e-Forex Magazine September 2018

e-Forex Magazine September 2018

Electronic FX in 2018 - Assessing the changing needs of the buy-side
Real-Time FX data analytics - Exploring the advantages
Institutional Crypto Trading - Addressing industry and technical issues
The Middle East - FX joins the regions digital revolution
Catching the Blockchain Wave - Is a wall of innovation building up?
Retail FX in Japan - A market with much to teach others
Over Interview - Matthew Maloney CEO of CFH Clearing


Time is running out for a Brexit deal

Currency Clips

There are just 200 days left before the UK leaves the EU and – at this moment – we still we have no deal on the table, and yet it is a vital time for the future of the British pound. During the first couple of weeks of September bullish bets on sterling increased as the EU’s chief negotiator Michel Barnier struck a more optimistic tone.  ...show more

Australian dollar influenced by global backdrop

Currency Clips

It’s hard to envisage an end to the Aussies aggressive downside at the moment, as external forces continue to drive the currency. Trade discussions between China and the US remain one of the biggest drivers here as the reliance on US dollar moves means that the greenback’s strength is doing a lot of damage....show more


Is the Greenback’s rally sustainable?

Currency Clips

The U.S. Dollar’s exchange rate has attracted a lot of attention throughout the past several months, especially against EM currencies which many of them fell to record or multi years lows.  Argentine peso held the title of the worst performing currency in 2018, having lost more than half its value since the beginning of the year. ...show more


Summary of Electronic FX Market, 2018: Midsize-to-Large Buy-Side Firms’ Needs

e-FX Industry Report

Global buy-side volumes have grown faster than any other category of FX trading since 2004, more than 300% to over US$1.3 trillion according to our estimates. A strong contributing factor was the buy-side’s increasing usage of sell-side prime brokerage credit lines which has helped pump up transaction volume. Changing attitudes towards FX, now considered an investable asset class, have also contributed to the growth in real money FX volumes. Between 2010-17 London and New York buy-side volumes leapt almost 80%....show more

CFH Clearing: Discovering what it takes to become one of the most respected FX Liquidity Providers in the world

e-Forex Interview

CFH Clearing was founded in 2008 and is one of the FX industry’s leading execution venues. In 2016, it was acquired in a $120m transaction by Playtech Plc, a global market-leading technology company in the gambling and financial trading industries. e-Forex talks to Matthew Maloney, Chief Executive Officer of the firm to discover more about his determined focus on having the very best liquidity offering in the industry and CFH’s future growth strategy plans. ...show more


Catching Blockchain’s Wave

Blockchain and CryptoCurrencies

William Essex explores two possible futures with the Blockchain and talks about finding a more likely one somewhere between them....show more


THE BLOCKCHAIN Q&A: There’s more to say about data

Blockchain and CryptoCurrencies

We have already had a comprehensive discussion of Cobalt’s move onto the BT Radianz Cloud in our main feature this month. In the course of his research for that section of his article, William Essex spoke to Yousaf Hafeez, head of business development, BT Radianz, and Andy Coyne, co-founder and CEO of Cobalt, about their plans – and more. We re-join the conversation just as a question is asked about the unification of data…...show more


Leveraging DLT at the multi-asset app store

Blockchain and CryptoCurrencies

CLS is working with IBM on a PoC for its shared DLT network for financial services, LedgerConnect. This may just be the missing link between banks and fintech innovators, and it may have significant impacts for FX and other asset classes. Key features in the box at the end, but first, Ram Komarraju, Head of Innovation and Solution Delivery at CLS spoke to William Essex about LedgerConnect’s potential to change the way we do business....show more

Blockchain around the world

Blockchain and CryptoCurrencies

Blockchain around the world...show more


The Middle East: FX joins the regional digital revolution

Regional eFX Perspective

Supported by government-funded infrastructure, the main financial centres of the Middle East are developing digital economies at a rapid pace. This underpins the expansion of trading and innovative electronic foreign exchange technologies in the region. Richard Willsher investigates....show more

Credit Financier Invest (DIFC) Ltd

Regional Provider Profile

Credit Financier Invest (DIFC) Ltd. (CFI Dubai) is a new player in the institutional space that is based in the heart of Dubai International Financial Center (DIFC), an increasingly important strategic regional business hub. ...show more


Stater Global Markets: High Calibre Offering for Institutional Clients

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Stater Global Markets’ CEO, Ramy Soliman and COO, Mark Chesterman talk to e-Forex about their views on the Prime of Prime market and the importance for institutional clients of selecting a Prime of Prime broker that has no vested interest in the liquidity or technology they offer....show more


Real-time FX data analytics: Exploring the productivity and competitive advantages

Special Report

For sell-side firms, differentiation in the foreign exchange (FX) market is an increasing challenge. With so many market makers in the spot market, competition is fierce and firms without a clear differentiator are finding it increasingly difficult to retain and win market share....show more

Spark Systems – pioneering the creation of a Singapore - based foreign exchange marketplace

Provider Profile

Spark Systems is a Singapore-based financial technology company that provides innovative solutions for foreign exchange trading across Asia. The company connects buyers and sellers under one platform, and aims to make FX trading in Singapore cheaper and faster for institutional investors. To find out more, e-Forex spoke with the four founders of the firm who are all industry veterans with deep domain knowledge in Finance, FX Trading, Technology and Software Engineering....show more

FX Hybrid Technology Evolves as Retail and Institutional Converge

Market Commentary

Perspective from Andrew Ralich CEO, oneZero Financial...show more


Gold-i: Helping Brokers Worldwide to Thrive

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Gold-i, which is celebrating its 10th anniversary in October 2018, is renowned worldwide as one of the industry’s leading technology companies. As the company has evolved, Julian Elliott, one of its first employees, has been promoted through the ranks to Chief Commercial Officer. Julian talks to e-Forex about the firm’s current focus and future plans....show more


AutoTrade – taking the path towards automated trade mirroring

Product Launch

To enrich their products and services in ways that are helpful and useful to both their retail and institutional clients, ProbusFX has recently partnered with Myfxbook to provide access via account linkage to the AutoTrade Trade Mirroring tool. Through this partnership, ProbusFX provides access to Next Generation Trade Mirroring for any client interested in having the smoothest and most optimized Social Trading experience. For the following interview, we got in touch with Youssef Barakat, CEO of ProbusFX, to ask him a few questions about their partnership with AutoTrade and about how ProbusFX clients can start using the Social Trading tool....show more

Institutional cryptocurrency trading - Addressing industry concerns and solving the technical issues

e-Forex Roundtable

According to a recent report from TABB Group significant sums of institutional money is sitting on the sidelines, just waiting for the right conditions to join in the cryptocurrency trading market. However existing business and crypto trading infrastructure solutions are not seen as technically robust enough to satisfy the demands of many institutional investors and trading firms. For example, there’s a lack of a sophisticated clearing and settlement infrastructure. Centralized wallets or custody are open to theft; Omnibus fund accounts are not transparent or independently verifiable or efficient enough; The requirement to place funds with each centralized exchange is not an efficient use of capital: Counterparty risk is a big issue, as is lack of banking support for crypto assets. Trade connectivity is relatively slow and unreliable and there are difficulties with crypto liquidity and accessing crypto market data. <br> e-Forex has therefore brought together James Banister, CEO, Market Synergy, Hu Liang CEO of Omniex, Ayal Jedeikin, co Founder of TradAir and Rosario Ingargiola, CEO of OTCXN to discuss some of these questions and see how new technologies and solutions are being developed to help solve them....show more


IS Prime launches LD4 Matching Engine for FX and Bullion

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In response to client demand, IS Prime has launched a native matching engine to provide its flagship Prime of Prime service in Equinix’s LD4 data centre.  This will enable IS Prime to deliver its best of breed liquidity and execution service in a more efficient way for clients who have their trading hardware located in Europe....show more


Accessing the Japanese FX market

Trading & Technology Clinic

In this edition of our Trading and Technology Clinic we invite Ricky deBritto, Transaction Network Services’ Country Manager for Japan, to answer your questions on Japanese FX market conditions and the challenges present when accessing the dynamic Asian markets....show more


Borrowing a page from Japan’s successful Retail FX experience

FX Brokerage Operations

Simultaneously across key jurisdictions, the retail FX trend started two decades ago this year. In the United States it was firms like Gain Capital and Oanda, while in Russia with the likes of Alpari and Forex Club. In Japan, retail FX also started – at least on paper – in 1998, but only gained force after 2004. As a long-time professional analyst of the retail FX market, I’ve come to hold the Japanese retail FX way of doing things as the healthiest and best model for other jurisdictions to follow. While acknowledging that there are national idiosyncrasies that could make it impossible to fully replicate the Japanese model elsewhere, much of what Japan got right can be pursued. ...show more