March 2022

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Talking with
the team behind
360TGTX MidMatch

The MidMatch platform is a fully automated FX swaps limit order book with a midrate matching capability targeted at the interbank trading community.

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Matching FX algo
intelligence with
trading intentions

The use of FX algos was already on the increase, but market conditions in the past two years have noticeably accelerated the trend and the rise looks set to…

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Electronic FX trading
in the Nordics

As electronification sweeps through global FX markets, how have the Nordics reacted?

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Bridging the gap
to get the best
of both worlds

As the demand for on-exchange FX trading and FX futures continues, Nicholas Pratt looks at the role of the exchanges in bridging the gap between the OTC ….

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Finalto - Working hard to
create the perfect
technology proposition

Finalto is the financial division of Playtech PLC, a global and well established business traded on London Stock Exchange.

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TradeTech FX
USA 2022
February 16-18th

Saeed Amen provides a few takeaways from the recent TradeTech FX USA event.

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