e-Forex Magazine March 2019

e-Forex Magazine March 2019

Why this is no longer a luxury
Addressing six key questions
Bolting down risk as volumes soar
Leveraging solutions for FX trading
Exploiting network data
CEO of AxiCorp


Dollar bulls and the divergence trade

Currency Clips

By Jameel Ahmad, Global Head of Currency Strategy and Market Research at FXTM...show more


EU revised GDP growth due to uncertainty

Currency Clips

Michael Kopanakis is head of brokerage at SquaredDirect...show more


Stop-Start Growth in Japan: Yen is controlled so BOJ can drop inflation goal. Could the worst be behind?

Currency Clips

By Reem Aboul Hosn, Research and Market Analyst Officer, CFI Ltd...show more


Aussie dollar remains under pressure

Currency Clips

By James Hughes, Chief Market Strategist at AxiCorp Financial Services Pty Ltd...show more


Six questions that buy-side participants and vendors must ask in FX

e-FX Industry Report

While the onset of electronic trading has certainly created new opportunities, it has also dramatically increased challenges for all market participants. This Industry Report focuses on six questions that all buy-side players and their vendors must address to thrive under the new FX market order....show more


Automating FX Workflow is no longer a luxury


Buy-side firms globally are under pressure to automate their processes, as they strive to streamline operations while cutting risk exposure and costs....show more


Optimising Market Impact with an efficient trading frontier

Trading Operations

The ability to trade depends on sufficient market depth and diversity of participants. Each new trade jolts the market out of equilibrium, skewing the market away from the mid-rate. Market impact costs arise as a result of a call on the available liquidity. Each trade changes the market. Is it therefore better to trade all in one go, or trade in increments over time? ...show more


Analytics - taking the guesswork out of FX execution

Expert Opinion

By David Cooney, Co-founder and CEO of MahiFX...show more


AxiCorp: discovering what it takes to build a respected global brand

e-Forex Interview

AxiCorp is a leading online margin trading and institutional financial services provider serving more than 30,000 active clients in more than 150 countries. The company launched in Australia in 2007 and has its head office in Sydney, but has grown into a global business with offices in London, Dubai, Singapore, Shanghai, Philippines, Ukraine and Cyprus. e-Forex spoke with CEO Rajesh Yohannan to learn more about the business, its products and services and how his team have gone about building a respected global brand....show more


OTCXN - A company focused on improving and replacing financial market trading infrastructures

Product Review

OTCXN is a capital markets infrastructure company using proprietary blockchain technology to eliminate the need for traditional intermediaries and trust between trading counterparties, reducing the risk, friction, and cost of trading. e-Forex spoke with Founder and CEO Rosario Ingargiola to find out more about the firm’s products and business model....show more


That ever-shrinking distance between OTC and Listed FX


The FX market is the largest and only truly global capital market. With the most diverse set of participant types, each with disparate trading ambitions and time horizons, it’s a market that has always operated as a set of pools of activity, which are bridged by the firms providing liquidity to specific client sets then using other pools to offset and manage their risk. While the abundance of pools still rings true, the FX market is quite a distance through a front-to-back evolution that has changed it from where bilateral and disclosed liquidity was the norm, to a landscape where there are multiple routes you should consider in order to get the trade you need, done....show more


Exchanges bolt down FX risk as volumes soar

FX on Exchanges

Exponential FX market growth – which has resulted in a turnover of about $5.1 trillion per day – coupled with increasing geopolitical risk and volatility is bolstering demand for centrally cleared, exchange-based FX services....show more


Lucera - Offering firms the low cost way to manage, deploy and scale their FX trading systems

Provider Profile

Lucera is an industry leading technology provider which provides best in-class on-demand co-located infrastructure and connectivity services. e-Forex talked with the company’s CEO, Peter Durkan to learn more about their products and services and the role Lucera is playing in changing how the FX market connects and trades....show more


Institutional cryptocurrency trading – addressing some of the key technology issues

Trading & Technology Clinic

Many regional banks and smaller institutions are looking at adding cryptocurrencies to their portfolio of products and services. David Vincent, CEO of smartTrade Technologies looks at some of the technology considerations that are involved with this....show more


Digital intelligence for smarter FX - extracting, decoding and exploiting trading network data

Special Report

David Murray explores the type of data that FX trading firms and venues can derive from their trading networks, how it can be analysed, deployed and utilised....show more


Stater Global Markets’ clients reap the benefits of RegTech

Sponsored Statement

FCA regulated Prime of Prime, Stater Global Markets has been able to fast track growth by using the very latest technology and forging partnerships with the best technology providers in the industry. The firm’s Head of Compliance, Simon Henry and Strategic Advisor, Ashraf Agha talk to e-Forex about how Stater’s clients are benefiting from RegTech and other machine learning-based systems. ...show more


How AI is helping FX mature as an asset class

Expert Opinion

Stéphane Leroy talks about how FX markets are currently within a period of intense, rapid transformation, meaning now is the time to take advantage and apply next-generation technologies such as AI and machine-learning...show more


Complacency Risk of AI Adoption


Having grown up in the 90’s when the latest ‘must-have’ toy was the GameBoy and Michael J Fox was the envy of every child with his hoverboard in Back to the Future Part II, one cannot fail to be impressed or excited by everything that artificial intelligence has to offer. Sure, the doomslayers will always emphasise the negative impact of such revolutions but like any risk, there is opportunity and none more so than in trading. ...show more


Leveraging Machine Learning for FX trading


Interest in Machine Learning is exploding and all businesses consider it as a prime future-reshaping initiative. FX e-trading provides a large amount of data which can be considered the required fuel of Machine Learning computing. Yet, as in all new hot trends, there is a large amount of misunderstanding and hype about what machine learning is and can do. Medan Gabbay, Chief Revenue Officer of Quod Financial investigates....show more


Operational security: wallets, trust and safety

Blockchain and CryptoCurrencies

A few years ago, one of my acquaintances was involved in the development of a Bitcoin client and had a nice little holding. At the time it was several hundred coins, bought relatively cheaply in today’s terms. He spent a lot of time bigging-up Bitcoin on social media, telling people why they should invest in it. It was around then that I bought a few myself, so I have skin in this game, though it was not because of anything he said. Until quite recently, I kept these coins securely in offline storage in my home, because I didn’t trust any form of centralised custody....show more


Gold-i’s Multi-Asset Liquidity Management Platform: Matrix


Gold-i is driving the market forwards in terms of multi-asset liquidity management. e-Forex spoke to Tom Higgins, CEO, Gold-i to find out about the product’s main features and benefits....show more

Asia expo shines a light on the future of forex

Market Commentary

The retail forex industry is perpetually evolving as brokers adapt to changing demands from both clients and regulators alike. Given the combination of rapid growth and accommodative regulation, Asia is helping shape much of where the market goes next. As a result, the annual iFX Expo in Hong Kong is now seen as a firm fixture for many in the global derivatives industry. Andrew Wood, Business Development Manager for CMC Institutional in Asia Pacific travelled to the Expo at the start of the year. The event provides a forum for banks, brokerages and technology firms to share their ideas on the industry, the challenges it faces and where the sector is heading next. On his return, we asked Andrew for his take on where the market would likely go next....show more


White Labelling for the open banking generation

FX Brokerage Operations

If you’re a broker or wealth manager serving retail and professional clients the likely secret to your success is probably a combination of ‘front-office’ factors. End-users may value your keen and dynamic pricing, your ability to identify relevant new trends and opportunities, your intuitive and easy-to-navigate user interface – or a mix of these and other features. As we all know, creating a unique and compelling client experience is impossible without the middle- and back-office building blocks that support it....show more


Know Your Customer

Retail FX trading

The Hollywood archetype of a ‘trader’ is a simple one – the lone, mid-thirties male, engulfed by a panel of computer screens, each of them lit up by an array of charts, streams of real-time data flowing, global news feeds scrolling and orders being executed with the dexterity of an X-Box gamer and the emotionless accuracy of the military sniper. But in truth, the leverage trading population is enormously diverse, comprising traders of all ages, wealth levels, trading experience, risk appetite and investment horizons. And what is clear, is that even starting from this level of diversity, the demographic profile of the trading population is shifting quickly....show more