e-Forex Magazine May 2020

e-Forex Magazine May 2020

Moving towards a more resilient FX market
A key driver for wider adoption of FX clearing
An increasingly compelling proposition
Meeting requirements for
top class services
Now a must have for FX brokers
Co-Founder & CEO of FXSpotStream


Moving towards a more resilient FX market


After the first 45 days of the pandemic, it’s clear that the capital markets met volatility and turbulence with resilience. As we take stock of this new environment, the conversation will shift to how we recover and adapt....show more


NDF Trading: Taking it to the next level

e-FX Industry Report

Over the better part of the past 15 years, most of the innovation in the foreign exchange (FX) market has been dedicated to spot transactions, which benefitted from electronification, automation, and algorithmic trading....show more


How pension funds and PvP preview the evolution of operational resiliency after Covid-19

Market Commentary

While the full effect of Coronavirus (Covid-19) remains to be seen, its impact is already unprecedented, creating challenges for companies across sectors on a global scale. For financial services, the pandemic is highlighting the importance of operational resilience, a priority that will continue to be a focal point well beyond the lifecycle of the pandemic. ...show more


The evolution of clearing and FX market structure


Following on from our roundtable feature earlier this year, which focussed on some of the complexities and current models of FX clearing, we asked Kah Yang Chong, Head of ForexClear Product, Europe, the Middle East and Africa, at LCH to give us his views on how the clearing landscape is likely to evolve further....show more


Why cloud based e-FX platforms offer an increasingly compelling proposition

e-Forex Roundtable

Reduced costs, flexible design, high reliability and ultra low latency: Why cloud based e-FX platforms offer an increasingly compelling proposition...show more


Automated FX Trading: Getting beyond the buzz

Trading Operations

Lots of buy side firms are talking about FX automation right now, but what does it mean when this talk turns into action? Sebastian Hofmann-Werther, Head of EMEA at 360T, explains....show more


FXSpotStream - perfectly placed to capitalize on the growing shift in FX trading preferences

e-Forex Interview

FXSpotStream which was formed in 2011 is a subsidiary of LiquidityMatch, the bank owned consortium operating as a market utility. e-Forex spoke to their Co-founder & CEO Alan F. Schwarz, about the company’s continued growth and how it is ideally placed to take advantage of the latest trends that are influencing the FX market....show more


White Labelled FX Platforms: An old story with a new ending

Trading & Technology Clinic

By Fabrice Benouaich, Finastra, Director, Product Management SeamlessFX and Guillaume Spay, Finastra, Director, Global Solutions, Treasury and Capital Markets. ...show more


Security, compliance, and access to liquidity: Meeting requirements for top class cryptocurrency custodial services

Blockchain and CryptoCurrencies

Fund managers are increasingly interested in the benefits that crypto could offer their portfolios, however this requires the value of those assets be custodied and safeguarded much in the same way traditional assets are.  ...show more


Broker checklist: What to request from your bridge solution

Expert Opinion

Albina Zhdanova, COO at Tools for Brokers explores what to request from your bridge solution...show more


Business Intelligence toolsets for FX brokers: Moving from nice to have to must have

FX Brokerage Operations

The uptake of Business Intelligence software amongst FX brokers has traditionally been quite low – from what I’ve seen, they are probably only used by around 20% of brokers worldwide. So why is the figure so low......show more


Gold outlook: demand to rise as global debt soars to unprecedented levels

Currency Clips

The price of gold has moved relatively sideways in the past thirty days as the market continued to focus on the reopening of the world economy. Investors have also been focusing on the actions of central banks including the Federal Reserve and the European Central Bank...show more

Product Launch

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