e-Forex Magazine January 2020

e-Forex Magazine January 2020

e-Forex Magazine January 2020
What needs to be done to unlock their full potential?
Encouraging participation
Accessing mission-critical solutions
Data-driven intelligent architectures
How to give them the edge
Mapping the regulatory landscape


Trading and investing in cryptocurrencies and digital assets: What needs to be done to unlock the full potential?


Cryptocurrencies, digital assets, and digitization of existing assets represent the next massive shift in the evolution of money and, more generally, value; these technologies could potentially create the next multi-trillion-dollar opportunity set....show more


Benchmarked Execution - Encouraging Participation

Trading Operations

In 2013 investor confidence, still reeling from the effects of the ’08 crash and the Greek debt crisis  was dealt another blow. Revelations emerged of egregious cheating and shady goings on in two of the world’s most widely used FX  benchmarks: the ECB fixing rate and the London 4pm Fix . This prompted a lot of serious debate and culminated in a number of related initiatives including but not limited to a Financial Stability Board special working group on FX benchmarks, the UK government’s Fair & Effective Markets Review and the Global FX Code....show more


e-Forex talks with Marc Bayle de Jessé incoming CEO of CLS, the world’s leading provider of FX settlement services

e-Forex Interview

The FX market continues to evolve through structural change, regulatory reform, and new technology and no organisation has contributed more to the growth of this market than CLS. Launched in 2002, CLS now has more than 25,000 third-party participants also using its services, and settles USD5.5 trillion of payments on an average day. We spoke with Marc Bayle de Jessé to learn more about his plans for the future and how he intends to build on the legacy of a company that has transformed FX with its innovative approach to multilateral netting and settlement....show more


Neutralizing the Playing Field Increased data accessibility for regional broker-dealers

Expert Opinion

Rapidly changing dynamics around regulation, credit requirements and new technologies make the focus on operational efficiency as important as supporting customer needs. Making the most of limited resources through strategic decisions about how to scale your business, where to invest and whether to outsource or build in-house can make or break the bottom line....show more


Solving the Fair Value challenge for Level 1 and Level 2 Crypto Assets

Blockchain and CryptoCurrencies

One new question on the 2019 tax return has created a buzz:  “At any time during 2019, did you receive, sell, send, exchange, or otherwise acquire any financial interest in any virtual currency?”  After 5 years of IRS silence on crypto issues, that’s a big question to ask from the perspective of the crypto community....show more


Accessing mission-critical solutions for your FX Order Management needs

Trading & Technology Clinic

What key features should banks be looking for in a state-of-the art FX OMS? ...show more


Data-driven intelligent architecture for FX etrading

Market Data

In the past 60 years, information technology has evolved on a one decade- long innovation cycle. A new cycle has started, which is centered around Data and Artificial Intelligence / Machine Learning and is forcefully gaining momentum...show more


Mapping the Regulatory Landscape of Retail CFD Trading

FX Brokerage Operations

Articles on retail brokerage regulations often discuss how complicated and fraught the space can be. Perhaps it’s a testament to the maturity of the retail FX/CFD industry that this isn’t really the case any longer. In fact, if there is a trend to be observed......show more


Give your High Frequency Trading Network the edge

Networks, Hosting and Connectivity

When financial market participants set their network strategies, much of their focus is around the main mode of communication. In the ‘race to zero’ latency, how big an advantage does a microwave network provide,...show more


Political uncertainty and Fed could push Gold Price higher in 2020

Currency Clips

Gold started 2020 on a positive footing with the price rising more than 2% in the first two weeks of the year. This rally is a continuation of the 18% rally that happened in 2019. The question among investors is whether the current rally can continue....show more