e-Forex Magazine July 2017

e-Forex Magazine July 2017

Regtech and FX - Closing the gaps between regulatory intention and interpretation
e-FX Roundtable - Addressing the key questions about using FX algorithms
Great Firewall of China - Overcoming obstacles to delivering FX trading services across asia

Rupee Internationalisation - by way of Brick Lane?

Recent Events

India’s central bank, the RBI, has long been wary of discussing or even admitting the existence of offshore Rupee transactions. Yet this year’s UK India Economic Financial Dialogue (EFD) made a significant breakthrough in that both countries supported the City of London and R5’s plans to create a Rupee Internationalisation Initiative in London....show more


The Pound’s outlook is in shambles after the UK General elections

Currency Clips

The UK General elections on June 8th was the most important risk event for the Pound since the Brexit referendum. Unfortunately for the Sterling, the elections resulted in a hung Parliament as the ruling Conservative party failed to command the majority needed and the Pound dropped almost 3% when Britain woke up to an uncertain political stage in the face of the Brexit negotiations. ...show more


US economy – A view on interest rates and the yield curve

Currency Clips

While interest rates (IR) have continued to climb on major fiscal policy reforms and a rising consumer price index (CPI), U.S Q1 2017 GDP growth rates reached their lowest level since 2014, albeit rising quarter-on-quarter when compared to Q4 2016, signalling that the US economy is slowing down. ...show more


Japanese Yen outlook versus US Dollar

Currency Clips

Safe havens had strengthened across the board as risk events over the past month have lifted markets’ risk off sentiment. Notably; the London terror attack, UK general election, Trump’s Russia leak scandal and the gulf states cutting diplomatic ties with Qatar. JPY has been one of the best performing currencies over the past month....show more


No immediate threats for the Euro

Currency Clips

Most of the risk, when it comes to the EUR/USD pair, is in the rear window. It is safe to say that the Euro currency does not face any mammoth immediate threat. Investors are anticipating a move from the European Central with respect to their monetary policy because of abating risk. However, the bank has used a very balanced approach so far.  It is also safe to say that inflation remains the biggest thorn for the ECB and the president of the ECB, Mario Draghi has his eyes riveted on it....show more


The Structure of the Flow FX Market is Stabilising

e-FX Industry Report

Over the past 18 months, GreySpark Partners has observed that the structure of the flow FX market – consisting of spot FX and vanilla OTC swaps, forwards and futures – has continued its incremental evolution....show more

RegTech in FX: Closing the gaps between regulatory intention and interpretation

Reg Tech

The month of September will mark the 9 year anniversary since the 2009 G20 Pittsburgh meeting which established the framework for new derivatives regulation, leading to a fountain of new rules being established across different regulatory jurisdictions for financial institutions to follow. ...show more


Is the blockchain getting real?

Blockchain and CryptoCurrencies

Ask the crowd, says William Essex...show more

Blockchain in conference

Blockchain and CryptoCurrencies

A round up of significant recent and forthcoming blockchain events around the world...show more


The profitable psychology of altcoins

Blockchain and CryptoCurrencies

Maksim Balashevich, founder and CEO of cryptocurrency data-feed provider Santiment, kicked off 2017 by blogging that, “following the recent rise in Bitcoin, we believe the altcoin market is set to experience a similar bull market over the course of the next 6 to 12 months as cryptocurrency investment enters the mainstream consciousness.” So far, so correct. William Essex met Maksim Balashevich to discuss future use cases, crypto-competitive innovators and the wisdom of crowds....show more

Chickens, eggs and streamlined systems

Blockchain and CryptoCurrencies

Brothers Guy and Hugh Halford-Thompson founded BTL Group in 2015. The company has been listed on Canada’s TSX Venture exchange since November 2015 and runs its own proprietary blockchain platform. Interbit “is focused on helping enterprises streamline their existing IT infrastructure and therefore reduce risk and costs” (http://btl.co/interbit/). William Essex went to find out more....show more

OTC Exchange Network: Offering total trade-to-settlement solutions


OTC Exchange Network (OTCXN​) leverages its own proprietary blockchain technologies to operate a permissioned, peer-to-peer trading network solving the biggest problems facing all market participants; starting with the OTC Spot FX market. In this article we highlight its range of products and services....show more


Optimising FX liquidity Increasing profitability with less risk

Liquidity Management

The foreign exchange market is more fragmented than ever, and participants need to harness aggregation to access the liquidity they need. Joel Clark reports....show more

WHY WHAT and WHEN? Addressing the key questions about using FX algorithms

e-Forex Roundtable

With Mark Goodman, Global Head of Electronic Execution (FX, Rates, Credit, Futures) at UBS Investment Bank, Scott Wacker, Global Head of e-commerce Sales and Marketing at JP Morgan, David Mechner, CEO, Pragma Securities, Nickolas Congdon, Head of E-Trading Services at Commerzbank and Fergal Walsh, Managing Director, Global Head of FX Algorithmic Execution at Citi....show more

MahiFX - Where personalised partnerships are the key to success

Sponsored Statement

If events in the financial market over the last couple of years have taught us anything, it is that risk management is not something that should be taken lightly. In fact, it has become such a hot topic during recent months that it has been identified as one of the top focuses for businesses to improve in 2017, after numerous firms have fallen into administration. ...show more


Stater Global Markets: Offering institutional access to the FX Market

e-Forex Interview

e-Forex talks with Ramy Soliman, CEO of London-based Prime of Prime Brokerage, Stater Global Markets about his firm’s extraordinary fast growth and future plans....show more


Citi Velocity ups the ante

Platform Profile

Launched almost a decade ago, Citi Velocity has continued to evolve rapidly since its signature v2.0 release in 2012, and has most recently been overhauled to provide a best-of-breed platform, built for and designed by traders in today’s regulatory environment. e-Forex talks to David O’Byrne, Director and FX Global Product Head of Citi Velocity, about the features that will future-proof Citi Velocity and ensure it is not only the fastest and slickest single-dealer platform, but also the safest....show more


Scandi squeeze

Regional eFX Perspective

The Nordic FX markets continue to adapt quickly to new e-trading trends. But local service providers are caught between competition from international banks and demands from their increasingly technology driven customers, writes Richard Willsher....show more


Artificial Intelligence in FX: Harnessing the future now

Special Report

There are a lot of questions and hype right now about the transformational benefits that Artificial Intelligence (AI), Machine Learning (ML) and allied capabilities are about to bring to the capital markets. They probably will, but the truth is that these capabilities have been around for quite a while, and are now becoming more accessible as they become more affordable and people discover how to use them more effectively....show more

IS PRIME - Fast growth and an impressive client base

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e-Forex talks to Raj Sitlani and Jonathan Brewer, Managing Partners at IS Prime about how the firm has been building up market share....show more


Breaking through the Great Firewall of China: Delivering new FX trading services and connectivity solutions across Asia

Networks, Hosting and Connectivity

There is an increasing demand for FX services across Asia but providing connectivity and trading services poses several challenges. Nicholas Pratt examines the various strategies employed by service providers to overcome the obstacles....show more


PrimeXM: Catering for the growing market in Asia

e-Forex Interview

PrimeXM is a leading technology provider to the global financial industry. The company was established in 2010 and its key business focus is providing cutting edge aggregation software, ultra-low-latency connectivity, institutional grade hosting solutions and high end MT4/MT5 Bridging and White Labels. e-Forex talks with Cristian Vlasceanu, CEO of PrimeXM about how it is building its business in Asia....show more

Security, Service, Heritage, Innovation. After 40 years IG still sticks to its core principles

Meet the team

IG has been at the forefront of innovation in trading for over 40 years and is now the world’s leading retail CFD provider, handling over 7 million transactions a month for over 152,000 active clients around the world. e-Forex talks with Mark Chesterman, Global Business Development Officer at the firm about its fast growing Institutional Services division....show more


Trading & Technology Clinic

Trading & Technology Clinic

In this the first of a new series of regular articles that we will be publishing in e-Forex, Alex Walker, Executive Vice President and Managing Director of Transaction Network Services’ Financial Services Division, answers some of your questions on various hosting and network connectivity issues....show more


Exploring some of the key benefits of quantamental analysis

Models & Strategies

Alex Krishtop is a trading strategies architect and the founder of Edgesense Solutions, a boutique research and automated trading solutions provider. He can be reached at alex@edgesense.net...show more


Visual Edge: Increasing Profits in Brokerages Worldwide

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Visual Edge is one of Gold-i’s most innovative products for dealers and risk managers. It enables them to manage exposure risk, protect against toxic clients and view key trading metrics such as intra-day P&L and volumes. With customised dashboards, it provides high-level summary views as well as detailed drill down to individual symbols and clients. e-Forex talks to Misha Kipnis, VP, Gold-i Visual Edge, to find out more....show more


Social Trading technology opens up pathways towards smarter investing

Models & Strategies

Social trading now comes in many guises, but they arguably all developed from the same basic premise: facilitating traders with the ability to copy, or hedge against, successful trades or trading strategies. But how has the concept developed, why are there such marked differences in approach between providers and how is this sector likely to further evolve? Nicola Tavendale writes. ...show more


Trading and apps - a potted history

Memory Lane

What a difference a decade makes. Ten years ago, wallet and keys would have been top of the list of essentials when heading out of the house. These days (for most people) mobile phone is now at the top of that list. ...show more


Blockchain comes to the boil

Blockchain and CryptoCurrencies

William Essex reports about some very interesting times in the blockchain and cryptocurrency space....show more