e-Forex Magazine February 2020

e-Forex Magazine February 2020

e-Forex Magazine February 2020
How soon will it be possible?
Helping FX through the maze of regulatory compliance
e-FX across Latin America
The Killer App for online brokers FIX APIs
Why they are still the most secure way to trade FX
With Tools For Brokers


How soon will instant FX Settlement be possible?

Market Commentary

During the last decade we have witnessed a significant upheaval in the payments landscape. The relentless drive to mobile banking, real time payments, and online shopping has been driven by fintechs, younger tech-savvy demographics and new global financial instruments. This pattern has driven increased volumes and has coincided with ever-increasing demands for payments to be executed and settled in real-time. This past decade has seen a plethora of developments in payments and FX settlements including new entrants, new models and changes to existing models. Despite all this, the introduction of instant FX settlement and international payments has some serious obstacles to overcome; not just in terms of the market infrastructure, but also the internal systems and processes and just as importantly and vitally, how the two intersect....show more


Guiding FX through the complex maze of Regulatory Compliance with RegTech

Reg Tech

Today’s FX traders are faced with a conundrum. The massive wave of regulatory oversight rolling over financial services has also landed on the shores of FX. It’s brought with it an enormous number of regulatory requirements, which are growing at superhuman speed and carry increasingly severe repercussions for non-compliance....show more

Treasury Automation - Change heading to Flashback

Treasury Automation

Sibos 2019 Looking back at the FX day in London ...show more


Adopting an innovative approach to treasury, sales and on-line customer trading


One of the largest, contemporary banks in the Baltic region has taken its customer service to the next level. They are one of a new generation of independent banks to adopt an innovative approach to treasury and sales, intertwining the two activities. The Bank recognised that making this strategic decision will give it a competitive edge in the market....show more

LMAX Group - A firm that has built success upon transparency, precision in execution and its distinctive All Market Access model

e-Forex Interview

e-Forex talks with David Mercer CEO of LMAX Group....show more


Exploring the benefits of a new generation of Prime-of-Prime services

Expert Opinion

Ramy Soliman, Chief Strategy Officer at Z.com Global Markets outlines what key attributes are clients now looking for from leading prime-of-prime brokerages ...show more


Electronic FX in Latin America Gearing up for a decade of growth ahead

Regional eFX Perspective

Lack of liquidity has restricted e-trading of Latin American currencies, yet the scale of the region’s population and its real economy coupled with technology are now driving adoption of electronic platforms. Richard Willsher investigates....show more


The key to running a more competitive FX brokerage business

FX Brokerage Operations

David Cooney, CEO & Co-Founder of MahiFX outlines some of the challenges facing brokers in 2020 and what steps they can take to overcome them...show more


Chatbots: The Killer App for online brokers

FX Brokerage Operations

In some ways chatbots have become the red-headed stepchildren of artificial intelligence. Despite their initial promise, our first encounters with them have left much to be desired. For many they’re the annoying faux agents that we’re often stuck with when searching for a real person to talk to...show more


Tools for Brokers: Focused on delivering next generation software solutions to brokerage firms and helping them capture new business opportunities

Provider Profile

Tools For Brokers (TFB) is looking to become one of the leading global B2B Forex technology providers. The firm develops plug-ins and applications for brokers of any size and type and specializes on software development for the Metatrader platform (MT4, MT5). We spoke to Chief Operating Officer, Albina Zhdanova to find out more about the company’s offerings and plans for the coming year. ...show more


Gold steadies as Coronavirus spread raises chances of a Fed rate cut

Currency Clips

The price of gold has risen by more than 4% this year. In the same period, the Bloomberg Commodity Index has fallen by more than 7% while the dollar index has risen by more than 2%. Bitcoin, on the other hand, has risen by more than 40% this year while the S&P500 has risen by more than 3%....show more