power of compelling new FX e-distribution channels


Heather McLean explores how mobile communication technologies can assist FX market participants ranging from banks to retail FX brokers to differentiate their offerings and achieve competitive advantages....show more

The art of app creation


SwipeStox was founded by what it describes as, “passionate entrepreneurs and finance geeks”. The business is focused on creating the most transparent social trading community platform worldwide, using collective wisdom by joining together communities of traders who swap tips, influence each other, copy trades and interact socially. The SwipeStox trading app runs on all devices. Users can trade on their laptop, from a terminal, or a mobile phone while on the go. Here, founder and CEO at SwipeStox, Benjamin Bilski, talks with e-Forex about the app....show more


APIs – the key to unlocking the real power of electronic FX


APIs, or application program interfaces, were not made for the foreign exchange market but it seems as if they should have been, reports Nicholas Hastings....show more


2017 - A big year for Stater Global Markets

Sponsored Statement

Ramy Soliman, CEO, Stater Global Markets has ambitious plans for the FCA regulated Prime of Prime brokerage in 2017. He explains to e-Forex how he is building on his experience in senior roles at Citi, IG and Integral to create a growing global business. ...show more

ThinkMarkets - A company built around service, integrity and trust

Meet the team

e-Forex speaks with senior executives at ThinkMarkets the award winning global brokerage headquartered in the UK and Australia....show more


Granularity, analytics, speed and delivery - competition heats up across the FX data space

Special Report

The rapid growth in electronic trading venues for FX, technology advancements and greater regulatory demands and scrutiny are greatly impacting how FX firms source, manage and use market data. Frances Faulds investigates....show more

Meeting regulations & compliance - the growing burden of Trade Reporting

Special Report

Trade reporting obligations for all derivatives products began six years ago in the US, under Dodd-Frank, and four years ago in the EU, when all entities active in the EU derivatives market, whether using derivatives for trading, hedging or investment purposes, were impacted by EMIR. ...show more


Data Management and the Cloud

Special Report

Storing and managing large amounts of market data from data centres has become very reliant on the cloud to enable low latency and streaming on-demand delivery for flexible computing power with a low footprint. ...show more

Big Data: Mining new data for FX

Special Report

Big data brings with it many opportunities for FX firms to personalise their FX services and enhance trade flows by tailoring pricing based upon customers’ historical trading behaviour as well as fine-tune algorithms, gain better intelligence and MIS to make better decisions and maximise pricing and trading. It is also unearthing new data sets for both trading and performance analysis....show more


Cost, availability, performance, security - stacking up the benefits of Managed Network and Hosting services in FX

Networks, Hosting and Connectivity

Dan Barnes sets out to discover more about how players across the FX trading spectrum can benefit from Managed Network and Managed Hosting services....show more


CFH positions itself to become number one B2B provider in the retail FX industry

Sponsored Statement

Having entered into an agreement to sell its business to Playtech for up-to 120m USD, CFH is being transformed into one of the biggest B2B organisations in the retail FX industry in terms of capital and balance sheet. Christian Frahm, Founder and CEO of CFH Group talks to e-Forex about the advantages of the acquisition for its institutional clients worldwide and CFH’s future plans....show more


Prime of Primes - Bridging the gap between the retail and institutional FX markets

FX Brokerage Operations

As Prime of Primes continue to fill the gap left by prime brokers withdrawal from parts of the FX market, Nicholas Pratt examines whether the PoP model can endure in the long-term and truly act as the bridge between the retail and institutional FX markets....show more


Gold-i launches MetaTrader 5 product portfolio

Sponsored Statement

2017 is the year that MetaTrader 5 will take off, according to Tom Higgins, CEO, Gold-i. As interest in the platform grows from brokers worldwide, Gold-i has made a significant investment in adapting its award-winning MT4 products for MT5. The Gold-i MT5 Gateway and MAM Pro for MT5 are already available, with other Gold-i products for MT5 such as a Coverage Plug-in, Risk DB and Visual Edge – Gold-i’s powerful risk management and business intelligence software – currently in development....show more


Mitigating threats – new tools and strategies for managing risk in retail FX brokerage

FX Brokerage Operations

Once viewed as only an institutional concern, the rising prominence of risk management in retail FX highlights the seismic changes taking place in the market as a whole. But how can brokers and technology providers tailor their solutions to the specific needs and unique demands of this sector? Nicola Tavendale writes. ...show more