e-Forex Magazine December 2019

e-Forex Magazine December 2019

e-Forex Magazine December 2019
How to succeed in an environment
where technology-driven influences
are buffeting the industry
EMFX IN 2020
A tale of increasing electronification
and demand for Emerging
Market liquidity
Taking measurement of FX market
impact and execution strategies
to the next level
How to start your own
Not just for the big banks!
CEO Of smartTrade Technologies


Three trends shaping the FX markets


Bob Santella has worked in the financial industry for over three decades. In this article, Bob explores some of the dynamic changes that he has witnessed in the FX markets and discusses how firms can succeed in an environment where technology-driven influences are buffeting the industry....show more


Emerging Market FX in 2020: What's in store?

Market Commentary

For more than a decade, GDP growth rates in Asia and other EMs have outstripped developed markets. With the trend expected to continue to grow, institutional investors’ appetite for EM will also continue to take a leaps forward, and as with most markets its an electronic story. ...show more


In-flight analytics: Analysing execution performance while trading

Trading Operations

Before we get to the Holy Grail of FX trade analytics – the ability to analyze execution performance while actually trading – it’s worth taking a pause to assess the current state of FX TCA as it has developed over the last five years....show more

smartTrade Technologies Providing cutting-edge solutions for cross- asset class trading

e-Forex Interview

smartTrade Technologies is reaching 20 years of experience in delivering disruptive cross-asset class trading solutions and as a market leading technology provider it continues to win multiple awards. We caught up with David Vincent, co-founder and Chief Executive Officer of the firm to discover more about what it takes to become a leader in the highly competitive FinTech marketplace. ...show more


How to start your own Cryptocurrency exchange

Blockchain and CryptoCurrencies

It is undeniable that the cryptocurrency market is currently undergoing a strong slowdown. Just a quick look at Google Trends shows that the level of interest is noticeably lower compared to years of 2017 and 2018 when driven by people’s’ enthusiasm, the crypto industry was constantly growing week by week...show more


Will the Euro Return to Form in 2020?

Currency Clips

The euro began trading on 4th January 1999 at $1.16 and since its inception has seen a plethora of fluctuations which couldn’t have been predicted by the best of economists. With world events, political uncertainty and acts of terrorism all contributing factors to the instability of the euro, what does the future now hold for one of the world’s most used currencies?...show more


Will Japan’s spur helps BOJ maintain low-rate policy?

Currency Clips

More than two decades ago, Japan led the way to the zero rate policy. Shortly after, many countries started implementing near or below zero interest rates...show more


Beware December 15th!

Currency Clips

While we count down the days left in the year, there’s one big date left for gold investors and indeed for all the financial markets:  The 15th December. Here’s the background....show more


Advanced Risk Management Not just for the big banks!

FX Brokerage Operations

Aggregated liquidity and smart order routing are important ingredients for FX brokers, but they are no longer enough to maintain a competitive edge in today’s FX environment. Gone are the days when brokers are simply adding a margin and hedging each position ...show more