e-Forex Magazine July 2020

e-Forex Magazine July 2020

What updates can we expect?
Helping the buyside achieve better FX trading outcomes
Gearing up to support increased levels of e-FX trading
Helping FX trading firms through Covid-19
Access to electronic trading toolsets for retail investors
Group CEO of Crown Agents Bank


Three years on and now Covid – How has The FX Global Code performed?

Market Commentary

The FX Global Code (the Code) is coming up for its three-year review and the market has just faced some of the most challenging trading conditions in living memory. What has the Code contributed and does it need to be updated? asks Richard Willsher....show more

Technology, data and real time analytics - Helping the buyside achieve better FX trading outcomes

Trading Operations

Technology in the foreign exchange markets has become an ever-present part of the industry in recent years, from pre-trade, electronic trading and post-trade elements all factoring into the entire trade lifecycle......show more

Revolution in cross-border payments promises big benefits for the FX industry


SWIFT gpi has delivered fast, traceable and more transparent cross-border payments for transaction banking. The FX industry can now realise the same benefits for institutional FX trades that settle outside of CLS....show more

Crown Agents Bank With Albert Maasland, Group CEO

e-Forex Interview

Crown Agents Bank looking to promote more effective global payment distribution and levels of financial inclusion: Crown Agents Bank is a UK regulated provider of wholesale FX and cross-border payment services connected across frontier and emerging markets. e-Forex spoke with its CEO, Albert Maasland, about his vision for the bank, it’s unique offering and growth opportunities, and its digital transformation journey....show more


MENA A growing FX market with increased levels of e-trading

Regional eFX Perspective

Nicholas Pratt examines the emergence of exchange-based and OTC trading, the fledgling crypto market and various regional fintech initiatives which are all helping to boost the FX market and increase demand for electronic trading services across the Middle East and North Africa...show more


Elevating the FX mobile trading experience

Product Review

Exploring a mobile trading app from FlexTrade Systems...show more


How Managed Networking is helping FX Trading firms to become more resilient in the age of Covid-19

Networks, Hosting and Connectivity

As Covid-19 swept across the globe earlier in the year, the way in which we worked, socialised, communicated and cared for each other changed. These changes were quickly enabled in part by existing technology that had thus far been underutilised...show more


The continuing evolution of online options trading for retail investors

Retail FX trading

Borne on a wave of volatility started by US-China trade tensions, Brexit and now a global pandemic, the practice of options trading has grown significantly over the past few years...show more


Gold outlook: Will gold test $1,900 as coronavirus infections rise?

Currency Clips

Gold price has been on an upward trend in the past few months. Its price has risen by 10% in the past three months and by about 7% in the past month. Trading at $1,810 per ounce, the price is at the highest it has been since 2011 and a few points below its all-time high. ...show more