e-Forex Magazine May 2019

e-Forex Magazine May 2019

Growth across distance and diversity

Choosing your FX liquidity provider

Making the case for change

Better to be smart than fast

Future proofing your needs


Price is the boss


With Andreas Thalassinos, Head of Education at FXTM...show more


Yen’s lure amid US-China trade uncertainties may dampen Dollar index

Currency Clips

Amid the recent ramp-up in US-China trade tensions, market observers wouldn’t have been faulted for expecting the Dollar to rise on the wings of risk aversion. Instead, in the days leading up to May 10 when US tariffs were more than doubled to 25 percent on $200 billion worth of Chinese imports, the Dollar index continued weakening towards the 97-support level....show more


Global trade issues prolong Euro uncertainty

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Since my last analysis on the 15th of March, more key factors affecting the Euro and the Eurozone, after Draghi’s last speech at the ECB conference, need to be taken into consideration. There has been weakening growth within the Eurozone and this has affected the future inflation forecast as well. The Headline inflation predictions have also been downgraded by the ECB, thus forecasting inflation at 1.6% for the financial year of 2021....show more


Central bank’s forward guidance suggests inflation target remains a long way off

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The Bank of Japan has vowed not to raise interest rates before spring 2020. A specific date gives markets better certainty during the next year, with nobody expecting a rate rise, and will unlikely make any substantial difference to the economy....show more


Headwinds impact Australian Dollar

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There are huge headwinds causing the Australian dollar to remain under pressure over recent weeks, all of which show no signs of changing in the short term. Add the major economic headwinds to the upcoming federal election, and the uncertainty this causes and you can understand why the Aussie is finding it hard to cling on to any of the recent rallies. The Australian Dollar had a slightly more positive start to the month despite a decidedly negative start for global stock markets which would typically be met with sharp declines in the Aussie currency. Global markets have fallen into the red on concerns that the U.S.-China trade war may re-escalate....show more


A flash in the pan or a systemic change?

Market Commentary

James Sinclair, executive chairman at MarketFactory, sets out to define a flash event, ask how frequent they are, determine what factors cause them and how market participants may minimise their impact...show more


Making the case for change in Post-Trade FX processing

Trading Operations

As return on equity in financial markets continues to remain stubbornly low and often below funding costs, business leaders need to consider their options to address core underlying profitability. Many have already deployed the traditional options of offshoring, nearshoring, outsourcing. And still industry wide ROE is below 10% against a higher cost of capital. This position is not sustainable and so new approaches and different target operating models need to be considered....show more


Counterparty collaboration

Liquidity Management

Exploring new ways to deliver deeper insights into your FX trading operations ...show more


Why now is the time for heads of FX desks to shift their technology mindset

Expert Opinion

Integral’s Chief Revenue Officer Vikas Srivastava offers his perspective on how heads of FX desks can use technology strategically to future-proof their trading and operations while still doing well in a low volatility environment....show more

Stater Global Markets: The specialist Prime of Prime that offers bespoke and high quality services to meet client requirements

e-Forex Interview

Stater Global Markets is a London-based Prime of Prime brokerage which offers institutional clients direct access to Tier 1 bank and non-bank liquidity, clearing and institutional grade technology for FX and CFD trading.  The firm, which is authorised and regulated by the Financial Conduct Authority (“FCA”), has a global client base and offers customisable multi-asset liquidity and technology solutions of the highest calibre. ...show more


ParFX - Bringing increased fairness, equality and transparency to the FX market

Provider Profile

Since ParFX’s inception in 2013, the company has been at the forefront of efforts to bring about change to the industry. It played a role in the development of the FX Global Code through its participation in ACI’s foreign exchange committee and was one of the first to sign up. e-Forex spoke to Roger Rutherford, Chief Operating Officer at ParFX, to discover more about the unique aspects of the platform and business model, and the steps it will be taking to continue its mission of improving trading behaviour in the FX market....show more


Electronic FX in African Markets - A giant growth story across both distance and diversity

Regional eFX Perspective

e-FX in Africa is a huge opportunity. The winners will be those businesses that can span the continent and harness technology to deliver services to a huge and varied range of clients, writes Richard Willsher....show more


Financial Clouds in FX - Leveraging a new operating model

Trading & Technology Clinic

By Guillaume Spay, Global Solution Director, Treasury Capital Markets at Finastra....show more


Advanced Markets: Offering clients access to an international team of FX experts

Meet the team

Advanced Markets is a company focused on bringing true Direct Market Access (DMA) liquidity, credit and technology solutions to the foreign exchange, energy, precious metals and CFD markets. The firm has put together an international team of FX experts who are located all over the world. We asked key members of this team to tell us a little more about their individual roles and responsibilities, the clients that the firm is servicing and their thoughts on how Advanced Markets is adapting to the fast changing FX landscape....show more


How Colocation, Connectivity and Content can boost your FX trading firm

Expert Opinion

By Stefano Durdic, Managing Director of Financial Services, Transaction Network Services...show more


Isolating signal from noise - What factors really are important when choosing your FX liquidity provider?

FX Brokerage Operations

There is an increasing awareness among brokers and institutional trading firms that quality rather than quantity works best when sourcing liquidity. This has resulted in a shift away from linking to the maximum number of liquidity providers (LPs) on the basis of simply obtaining the best price to establishing deep and long-term relationships with a small panel of LPs. Joe Morgan reports....show more


Safeguarding FX operations

Expert Opinion

In every industry, there are movements and shifts to public cloud. Amazon, Google and Microsoft are taking the lead, moving significant amounts of computing requirements to cloud services, and a significant portion of the marketplace is adopting noticing and following suit. In this article, I will discuss the role of public and private cloud in the FX trading environment, and how firms can ensure they are adequately protected....show more


The role of Connectivity in global FX trading

Networks, Hosting and Connectivity

The factors that influence FX network connectivity are diverse. Regulations govern the culture of trading in FX as they do other asset classes; technology provides the tools while market participants and......show more


Broctagon Fintech Group

Provider Profile

Having a chat with one of the world’s fastest-growing FX and cryptobrokerage solution providers...show more


In the world of crypto trading, it's better to be smart than fast

Blockchain and CryptoCurrencies

In an industry as technology-centric as crypto trading, it’s somewhat ironic that speed might be less important than many people might think....show more


Capturing Capital Requirements: Gold-i’s Business Intelligence and Risk Management Tool: Visual Edge

Sponsored Statement

All brokers operating in the EU, whether they operate under a 125k licence or a 730k licence, are no doubt aware that under the Capital Requirements Regulation Directive 4, they need to be capturing their Capital Requirements. ...show more


How technology will shape the trading behaviour of tomorrow


Mobile technology opened the door for the individual trader. Prior to this technology, prospective traders were bound by location and inhibited by daily routines and obligations. From conception, the percentage of trades made via a mobile platform and the amount of trade volume has steadily increased....show more


FX strategy automation for retail traders

Automated FX Trading

Forex robots, Expert Advisors and Artificial Intelligence, all of these words are probably familiar right now to retail Forex traders. They may be thinking, “I don’t need any of that to trade the financial markets, all I need to do is click a button!”. Well, the professionals are saying otherwise, hedge funds such as Renaissance Technologies and Bridgewater are already using Artificial Intelligence and computer modelling with great success in trading. Why do these firms even bother using automated systems?...show more


Why standards in FX present a huge opportunity

e-Forex Interview

By removing barriers to exchange, standards always increase the amount of business done. They cut costs, widen margins, expand opportunities and reduce risk....show more