e-Forex Magazine November 2018

e-Forex Magazine November 2018

Laying Foundations - FX takes steps to secure its future
Currency Risk Management - Taking the road to automaction
Achieving Best Execution - What TCA should do to help
FX On Exchanges - Set for further dramqatic growth
Quality versus Quantity - Tipping the balance in FX liquidity
The Blockchain - Why we will soon all be enabled


Indo-British All-Party Parliamentary Group, October 16th, Churchill Room, the Palace of Westminster, London.

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India imports $1bn of spice into the country - not what you would expect...show more


Finance Magnates London Summit

Recent Events

13-14th NOVEMBER, 2018 Old Billingsgate, London...show more


RBA happy with a weaker AUD

Currency Clips

The RBA is quite happy with a weaker AUD - and despite weaker inflation numbers this week , we doubt that investors will have any solid reasons to chase the currency too much higher after a week that saw the same old story, but ended with a solid bounce. ...show more


The Greenback still has room to march higher

Currency Clips

Investors and traders across the globe have been paying a close attention to the U.S. mid-term elections which delivered a divided Congress on November 7. ...show more


‘Technicals’ struggling to keep Euro steady amidst high volatility and uncertainty.

Currency Clips

October was a bad month for the Euro as it continued to lose ground against most of the other major currencies with limited exceptions like CHF and JPY. ...show more


BOJ downgrades economic growth and inflation forecasts

Currency Clips

Japan’s central bank ruled out a near-term interest rate hike in the middle of risks from global trade disputes, and raised warnings about vulnerabilities in the financial system from years of loose monetary policy. ...show more


The more things change, the more they stay the same

e-FX Industry Report

In late 2016 and early 2017, GreySpark Partners documented a profound shift in the infrastructure for flow FX liquidity provision in which the vast majority of multi-dealer platform (MDP) brokerage liquidity pools permitted direct or indirect spot FX price-making by firms traditionally classified as buyside. ...show more


Laying the foundations FX takes steps to secure its future 

e-FX Industry Report

In the wake of a succession of scandals, FX market participants may have exhaled a collective sigh of relief at having, for the time being at least, averted regulation. But the principles based FX Global Code (the Code) is not yet the finished article and nor is everyone content with it....show more


What TCA should do to help achieve Best Execution

Trading Operations

MiFID II laid down the law - best execution is an absolute mandate, not a best efforts process. So let’s dig a little deeper into the connection between best execution and improved FX trading outcomes. After all, that’s the point, isn’t it? So it would make sense that there should be some analytical basis that supports this goal of improved trading outcomes. Transaction cost analysis – post-trade analytics – should clearly be a critical tool, among others, that drives this proof of best execution and more importantly guides FX traders to improved, future performance....show more


The Road to Automating Currency Risk Management

Treasury Automation

Since the financial crisis of 2008, currencies seem to be in a near-constant crisis. From Brexit to the plunge of Brazilian real and recent volatility in emerging markets currencies like the Turkish lira, global currency swings have become increasingly common and remain top of mind for CFOs and treasury professionals. ...show more

Devexperts: Delivering innovative products with a focus on the future

e-Forex Interview

Headquartered in Munich, Germany, Devexperts was founded in 2002 and currently has over 400 employees in different offices around the world. It specializes in the development of custom software solutions and services for the Capital Markets industry. e-Forex talks with Stanislav Stolyar, VP of FX Products at the firm to understand where they stand in the increasingly competitive landscape of vendors and how they are facing modern challenges in the world’s markets....show more


Blockchain gets as easy as ABC

Blockchain and CryptoCurrencies

Soon, we’ll all be enabled, says William Essex. ...show more

Blockchain around the world

Blockchain and CryptoCurrencies

Blockchain around the world...show more


Collateral goes digital

Blockchain and CryptoCurrencies

OTCXN has signed Kingdom Trust and Prime Trust to act as custodians of assets for traders and exchanges on the company’s blockchain-based network. What does this mean for the future of crypto-trading? Rosario Ingargiola, CEO and founder of OTCXN, spoke to William Essex about tokenisation and risk....show more


FX Futures. Welcome to the New Normal

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Many FX participants are already reviewing their FX operating model, building support for FX clearing and Futures in addition to their OTC FX. ...show more

FX on exchanges seems set for dramatic growth

FX on Exchanges

The FX market has always historically been traded over-the-counter (OTC). Futures exchanges have always listed currency contracts, but the largest bulk of the more than $5 trillion per day market has been done bilaterally – even the post-crisis reforms have seen little of that volume move to a centrally cleared model, unlike other asset classes like interest rates and credit....show more


Impressive global growth continues at IS Prime

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IS Prime, part of ISAM Capital Markets, is one of the fastest growing Prime of Prime brokers globally. The FCA regulated firm has a reputation for excellence in terms of liquidity, multi-asset execution and risk consultancy services for institutional clients. e-Forex talks to Managing Partner, Raj Sitlani to find out more....show more


Stater Global Markets focuses on global expansion

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Michael Davies has joined Stater Global Markets in a newly created Global Head of Sales role. e-Forex finds out more about his new role and his views on the importance of a Prime of Prime having no vested interest in the liquidity or technology it provides to institutional clients....show more


Invast Global. The Perfect Blend of Eastern & Western Expertise

Meet the team

Invast Global is an award-winning multi-asset class prime broker based in Sydney, Australia. Its publicly-listed Japanese parent company – Invast Securities Co. – has a 60-year history as a Securities brokerage and enjoys stable, long-standing relationships with numerous tier-1 bank Prime Brokers. We spoke to Gavin White, CEO of the company to discover more about why his division of the group has been performing so strongly and what roles his highly experienced executive team are playing in driving the extraordinary growth of the business....show more


LUSIS: A leading FinTech company looking to leverage the power of Artificial Intelligence and Data Science

Provider Profile

LUSIS is a leading French software and IT services provider that launched more than 15 years ago. The company is well known for offering advanced software solutions to the global retail payment industry for critical online transaction processing but it also provides FX brokerage platforms and other trading related services . After launching a dedicated Artificial Intelligence department it has now started to create AI based trading strategies. We asked Fabrice Daniel Head of the AI team at the firm to tell us more about these and some of the other FinTech solutions it now offers....show more

Gold-i Ambitious Growth Plans


Gold-i is celebrating ten years in business – a decade in which the market- leading FinTech company has continually pushed boundaries with its innovative software to help brokers worldwide to operate more profitably and manage their risk more effectively. e-Forex spoke to Gold-i’s Founder and CEO, Tom Higgins, to find out his views on the company’s success to date and hear more about its future plans....show more


Quality versus Quantity - Tipping the balance in FX Liquidity

FX Brokerage Operations

Nicholas Pratt examines why fewer but deeper relationships between FX brokers and LP’s holds the key to accessing superior liquidity....show more


Modern Technology : Traditional Values - VIBHS Financial is a firm that takes pride in building relationships with all its clients

Broker Profile

VIBHS Financial Ltd, is a fast growing London Based Foreign Exchange broker regulated by the Financial Conduct Authority, The firm provides Forex, CFD trading and related services to retail and institutional customers across the globe. We spoke to Angus Irvine, CEO and Lee Holmes Director – Sales and Operations, to learn more about its products and services...show more