e-Forex Magazine April 2018

e-Forex Magazine April 2018

FX order management - Next generation toolsets for asset managers
AI, ML and Big Data Analytics - The new strategic imperative in FX
e-FX in Sub-Saharan Africa - Giving power to the people
FX on Exchanges - Global growth accelerates


Europe’s figures, sentiment and confidence seems to be high

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After a good performance in 2017 and a solid start in 2018, I expect the momentum to be further sustained for the rest of 2018. The Eurozone could be looking forward to a great future after being quite stagnated for many years. ...show more


The British pound faces huge risks

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Q1 has not been a positive period for the British Pound, which has dropped around 500 pips since late January. Even though the first few weeks of 2018 were positive for sterling, fresh news coming from Brussels on the progress of the Brexit talks caught investors off guard. ...show more


US economy improving moderately

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The US economy grew at an annual rate of 2.5% in Q4 2017, 0.1% below Q3 (Q3 revised down from 3.3% to 2.6%), yet, it repositioned itself back within the 2-3% normal growth and away from recessionary risk. The decline in GDP reflects, partially, the gradual acceleration in PCE from 0.1% in September 2017 to 0.2% by year’s end....show more


Who’s holding all the Bitcoin...and why all the FUDing?

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My previous e-FOREX article found interesting research about who bought Bitcoin and why. You’ve heard about the recent ‘doomsdayers’ and elderly middle America starting to hodl Bitcoin assets, so first lets deal with terminology! ‘Hodl’ or ‘hodling’ is misspelling of hold or holding on a message board back in 2013. ...show more

Addressing the Cybersecurity landscape through collaboration


The FIX Cybersecurity Working Group was established a number of years ago in response to the deteriorating security landscape for financial services institutions. This article outlines the Group’s operating logic, initiatives to date, and anticipates the work the FIX Cybersecurity Working Group will undertake in continuing efforts to counter cybersecurity risks. ...show more

FX Order Management - Next generation toolsets for addressing the workflow challenges of asset managers

FX e-Commerce and Platforms

Complex regulatory and conduct changes can present challenges for any industry, let alone one as diverse and global as foreign exchange, yet they also offer opportunities to those technology vendors that can prove themselves most adapt at meeting a sudden demand for certain solutions from market participants....show more

Just, Fair And Direct - JFD Brokers - A firm that’s determined to live up to its name

e-Forex Interview

JFD Brokers has managed to achieve remarkable growth over a relatively short period of time, being ranked among the Top 20 CFD & FX electronic brokerage firms and Top 3 MT4 brokers worldwide. As it provides a unique model and approach to investing and trading, we asked Lars Gottwik, CEO of the firm, to tell us more about this and his plans for guiding the business in the future....show more


FX on Exchanges - Global growth accelerates

FX on Exchanges

The aftermath of the credit crisis and fears of systemic risk in the over-the-counter (OTC) market is channeling more FX flow on to exchanges. This regulatory push to increase transparency in a global FX market with more than $5 trillion in average daily volumes is spurring innovation among major global exchanges as they scramble to meet escalating demand. Buy and sell side firms now have an unprecedented breadth of centrally cleared products to choose from. Joe Morgan investigates....show more

Conversations on the roller-coaster

Blockchain and CryptoCurrencies

Ron Quaranta, chairman, Wall Street Blockchain Alliance, and a prominent advocate of innovation in finance, spoke to William Essex about the present and future impact of blockchain on finance in general and FX in particular....show more


Blockchain and the Banks - how does FX fit into the puzzle?

Blockchain and CryptoCurrencies

As they work together on the future, banks should push beyond business-process innovation, says William Essex....show more

OTCXN - Solving the Cryptocurrency Market’s biggest problems

Provider Profile

The growing interest in the cryptocurrency markets has led to many market participants asking for trading tools that can improve pricing and liquidity formation, along with safer ways of transacting off- exchange and cross-exchange clearing and settlement for greater capital efficiency....show more

Blockchain around the world

Blockchain and CryptoCurrencies

Blockchain around the world...show more


Regional e-FX perspective on Sub-Saharan Africa: Giving power to the people

Regional eFX Perspective

Sub-Saharan Africa is experiencing an e-driven democratisation of foreign exchange services on a continental scale....show more


CFH Clearing Seizes Global Growth Opportunities

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With new senior team members, a continued investment in technology and an increased focus on Asia, CFH Clearing, part of the TradeTech Group, experiences continued success. e-Forex talks to Matthew Maloney, CEO, CFH Clearing to find out more....show more


FlexTrade - a top class technology vendor specialising in cross-asset EMS solutions

Provider Profile

e-Forex talks with Marek Lewandowski, FX sales director at FlexTrade Systems, to learn more about the company and his views on how the FX market is evolving....show more


Leveraging the power of Widgets

Product Launch

FX Blue Labs is a leading provider of apps for the FX and CFD markets and the company has recently launched a range of innovative widgets. e-Forex talks with their Managing Director, John Morris to learn more....show more


AI, Machine Learning and Big Data Analytics – The new strategic imperative to drive business transformation in FX

Special Report

Nicholas Pratt examines how artificial intelligence (AI), machine learning (ML) and big data analytics are being incorporated into the FX market, what will drive its adoption and what benefits it will bring participants....show more


Product Focus: Gold-i launches Matrix Net

Product Review

Gold-i has extended the capabilities of its multi-asset liquidity management platform, Matrix, with the launch of Matrix Net....show more

PrimeXM - Innovation by Intelligence Cutting-edge technology for financial institutions

Product Review

Trusted by more than 250 leading financial institutions, PrimeXM’s technology is celebrated for its innovative and steadfast nature. Dedicated to its partners and their growth, PrimeXM is committed to evolving its solutions and providing a competitive edge. In the acutely fast-paced finance sector, the company has remained true to its mission and has consistently created cutting-edge environments to connect financial institutions to the global markets....show more

ISAM Capital Markets - A company on a very steep growth trajectory

Meet the team

ISAM Capital Markets – IS Prime Hong Kong, IS Prime and IS Risk Analytics - delivers a winning combination of proprietary technology, unrivalled aggregated liquidity, premier Prime of Prime services, superior risk management and outstanding service to its global institutional client base. e-Forex talks to members of the team to discover how the company is structured, the services it offers and plans for the future....show more


Stater Blockchain accelerates growth plans

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Stater Blockchain, owner of FCA regulated brokerage Stater Global Markets has announced significant expansion plans over the last few months. The organisation is aiming to be the global market leader in blockchain technology solutions for the financial markets and has a number of innovative products in development. e-Forex speaks to Stater Blockchain’s CEO, Ramy Soliman to find out more....show more


Selecting the Right Financial Extranet Provider Can Give FX Players an Edge

Expert Opinion

In the ultra-competitive world of foreign exchange (FX) trading, deploying a financial extranet has become one of the most effective tech strategies for FX firms to secure their market position, however, careful due diligence is required....show more


Best Practice for Mobile - A toolkit for brokers to apply in their business

FX Brokerage Operations

Trading is at the heart of what brokers offer to their clients, but trading is not the problem brokers are trying to solve any more. In 2018, “everything else” is the problem....show more

Choosing the right counterparties

Last word

As volatility starts to pick up it’s time to brace for the storm that lies ahead and for market participants to ensure the counterparties they work with can deliver the services needed....show more