March 2024

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With Paul Groves 
at Finalto

A firm consisting of a truly global community of dedicated professionals.

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Unlocking FX swaps:
The migration to
e-channels gathers pace

In 2023, the Bank of International Settlements reported that daily ….

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Investigating electronic
FX trading in Australia: 

Decoding an increasingly complex picture of robust trading volumes…

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From liquidity to technology:
How FXPB is evolving

The prime brokerage world has seen some significant volatility over the past year.

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Stacking up the benefits of
centrally cleared futures in FX

Important general elections amid ongoing geopolitical and macroeconomic uncertainty…

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Regtech: Helping to streamline
and automate FX compliance

Firms should not underestimate the work involved in building a FX Regtech architecture.

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UBS forges ahead with
strong investment focus on FX

UBS has established its place in the market as a leading FX powerhouse yet……

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Provider Profile:
TradeNeXus: An award-winning innovator focused on driving efficiencies within the post-trade FX workflow.

TradeNeXus is a part of GlobalLink’s suite of market-leading e-trading platforms, technology, data and workflow solutions from State Street.

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EMS Platforms:
Standing out From the crowd

Sebastian Hofmann-Werther outlines what really differentiates EMS platforms today.

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NCFX Forwards365™
and NCFX Basis365™

Revolutionizing price discovery in the FX swaps markets.

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Overcoming a lack
of execution flexibility
in FX

Phil Morris, CEO of Reactive Markets, talks about the lack of execution flexibility that some clients still face.

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