e-Forex Magazine July 2018

e-Forex Magazine July 2018

Differentiated Liquidity provisioning - The increasingly prominent role of non-banks
Emerging market currencies - Boosting liquidity and managing expenses
A process without end - Taking a more pragmatic approach to Best Execution in FX
Singapore - Why its becoming the epicentre of electronic FX trading in Asia

The Finance Hive Live: FX Leaders Summit – London 5th June 2018

Recent Events

The Hive Network held a very successful event in London in June where 50 of the largest buy side firms based on Assets Under Management were talked through the issues that are currently influencing the FX industry including:...show more


ISAM Capital Markets - A Powerhouse for Institutional Clients

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e-Forex asked Raj Sitlani, Managing Director of ISAM Capital Markets and Managing Partner of IS Prime about the structure of the ISAM Capital Markets group and the benefits that its constituent entities bring to the table. ...show more


Blockchain as you like it

Blockchain and CryptoCurrencies

Far from disrupting the system, blockchain has become part of the system says William Essex....show more

Blockchain around the world

Blockchain and CryptoCurrencies

Blockchain around the world...show more


Today’s disruption tomorrow?

Blockchain and CryptoCurrencies

Stater Blockchain focuses on developing and deploying globally scalable blockchain technology solutions in the financial markets. William Essex spoke to CEO Ramy Soliman about the prospects for blockchain-inspired disruption in the FX market. ...show more


CFH Clearing: Market Leading Liquidity for Institutional Clients Worldwide

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e-Forex talks to Matthew Maloney, CEO, CFH Clearing about the strength of CFH’s liquidity and how, over the last year, the FCA regulated firm has developed an even more compelling liquidity offering for institutional clients worldwide....show more


Singapore: Growth + Technology = Success in eFX

Regional eFX Perspective

Singapore is Asia’s leading FX trading centre because it is the sweet spot where regional economic growth meets technology and innovation. Richard Willsher investigates....show more


Stater Global Markets: Exemplary Service for Clients of All Sizes

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“One of the consistent messages we keep hearing from brokers is that service levels from their PoPs have declined. Many brokers aren’t sending as much business to their PoPs as they used to. As a result, they get the feeling they are not significant customers or are seeing a degradation of commercial terms,” says Ramy Soliman, CEO, Stater Global Markets....show more


Markets tend to correct themselves - Europe’s sentiment unchanged

Currency Clips

If not the most important benchmark to measure the growth and power of both the European and USA’s economy, the EURUSD chart is definitely one of the most important. Some months ago, when I was writing about the euro and Eurozone, I decided to emphasize on fundamentals and end the article with a technical analysis supporting the fundamentals....show more


USD/JPY fundamental events match technical chart

Currency Clips

Dukascopy Analytics has been paying attention to the movements of the US Dollar against the Yen since the start of June. It was apparent that the pair’s fluctuations on charts perfectly matched with and respected the borders of a simple channel pattern. ...show more


Trade spats make the dollar bulls sit on a powder keg

Currency Clips

The Federal Reserve hiked interest rates in June and signalled that two more rate hikes are ahead. This information was somewhat surprising or investors, although market players treated the update with caution, building moderate bets on the dollar. ...show more


Pound vs. Dollar: a battle of attrition lies ahead

Currency Clips

We’re holding a stable outlook for the pound over the next month as the UK currency seems to have bottomed out against the dollar and the prospects of a correction higher seems increasingly favourable. ...show more


Differentiated Liquidity Provisioning: Non-Bank’s increasingly prominent role

Market Commentary

During a recent study involving three major banks and eight large multi-dealer platforms (MDPs), I confirmed what I had learned in hushed tones at industry events, namely that non-bank firms are assuming an increasingly significant liquidity provisioning role. Since that study, I’ve had the opportunity to put this growth in context and how this group of firms got there. ...show more


Boosting liquidity and best execution for emerging market currencies

Liquidity Management

One main stumbling block to growth in electronic FX execution of EM currencies is liquidity especially since the majority of the market is usually for local currencies that are not only illiquid but are also often under some form of capital control. Joe Morgan explores some of the issues involved....show more


FX Clearing - Foundations for the Next Generation of FX

Expert Opinion

Even though right now the bulk of the five plus trillion dollars FX ADV remains OTC executed and underpinned with bilateral credit, the G20 in Pittsburgh 2009 charted a new course for the derivatives market by triggering regulation that has forced pre-trade transparency, competitive execution, trade reporting, and central clearing into this traditionally bilateral market....show more

Gold-i - The company that’s programmed to innovate and isn’t afraid to be different

e-Forex Interview

Tom Higgins, CEO of the multi-award-winning FinTech company, Gold-i talks to e-Forex about its continual focus on pushing boundaries and its mission to help brokerages and banks around the world reap the benefits from its market-leading technology....show more


TradAir – looking to become your FX technology partner of choice

Provider Profile

TradAir is a leading provider of FX trading technology solutions. e-Forex spoke with Viral Tolat, CEO of the firm to discover more about its comprehensive suite of products and future plans....show more


IPC’s Connexus Cloud - The high-performance Network-as-a-Service (NaaS) for data, voice and enterprise connectivity.

Product Review

David Brown, Senior Vice President, Managing Director for Financial Markets Network at IPC explains how IPC’s Connexus Cloud interconnects global financial centers and enables access to one of the world’s largest and most diverse financial ecosystems....show more

Dealing with a process without end: Taking a more pragmatic approach to Best Execution in FX 

Special Report

Best execution in FX can be seen as an ongoing process and not an end-point to be reached. We explore that concept and why the demands it makes are forcing risk managers and treasury professionals to engage with the process in much deeper ways....show more


ImpacTech - A company that truly invests in the success of its clients

Provider Profile

George Larkou co-founded ImpacTech and is driving forward the company’s vision to become a global leader in the development of Business Intelligence solutions. e-Forex interviewed him about the products and solutions his team have developed for the retail FX brokerage market....show more

How Technology is Transforming the FX Markets

Expert Opinion

Technology continues to transform the FX markets, enabling both buy and sell-side market participants better access to pricing, liquidity, and post-trade analytics. As we saw with the equity markets in the early 2000s, the FX market is adopting much of the same technologies to address market access. Early adopters of e-FX platforms built, invested, and maintained in-house systems as the FX market evolved; and now these in-house systems morphed into complex and fragile components of larger trading infrastructures....show more


Platforms, Liquidity and Connectivity Gateways - Exploring the world of high-end institutional crypto trading solutions

Trading Operations

It is now nearly a decade since the initial launch of bitcoin, but in terms of both technology and infrastructure, the cryptocurrency market is still very much in its infancy. Yet growing institutional demand for crypto trading will require a new breed of institutional grade solutions to match, Nicola Tavendale writes....show more

Industry Warning: Is your Brokerage Compliant? New ESMA rules to take effect on August 1

FX Brokerage Operations

An industry-wide legislation set forth by the European Securities and Markets Authorities (ESMA) has called for a temporary restriction of the......show more