e-Forex Magazine October 2019

e-Forex Magazine October 2019

What’s the Big Deal?
Helping to improve FX execution outcomes
Helping corporate treasurers manage their FX exposures
Separating good and bad FX liquidity
Facilitating institutional access to the crypto asset market
Spotex bets on new broker paradigms


The opportunity benefit of holding gold

Currency Clips

Inflation expectations have been falling in many countries around the world this year. Gold is often viewed as hedge against rising inflation. Does the fact that people expect inflation to be lower from now on mean that gold can’t go any higher from here?...show more


Will Trump finally use his power to weaken the Dollar?

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In the first quarter of 2019 I expected the Dollar to turn lower against its major peers. Many factors were taken into consideration back then, including weaker economic prospects, dovish Federal Reserve, end of fund repatriation by US firms, and widening twin deficit. However, none of these factors were enough to end the King Dollar’s rally....show more


US FED cuts rates & maintains strength to wind Up 2019

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Q4 has now officially began in the wake of a new Fed rate cut. In the previous article, we were leading up to the FED’s September rate decision. The FED rate currently stands at 2.00%, although the recent manufacturing data coming out of the USA shows a lack of growth missing its expectations; the figures released for September are the lowest in the past decade. ...show more


Will Japan’s Implemented Consumption Tax hike cause an economic slowdown?

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In October, Japan witnessed a transformation of price lists as a result of the 10% consumption tax increase. After several delays, Prime Minister Shinzo Abe implemented the new tax bracket. The only way to raise funds to improve the country’s ballooning social welfare costs. ...show more


Utilising collaborative analytics to improve FX execution outcomes

Trading Operations

FX is a dealer market where common information is not readily (if at all) available. Liquidity providers (LPs) have private information about their flow and hedging strategies and Liquidity consumers (LCs or Clients) know their flow and tend to keep the whole size of the flow secret from each individual LPs.  At the same time most trading (off the main ECNs) happens on a “disclosed” basis where Liquidity Providers knows the Clients identity before trading. ...show more


Automation of currency trading points to changing nature of corporate treasury function

Treasury Automation

Following the conclusion of Sibos in London, the global capital for the foreign exchange (FX) market, Curtis Pfeiffer, Chief Business Officer at Pragma, explores how automation is helping corporate treasurers manage their exposures and ensure alignment with best execution practices....show more


Artificial Intelligence in Foreign Exchange: What’s the Big Deal?

Special Report

Artificial intelligence (AI) technology is not groundbreaking - computer scientists have studied it for decades. Over the past five years, however, the use of AI has exploded across a number of industries. Although it feels like the topic is oft discussed in the financial press, there is a fair amount of misunderstanding surrounding what AI really is and how to apply it to financial markets....show more


Time to embrace the data revolution

Expert Opinion

The winds of change have begun to blow in the world of FX Swaps, and as a result it’s becoming increasingly apparent that knowledge in the form of accurate market data truly is power. ...show more


SquaredDirect The DMA broker that works hard to make the trading journey unique and worthwhile

e-Forex Interview

SquaredDirect is a brokerage firm that is working hard to be different. It brings together a wealth of experience and commercial expertise to offer a range of innovative products and services. The company has built a highly experienced management team that is looking to take a new approach to providing top class international financial trading solutions. e-Forex spoke with CEO, Youssef Barakat, to learn more about his endeavours....show more


Exploring the benefits of outsourced algorithmic FX trading services

Trading & Technology Clinic

Like with other asset classes, FX trading has become more electronic, and this has resulted in more data across more venues that needs to be processed faster and with a high degree of accuracy. Simultaneously, there is more pressure on traders to cut costs, yet improve execution quality. Algorithmic trading is a great tool to meet these seemingly opposing objectives. ...show more


Technology provision Facilitating institutional access to the crypto asset market

Blockchain and CryptoCurrencies

The title of this piece is short and straight forward, but accomplishing it in today’s nascent crypto-asset ecosystem is clearly not as easy as accessing other more traditional asset classes. That’s precisely why this is an opportunity, both from a business perspective as well as from the perspective of market innovation....show more


Reference Data: The key that unlocks the crypto ecosystem


Arguably, reference data is one of the most misunderstood terms in business. Without fully understanding exactly what reference data is, its importance is difficult to realize or fully value, and could lead to the inefficient or faulty implementation of business processes....show more


Spotex launches Liquidity, Credit and Margin solutions for Prime of Primes and FX Brokers

Product Launch

Spotex recently launched Periscopeâ„¢ Multilevel Credit-Margin Manager as well as new dedicated broker liquidity hubs. Having just introduced two new products, we asked John Miesner, Senior Managing Director of the firm, to tell us more about them....show more


The role of next generation technology in helping FX trading firms to get more from their data


With every passing day a greater volume of data is captured globally. The value of this growing source of intelligence varies from industry to industry, but within financial markets the worth of good quality price data is far above rubies. ...show more


Tackling the technology challenge in Asia's FX Markets

Regional eFX Perspective

While the growth of FX in Asia has been anticipated for some time, the recent BIS Triennial Central Bank Survey has highlighted that Asia is the engine for the global economy and has been the only region with significant levels of growth in recent years with FX turnover in Hong Kong, Japan and Singapore larger than the US for the first time since the survey began....show more


Asia – a story of stellar growth prospects and adoption of digital technologies

Regional eFX Perspective

An interview with Han Tan, Market Analyst at FXTM - Han, can you please tell us a little about yourself and your role at FXTM? I joined FXTM as Market Analyst after working for a number of national business broadcasters, including Bloomberg TV Malaysia and BFM. As a financial presenter, I was able to gain sound knowledge of both the currency and the commodities markets....show more


Price isn't everything: separating good and bad liquidity in todays FX market

FX Brokerage Operations

Providing pricing in the world’s most liquid market is a more competitive business than ever before – and brokers must ensure their customers have access to only the best quality liquidity from the most trusted counterparties, says Siju Daniel, Chief Commercial Officer - FXCM Group. ...show more