e-Forex Magazine April 2020

e-Forex Magazine April 2020

E platforms and algos come into their own
Addressing the technology challenges
Why the pieces are finally coming together
Have we underestimated the growth potential of anonymous FX ECNs?
The race to zero
Managing Director, Co-Head of Trading at Refinitiv


FX under the Corona lockdown - E platforms and algos come into their own

Special Report

Richard Willsher investigates how electronic FX markets are performing as the global corona crisis deepens...show more


Trends in FX Trading: Addressing the technology challenge of electronified FX markets

e-FX Industry Report

In 2020, global capital markets consultancy GreySpark Partners observes that overall FX market structural dynamics significantly impact trading franchise business models and drive decision-making across the different segments of market participants in different ways....show more


Peer-to-Peer Matching in FX: Why the pieces are finally coming together

Market Commentary

For as long as there’s been foreign exchange trading, buy side institutions generate the demand for FX liquidity, while market makers provide the supply. A symbiotic relationship that has stood the test of time, but with increased pressures for best execution and enhanced transparency, especially in uncertain times like now with the resurgence of volatility, the demand for peer-to-peer liquidity has never been greater....show more

Liquidity crisis: Does the expert analysis from Sibos still hold-up?

Liquidity Management

“The Bank for International Settlements (BIS) survey states that turnover is a rough proxy for liquidity and, if it is, liquidity is at an all-time high,” said Gavin Wells, moderator of the FX Day at Sibos on 23 September 2019. “Yet if you talk to market participants, they would tell you that the capital implications have led to a reduction in credit, which has reduced market access, which means they have less liquidity. So how can both conditions exist?”...show more


e-Forex talks to Neill Penney, Managing Director, Co-Head of Trading at Refinitiv

e-Forex Interview

Refinitiv’s trading business provides solutions across the entire trading workflow including pre-trade insight, execution capabilities, and transactional workflow solutions for the sales, trading, and research of FX, rates, credit, equities and other exchanged-traded instruments globally, constituting nearly all the major buy-side and sell-side financial firms around the world....show more


Does e-FX still require a human touch?


Client demands for speed and efficiency, coupled with regulatory pressure for transparency, will continue to drive the growth of electronic trading, including trading of more complex products....show more


Have we underestimated the growth potential of anonymous ECNs?


With Paul Arnold, EMEA Head of Sales, Euronext FX and Vincent Sangiovanni, CEO 360TGTX...show more


The Harmonisation of Electronic Trading, Treasury and Regulatory Compliance

Trading & Technology Clinic

We asked Gill Bacon, Business Development Director, Banking to tell us why now, more than ever, integrating trading, treasury and sales operations can help navigate the ever-complex world of e-trading and regulatory compliance....show more


FX Markets in the age of COVID-19

Expert Opinion

FX, as an asset class, has long exhibited certain key and defining features in the context of the global financial markets. Firstly, there is the intrinsic link between FX and the real economy – and the role that FX plays not only in facilitating global trade and commerce, but also payments....show more


Aggregation & spreads: The race to zero

FX Brokerage Operations

In this increasingly competitive market, we continue to see spread compression in FX and precious metals. This has been an exponential trend since the rise of electronic trading (namely e-FX), as access to the $6 trillion daily FX industry has become far more appealing with the evolution of technology and the relative ease of market entry....show more


Gold outlook: Corporate earnings and fiscal and monetary policy in focus

Currency Clips

Gold price has risen by almost 2% in the past month while the dollar index has risen by more than 4%. This price action was mostly due to global central banks and policymakers. The two have moved swiftly to support the economy....show more