January 2024

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With Andreas Wigström,
Managing Director
of LMAX Global

LMAX Group is a leading independent operator of multiple execution venues for FX …

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A Look Ahead at what
we can expect with
e-FX in 2024

We spoke to a number of key industry players about the year ahead.

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Measuring the impact of
the move to T+1 settlement

We look at the implications for FX as U.S. securities move ….

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Exploring the state of
e-FX in Southern Africa

Electronification in FX is increasing not just in South Africa but …

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NDFs: The market looks towards
increasing electronification

As the demand for NDFs continue to surge we look at the role of electronic trading and …

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Putting data at the 
heart of FICC 
business strategy

Vivek Shankar finds out more about the challenges that FX trading firms are facing when managing and exploiting their data

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The value of performance
analysis and network
monitoring solutions

Beeks Group outlines how a costly IPO sparked the genesis of Market Data Capture and Replay solution mdPlay

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CBP: A versatile and powerful platform to deliver FX and payments solutions

Chris Gibson tells us more about this FX and payments platform.

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The growth of CLSNet: The next
best thing after CLSSettlement

CLS is focusing on enhancing CLSNet, its automated bilateral payment netting …

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EDGE FX RFQ: the new solution
from Edgewater Markets

We asked Matt Kassel to tell us more about his firms exciting new trade execution service

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