e-Forex Magazine October 2017

e-Forex Magazine October 2017

MiFID II - FX professionals rush to meet requirements
Currency Derivatives - Electronic platforms bring new opportunities
Special FX - Expert practitioners discuss the use of execution algorithms


The ECB is in a cat and mouse chase game

Currency Clips

We have less than four months left before the ECB asset purchase program ends, and the president of the ECB, Mario Draghi is still reticent about the future path of the monetary policy. Month after month, the tapering process has been delayed while the recovery in the Eurozone has strengthened. ...show more


Market appetite for U.S. Dollars is likely to experience wild swings

Currency Clips

For most of 2016 U.S. high yield bonds returned plenteous profits to investors and led to reaching the 3rd best performance over a period of 20 years.  While these markets were driving debt markets, mainly on an U.S. turn from an industrial recessional period and on low interest rates, the U.S. economy strengthened....show more


Pound’s prospects against the Euro and the Dollar after a strong summer showing

Currency Clips

The British Pound has been rather resilient in its price action during the summer time. At the same time, the performance of the domestic economy has been rather lackluster. Nevertheless, the Pound has been able to largely hold on its own....show more

FX professionals rush to meet MIFID II requirements

Market Commentary

The European regulation will take effect on January 3rd 2018, and FX professionals are under pressure to create or acquire the technology needed to provide an un-paralleled level of detail on where, why and how they executed their trades....show more


The Value of eFX Bank Streams

e-FX Industry Report

Mainstream and industry press have written widely on the gradual withdrawal of banks—the traditional primary liquidity providers—from the spot FX markets over the past few years....show more

Currency derivatives on digital platforms - Electronic Forwards and Options bring new trading opportunities

FX e-Commerce and Platforms

Financial markets have become more electronically traded over the years, and seen non-traditional participants become important liquidity providers as a result. However, currency derivatives have taken a longer road to automation and efficiency. But market participants feel that areas such as FX options and non-deliverable forwards (NDFs) are ripe for further electronification....show more


Wells Fargo - Offering clients unrivalled FX expertise, top class technology, and comprehensive operational support

Provider Profile

e-Forex talks with Steve Godfrey, Managing Director, Head of Foreign Exchange eCommerce, Wells Fargo Securities....show more


Special FX - Expert practitioners discuss the use of execution algorithms

Algorithmic FX Trading

Anna Reitman talks with leading providers to discuss how a new generation of FX algorithms, analytical toolsets and order routing solutions are giving clients more control over the way that their orders are placed, as well as access to more detailed pre- and post-trade analysis than has ever been possible before....show more


Saxo Markets - Talking with an FX pacesetter

e-Forex Interview

Saxo Bank Group was established in 1992 and was one of the first financial institutions to develop an online trading platform that provided ordinary investors with the same tools and market access as professional traders, large institutions and fund managers. The firm is a leader in electronic trading services and its goal has always been to democratize investment and trading by providing access to global financial markets and cutting-edge technologies. e-Forex talks with Neil Browning Executive Director, Global Head of FX Sales at the firm to learn more about its Retail and Institutional offerings and plans for the future....show more


Unbundled Services: Credit and Liquidity - Old Problems, New Solutions

Expert Opinion

One of the things that makes FX a truly unique market is both its scale and the diversity of the market participants that operate within it. Asset managers, corporates, international banks, regional and mid-tier banks, hedge funds and prop trading firms from all around the world have a real need to access the wholesale FX market....show more


FX on Exchanges Raising the bar

FX on Exchanges

As global derivatives exchanges continue to see growth in volumes, Frances Faulds looks at how the exchanges are raising the stakes and responding to the needs of the OTC market....show more


Hybrid IT - The answer to FX volatility

Expert Opinion

To say that the FX market has been more volatile than usual after the Brexit vote last year is probably an understatement. Add to that recent UK and US political uncertainty and a barrage of incoming regulation, and we’ve seen the value of Sterling to the US Dollar and the Euro experience a roller coaster ride – from soaring highs to crashing lows. ...show more


Leveraging a key - strategic asset Extracting more actionable insights from FX data

Special Report

Nicholas Pratt talks to a range of market players and providers to discover what steps both sell side and buyside FX trading firms can take to develop more effective enterprise wide data strategies....show more


FXecosystem strengthens service offerings

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e-Forex spoke to James Banister, CEO, FXecosystem a leading provider of institutional and retail FX outsourced connectivity services about business expansion, VPS and network monitoring. ...show more


A currency for keeping score

Blockchain and CryptoCurrencies

Neverdie has just (end-August) completed the ICO for the Teleport Token, a cryptocurrency for use across virtual reality. Users will be able to earn, win or mine Teleport Tokens or purchase them from other players and use the coins to pay for content or travel throughout multiple worlds. The ICO raised the real-world sum of $6 million (in a dual Neverdie/Teleport ICO). William Essex spoke to Jon Jacobs, CEO, Neverdie, about the real-world significance of a virtual cryptocurrency....show more


Mine, all mine

Blockchain and CryptoCurrencies

Dave Carlson , founder and CEO, Giga Watt is a former FX trader and Microsoft engineer. Now, he’s selling tokens that give mining rights to multiple cryptocurrencies at below market price. Interested? William Essex finds out more....show more


Turnkey cryptocurrency liquidity solutions for Retail FX Brokers

FX Brokerage Operations

With Bitcoin, Ethereum and other crypto coins so prevalent in major news publications, more retail FX brokers are inquiring, discussing and shifting their attention to this exciting new asset class. Alexander Nekritin, Managing Director of Nekstream Global, analyzes this phenomenon that is sure to change the landscape of the online trading world....show more


The future of margin crypto trading


It really is the Wild West at the moment with seemingly hundreds of “crypto exchanges” popping up everywhere, all with the “Nirvana” of offerings, but the difference between these exchanges and traditional exchanges (also known as RIEs, or Recognised Investment Exchanges) is vast....show more

How custom trading platforms boost your sales

Expert Opinion

A popular business model among technology providers is to develop and sell a trading platform as a universal product. It comes with great benefits for both the vendor and the client: cost, time-to-market, well-recognized and time tested solution. The main argument against such universal solutions from the point of view of a broker is clear: no - or too little - differentiation. But there are some implications coming from the product universality that are less obvious....show more


A matter of pedigree - Finding the right CFD Liquidity providers to grow your business

FX Brokerage Operations

Nicholas Pratt sets out to discover what are the key attributes of leading CFD liquidity providers and what are their clients looking for. ...show more


CFH Clearing looks to increase global market share

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Matthew Maloney, CFH Clearing’s new CEO talks to e-Forex about his role at the helm of the rapidly growing Prime of Prime brokerage....show more


One Stop Shop PoPs - Investing Wisely in the Power of Next Generation FX Prime of Prime Brokers

FX Brokerage Operations

One of the most dynamic and innovative areas in FX market structure continues to be the prime of prime sector. But in what ways is this varied sector starting to mature, while also continuing to meet the complex demands of customers, prime brokers and global regulators? Nicola Tavendale writes....show more


Stater Global Markets One Year On

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London-based FCA regulated Prime of Prime brokerage, Stater Global Markets has made a significant impact since launching one year ago to offer liquidity, clearing and technology to institutional clients. e-Forex talks to Stater’s CEO, Ramy Soliman to find out about the firm’s success to date and future plans....show more


Gearing up for the Future - Harnessing the power of customised development services for the MetaTrader 5 Platform

FX Brokerage Operations

Since MetaQuotes added hedging features to its MetaTrader 5 (MT5) platform last year, the FX industry is increasingly seeing the transition from MT4 as a viable, if not vital, option. But just how are leading technology vendors supporting this move and what is driving the development of MT5 toolsets one year on? Nicola Tavendale writes....show more


The 5 most common misconceptions made by Risk Management teams

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The single most challenging and the most important task a broker has is managing their risk, according to Jeff Wilkins, Managing Director, IS Risk Analytics....show more


Financial Extranets - Reducing the cost and complexity of FX connectivity

Networks, Hosting and Connectivity

Financial extranets’ place in the fabric of the global currency trading landscape are set to grow in importance amid an FX market structure evolving towards greater levels of complexity. As buy and sell side firms navigate fragmenting liquidity across FX markets that are increasingly interconnected, financial extranets are providing a technological fix that fewer firms can do without. Joe Morgan investigates....show more


Reducing barriers to entry - New network and hosting solutions for ultra low latency FX trading

Networks, Hosting and Connectivity

Dan Barnes discovers what network reliability, resilience and security issues need to be considered to safeguard mission critical FX trading operations and the benefits of working with connectivity providers who can offer hardware consultancy, procurement, build, installation and ongoing technical support as an integrated package....show more