e-Forex Magazine June 2020

e-Forex Magazine June 2020

Choosing your strategies
Calculation and visualisation
Moving towards critical mass
The challenges of FX EMS selection and OMS integration
What the future holds for FX
Evolving platform trends
CEO of Pragma


Looking for Best Execution?

Trading Operations

Looking for Best Execution? Here is what might influence your FX trading strategy By Guy Hopkins, Founding Director and Jian Chen, Head of Data Science, FairXchange...show more


Market Impact and Decay Around the WMR Fix

Trading Operations

Market impact can mean many different things but in essence it is an estimate of the movement in the market price during and following a buy or sell trade. The act of buying pushes the price up and the act of selling causes the price to fall...show more


Singapore Where electronic FX is moving towards critical mass

Regional eFX Perspective

Asia Pacific’s principal FX trading centre is increasingly demonstrating what happens when market forces, technology, regulatory support, regional political events and positive sentiment all align. Richard Willsher investigates....show more


FX EMS Selection & OMS Integration The challenges for Asset Managers

Voice from the buyside

Richard Estes looks at the evolving FX trading needs of asset managers, particularly those of real-money asset managers and looks at the challenge of OMS-EMS integration for FX trading, and what it is necessary to understand about the role that both an OMS and FX EMS play in FX trading....show more



e-Forex Interview

The award winning quantitative technology provider that strives to connect traders to markets in a more transparent and intelligent manner...show more


People and Machines What the future holds for FX


The future of financial services will be a true merger of the best of both human and machine, according to a report produced by Refinitiv with Greenwich Associates. It finds that over the next three to five years investing and trading decisions will still need to leverage human intuition, while data analysis and trade execution will become increasingly automated and more efficient. Nicola Tavendale investigates....show more


Evolving risk management and platform trends in the online trading industry

FX Brokerage Operations

Recent global events have led to a surge in the popularity of online trading, with many brokers reporting increased trading volumes. However, it’s important to note that recent growth is riding an already well-established trend of interest in retail trading....show more


How to overcome the technical challenges when launching a new Forex Broker

FX Brokerage Operations

The Forex/CFD industry has now reached a stage of maturity, making it challenging for startups and smaller firms to establish their presence...show more


Gold outlook: will the current underperformance continue?

Currency Clips

Gold price reached a year-to-date high of $1,768 on May 18. Since then, its performance has straggled behind the overall market. In the past month alone, the price has declined by about 0.6% while the S&P500 and Nasdaq 100 have gained by more than 8%. ...show more