e-Forex Magazine January 2018

e-Forex Magazine January 2018

Towards a new market structure
Collaboration, Cost and Complexity
Execution Analytics
Meeting Exponential growth
Blockchain and Distributed ledger technologies


CFH Clearing wins Best Liquidity Provider award


For the fourth consecutive year, CFH Clearing has been named Best Liquidity Provider at the Finance Magnates Awards 2017. ...show more


Gold-i crowned Best Cryptocurrency Solution Provider


Also at the Finance Magnates Awards 2017, Gold-i was named Best Cryptocurrency Solution Provider. ...show more


Why the ECB could Be Hawkish

Currency Clips

The Eurozone has come a long way from its early days of crisis and its economy has strengthened in almost all countries. For instance, the economic momentum is accelerating at a pace not seen since November 2011. This is despite the fact we have seen enormous amount of political unrest and investors’ confidence wobbled several times over this period. ...show more


A Brexit negotiations breakthrough but the real struggle for the pound now begins

Currency Clips

December has been a ‘hot’ month for the pound with volatility directly linked to progress in the Brexit negotiations. Every time the headlines reported a positive development the British currency rallied only to retreat again when new obstacles came to light. The price action was capped within a narrow range between 1.33 and 1.3550, with the quick changes of direction making investors wonder whether this is a market to make profits, or one which is better to better stay away from....show more


Trimming of the Fed’s optimism

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Contrary to 2016, 2017 has been worrisome for bond investors as the steady flattening of the yield curve offers little returns, while the narrowing spread between short and long term Treasuries seems to agonise many analysts too with their 2018 outlooks; a heavy unwavering concern since the 30-10 Year US Yield Spread plummeted to 0.38% only recently, a 2007 record low....show more


Bitcoin, Doomsday Preppers, Grandpa Joe’s Thanksgiving and all in between

Currency Clips

When I was kindly asked to write this article I knew what to write but not necessarily the graphic to accompany it....show more

Taking the first steps towards a new market structure - Assessing the impact of MiFID II and the FX Global Code

Regulations & Compliance

Looking back, 2017 will be seen as a watershed year for the FX market. After a year of deliberation, the FX Global Code (“the Code”) was published on May 25th and a new Global FX Committee (GFXC) was formed in order to promote and maintain the Code, putting standards and principles into the spot FX market for the first time on a truly global scale. ...show more


NatWest Markets: Agile Markets platform

Platform Profile

When e-Forex interviewed John Quayle, Head of FX Algo Execution, NatWest Markets, to learn about the scope and scale of its Agile Markets platform, it quickly became clear that this state-of-the-art, single dealer offering addressed the complete waterfront of NatWest Markets’ customers’ FX needs from pre- to post-trade. Its range of functionality, its flexibility and future-proofed advanced technology marks it out as a likely significant feature in the e-FX landscape for some time to come. This is what we learned....show more


Execution Analytics - Helping FX trading firms to take more informed decisions

Trading Operations

If best execution is the goal, then helping prove it is the mandate of TCA providers. And for FX markets, measuring execution performance is an activity that has yet to mature even as technology delivers more sophisticated tools. Anna Reitman investigates....show more


Liquidity, Independence, Analytics and Transparency - Why some Institutional FX ECNs still stand out from the crowd

FX e-Commerce and Platforms

Nicholas Pratt explores why Institutional FX ECNs are appealing to increasing numbers of trading firms many of whom value anonymity, low-latency and the ability to use special order types....show more


Solid FX – an ECN built from the ground up

FX e-Commerce and Platforms

The Solid FX ECN launched eight years ago in the Netherlands and was founded by Diego and José Baptista, two brothers with a background in FX and equity trading....show more


Spotlight: IS Prime’s Agency Execution business

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FCA regulated IS Prime is renowned for its breadth of services. In addition to being one of the fastest growing and most successful Prime of Prime brokerages, the firm also provides multi-asset execution across Tier 1 aggregated liquidity venues and has a highly reputable Agency Execution business which offers a compelling service to institutional clients. e-Forex talks to Chris Twort, who heads up IS Prime’s Agency Execution business, to find out more....show more


David Mercer at LMAX Exchange - Speaking with a devout exchange evangelist

e-Forex Interview

e-Forex talks with David Mercer, CEO of LMAX Exchange, about proving the exchange execution model as a better, more transparent and fair alternative to trade FX....show more

Cobalt closes in on Q1 launch

Blockchain and CryptoCurrencies

Founded in 2015 with the audacious vision of re-engineering post-trade FX using distributed ledger technology, Cobalt has partnered with key participants including Citi, XTX Markets and Citadel. As the company prepares to launch its service in the coming months, e-Forex talks to co-founder and chief executive Andy Coyne about Cobalt’s journey so far and its ambitions for the future....show more


R3 grows more ambitious as its network widens

Blockchain and CryptoCurrencies

Launched by FX industry veteran David Rutter, R3 now operates in nine countries with 140 staff and is aiming to re-build the operating system for the financial services industry through a series of partnerships. e-Forex talks to head of external affairs Charley Cooper about the strengths of R3’s Corda platform and the potential of distributed ledger technology in FX and beyond....show more


OTC Exchange Network Breaking new ground in Forex

Blockchain and CryptoCurrencies

In a recent edition of CIOReview, the publishers presented a list of the “20 Most Promising Blockchain Technology Solution Providers – 2017.” Included in the list was OTC Exchange Network. This is what the magazine had to say about them....show more


Getting to grips with ICOs

Blockchain and CryptoCurrencies

William Essex explores whether or not blockchain-based tokenised liquidity platforms will justify the “hype” and disrupt the traditional retail FX-trading model....show more

A-Z of Blockchain

Blockchain and CryptoCurrencies

In this our first article exploring the concepts behind Blockchain and Distributed Ledger technologies, Simon Taylor, Co-Founder and Blockchain Lead at 11:FS, focuses on Smart Contracts....show more


View from the Top: Stater Global Markets

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e-Forex talks with Ramy Soliman, CEO, Stater Global Markets...show more


Australasia: An e-FX market in transition

Regional eFX Perspective

Electronic FX trading in Australasia is adapting and changing fast. The drivers for this are both local and global and insistent demands from both institutional and corporate buy-side clients are principal factors reports Richard Willsher. ...show more

Retail trading set for a boost

Regional eFX Perspective

New Client Money Reporting Rules coming into effect next year, may boost confidence among Australian retail FX traders....show more


FX Aggregation - Offering access to better liquidity and execution quality


With David Vincent, CEO of smartTrade Technologies...show more


Collaboration, Cost and Complexity - Work continues on modernising Post Trade FX

Special Report

The FX market has always dealt with fragmentation and complexity but, as Frances Faulds asks, in order to modernise, does the industry need a wholly new model?...show more

TradeTech: Transforming the Retail FX Industry

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Playtech Plc’s acquisition of CFH Clearing and Alpha Capital Markets has resulted in the biggest and most ambitious consolidation to have taken place in the retail FX industry. The strength of Playtech’s financial division, TradeTech Group, is unparalleled in the sector. Its B2B solutions include multi-asset execution, prime brokerage services, liquidity and risk management tools in addition to the division’s proprietary trading platform, CRM and back office systems, risk management and dealing services. e-Forex talks to senior representatives from across the organisation to find out how TradeTech is transforming the client experience....show more


Reducing the IT burden - Discover what White Labelling services can offer your brand


The rapid evolution of the FX space has continued unabated over the past year while demand for cutting edge trading technology remains strong. In turn, the White Labelling model has undergone some profound changes to keep up with the pace of change – even branching out into new services, asset classes and geographies. Nicola Tavendale writes....show more


Meeting exponential demand Delivering FX Liquidity, Risk and Technology services across APAC markets

FX Brokerage Operations

Joe Morgan reports on how increasing levels of disposable income and a culture of speculation is spurring exponential demand for retail FX trading services across Asia-Pacific (APAC) markets....show more


How to maximise Cryptocurrency opportunities


Having been crowned Best Cryptocurrency Service Provider at the Finance Magnates awards, Gold-i is leading the way in helping brokers worldwide to offer cryptocurrencies to their clients. e-Forex talks to Gold-i’s CEO, Tom Higgins about the ‘cryptocraze.’...show more


Tackling the liquidity crisis with CMC Markets


The harsh reality is, that in the absence of good liquidity, markets will be far from efficient. The client experience will be poor and counterparties are going to be working even harder to find profitability. ...show more


Retail trading in China - Some thoughts about IBs and the market

Expert Opinion

Everyone understands and is aware that the retail FX business in China is 99% conducted via the IB. The majority of brokers provide all the necessary tools, features, products, rebates, commissions, marketing camp’s, gifts, etc., oriented to attract, keep and satisfy their IBs. Their entire business model is based around IBs. For example at BMFN we have over 10,000 IBs and we have developed all the tools and automated them in order to assist our IB partners....show more


Emerging Market connectivity - The key to capturing new FX trading opportunities


Reaching natural liquidity when trading EM currency pairs requires a connectivity provider that has the resilience and reach to provide access regardless of local environment as Dan Barnes discovers....show more

Blockchain around the world

Blockchain and CryptoCurrencies

Blockchain around the world...show more