Kyriba launches new tool to tackle currency risk

July 2022 in News Headlines

Kyriba has announced the launch of Kyriba’s FX with correlated value at risk (VaR) analysis to provide corporate Treasurers and FX Risk Managers with more precise, deeper level analytics to optimize hedging programs and continuously hit portfolio VaR targets in the most cost effective way. Foreign exchange losses due to a strong US dollar in a rising interest rate environment are escalating with projections upwards of $40B in FX impacts to North American companies during the first half of 2022, according to a recent report.

“Corporate Risk Managers are scrambling to shore up losses resulting from the recent dollar run,” said Andy Gage, SVP FX Advisory Services at Kyriba. “Kyriba’s VaR is important during any market environment to reduce costs and better determine net exposures across a portfolio of currency pairs. Especially during this time of uncertain market dynamics, Risk Managers need data to drive their decisions and protect earnings erosion.” Kyriba’s Correlated VaR solutions deliver cost effective, in-house hedging management and reporting control with dynamic FX dashboards. Highlights of the newly launched solutions include:

VaR Precision: 1,000 simulations generate optimal hedging scenarios so Risk Managers have actionable decision-making intelligence on the specific currency pairs to hedge, based on their net exposure and portfolio VaR policy
Decision Management: User-defined parameters for a variety of reports and dashboards increases visibility, control and support across multiple exposure management and hedging strategies
Trade Efficiency: Enter and automatically execute FX trades across major trading platforms

Kyriba’s Correlated VaR Analytics delivers insight on-demand into the amount of correlated value at risk that exists across all currency pairs within a company’s portfolio of exposures. The new solution builds upon Kyriba’s ability to aggregate and calculate FX exposure with automation, giving Risk Managers more time to leverage data insights and design programs to more cost-effectively mitigate volatility.