e-Forex Magazine April 2017

e-Forex Magazine April 2017

Smart but not fast
Transaction cost analysis
Overcoming FX liquidity constraints
FX on exchanges
Regional e-FX perspective
Detect, Test, Screen, Audit
Alan F Schwarz CEO of FXSpotStream

International Beach Volley Ball wins

Recent Events

Ipanema is certainly the best place in the world to play Beach Volley Ball. That can’t be argued – but are Brazilians missing out by only really playing with each other?...show more


Pound’s outlook ahead of triggering the EU exit clause

Currency Clips

It has been a rough month for the Pound as the UK currency has been feeling the pressure from the implications of the Brexit decision; the prospects of a British economy outside the EU and the uncertainty surrounding the robustness of the domestic market in the years to come. ...show more


Outlook for the dollar: monetary policy vs trade policy

Currency Clips

So far this year, the monetary policy divergence theme has pushed the dollar higher, but can this theme continue? A lot depends on what if anything the Trump administration does about trade. ...show more


Japanese Yen Outlook Versus US Dollar

Currency Clips

Japan’s economy is seeing faster growth. Japanese Q4 GDP growth in 2016 was revised up to 1.2%, showing four straight quarters of growth, indicating the Japanese economy expanding at a faster pace. Improved export conditions, corporate profi ts and capex (which benefi ts from the weakening of the yen post the US presidential election) is the major factor that has contributed to economic growth. ...show more


The Euro - walking a tightrope

Currency Clips

No fi rework, no noise as expected from the ECB. The press conference was colourless as well however Draghi was a little less dovish. The initial move for the Euro was towards the downside as the decision gives a signal that Draghi is still dovish. The ECB still sees the QE running for its course. ...show more


Smart but not fast - how technology is democratizing FX

Market Commentary

As the activities of high frequency trading firms fall under increasing regulatory scrutiny on both sides of the Atlantic, the preeminent importance of having the fastest trading kit is arguably receding among FX market participants reports Joe Morgan. ...show more


Back to Bitcoin?

Blockchain and CryptoCurrencies

Blockchain builders and regulators need to face their greatest fear, suggests William Essex....show more


Bitcoin - take it seriously

Blockchain and CryptoCurrencies

Jersey-based Global Advisors offer the listed Global Advisors Bitcoin Investment Fund (GABI) and their Bitcoin Tracker One ETN, which you’ll find on Nasdaq. Take one look at GABI’s performance since inception in 2014, and you’ll want to know more. William Essex spoke to JeanMarie Mognetti, co-principal, head of trading & operations, Global Advisors....show more


Scaring the regulators?

Blockchain and CryptoCurrencies

Is regulatory wariness really an obstacle to blockchain adoption? William Essex spoke to lawyer Arnaud Touati, associate member of the Paris Bar’s legalinnovation incubator....show more


An introduction to OTC Exchange Network

Provider Profile

OTC Exchange Network was established by electronic trading and e-FX technology expert Rosario M. Ingargiola, previously CEO of FXone, where he led the design and development of one of the most comprehensive institutional FX exchange technology stacks in the market, used by global Tier-1 clients. e-Forex talked to him about his latest venture....show more


Transaction Cost Analysis: Taking a new approach to measuring FX execution trading operations

Trading Operations

As FX market participants deal with the evolving market structure and prepare for the implementation of MiFID II, there is growing demand for more sophisticated trade analytics to improve decision-making in real-time. Joel Clark investigates....show more


Leaving it to the specialists: Overcoming liquidity constraints in FX

Liquidity Management

Access to liquidity has always been a primary concern for FX traders – from ensuring there are the necessary credit lines to the technology needed to locate and access the various venues. In recent years the dynamics behind liquidity provision have changed markedly and as Nicholas Pratt discovers, the competition has become more diverse....show more


IS Prime: Delivering a premier service to retail brokers

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IS Prime has experienced rapid growth since launching as an institutional Prime of Prime brokerage just over two years ago. The firm’s investment in its people and technology has resulted in an impressive global client base and a compelling offering for the market. e-Forex talks to IS Prime’s Managing Partner, Jonathan Brewer to find out more...show more


Harnessing the full power of algorithmic FX trading strategies

Algorithmic FX Trading

Anna Reitman looks at why trading firms and investors should look to deploy FX algorithms as a means to make their FX execution more efficient....show more

FXSpotStream: The zero-cost to taker utility operator

e-Forex Interview

FXSpotStream a subsidiary of LiquidityMatch, is the bank owned consortium operating as a market utility which was formed in 2011. e-Forex talks to their Co-founder & CEO Alan F. Schwarz, about the company’s continued rapid growth and product roadmap....show more


Regional e-FX perspective on Canada

Regional eFX Perspective

Richard Willsher reports that although Canada is set to see increased adoption of electronic FX channels, voice trading continues to account for a surprisingly large proportion of turnover in the regional FX market....show more


FX on Exchanges - product offerings build momentum

FX on Exchanges

With the uncleared margining rules coming into force, the global derivatives exchanges are stepping up to the mark with new FX derivatives products to entice the FX market. Frances Faulds looks at what’s in store from more customisable products to new currency derivatives....show more


Exchange penetration of FX Swaps Markets for 2017

Market Commentary

Exchanges are currently annually trading about $800b per year of ‘listed FX swaps’ compared to $2.3Trn which trade every day in the OTC FX Swaps markets. So this is a market the exchanges should attack. But why aren’t they penetrating as they probably should? And more importantly how will they accomplish this?...show more


The Future of FX

Expert Opinion

Will the FX market move on-exchange? A question often asked to panels at FX conferences, seemingly with the expectation of a binary answer. It’s a strange one though, as either a yes or no answer would have to ignore all of the individual drivers for the FX activity in question as well as the types of participants involved....show more

Solid FX - Building bridges between IT and the trading world

Provider Profile

Solid FX is a privately held IT development & consultancy firm, specialised in automated FX trading solutions and custom software development for the financial sector. The company was founded in 2010, by two experienced algorithmic traders, José and Diego Baptista, who had extensive knowledge of both the FX market and HFT technologies. e-Forex talks with their CEO José Baptista to learn more about this fast growing company....show more


Effectively addressing the Communications and Connectivity Challenges of Financial Market participants

Expert Opinion

Connectivity is critical for capital market participants – but that’s nothing new. The fi nancial markets industry has been talking about the importance of connectivity for data and voice communications for quite some time. What is new is that fi nancial fi rms worldwide are increasingly being encouraged to address their communications not only to meet upcoming regulations, such as MiFID II, but also to adopt new paradigms, and get closer to clients, so that they can source liquidity more easily. ...show more


Detect, Test, Screen and Audit: Models of defence for better Cybersecurity in FX

Special Report

Nicholas Hastings explores why the FX market with its massive daily turnover and multiplicity of traders, providers, platforms, brokers and lines of communications is particularly attractive to cyber attackers and what can be done to protect against them....show more


Top tips on gaining traction in Asia

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Since working for CFH Systems in Hong Kong, James Dewdney, Institutional Sales, has gained an insight into the opportunities for businesses in the industry wishing to grow in Asia. Here he shares some thoughts with e-Forex...show more

Gold-i A very smart disrupter helping MetaTrader brokers worldwide

Meet the team

UK-headquartered FinTech company, Gold-i is widely respected throughout the industry for enhancing the capabilities of MetaTrader brokers worldwide. With its growing portfolio of products for MT4 and MT5 brokers and ongoing focus on innovation, the company continues to lead the market as it expands into new territories. <br>In this feature, e-Forex talks to Gold-i’s Founder and CEO, Tom Higgins and members of his team about the company’s recent achievements, global expansion plans and future ambitions....show more


Partners of choice - Exceeding customer expectations in FX White Labelling

FX Brokerage Operations

The rise of new technologies, multiasset class trading and growing sophistication of the markets has led to fundamental changes to the traditional FX white label model. But how has it evolved to meet the needs of today’s markets and what does the future hold for this lucrative sector? Nicola Tavendale writes....show more