May 2022

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FXSpotStream: What can we
expect next from this unique
multibank FX service?

FXSpotStream was created in 2011 as a market utility to reduce the costs of trading FX as the electronification of the FX Market continued to accelerate.

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Electronic FX
in the MENA

Exploring the role that e-FX
workflows are playing in
digital transformation
across the MENA

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Electronic FX
trading at

Providing a masterclass on how to combine advanced e-FX trading technology with comprehensive product coverage.

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Exploring the technology
and market models of

Electronic communications networks (ECNs) have become a staple of the FX market over the last few decades.

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Addressing the
challenges of intraday
liquidity management

FX is one of the main drivers of liquidity consumption within banks, which must ensure that they always have sufficient liquidity available to meet their cash obligations. Traditionally, unpredictability and lack of data visibility have hampered the efficient funding of nostro accounts. So how can firms best tackle the

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FX Settlement Risk
discussions at CLS
Roundtable event

In recent years, both the private and public sector have increased their focus on settlement risk in the FX market and called for …

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Outsourced FX
solutions to
meet client needs

For buyside firms, utilising third-party providers to outsource elements of middle and back office functions is now considered ..

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Low latency used to be the domain of clients of tier 1 banks and brokers, but FXCM Pro and FlexTrade’s partnership has ..

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Peer-to-Peer trading:
Exploring the benefits
and possibilities for FX

The notion of peer-to-peer trading isn’t new in FX. Despite the promise, this trading
model had previously struggled to find traction. However, recent changes ….

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Ten questions frequently asked
by FX brokers

Evgeny Sorokin provides the answers to some very common questions that
FX brokers often ask.

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The impact of analytics
and advanced technology
on FX markets

Innovation in the field of smart data and artificial intelligence (AI) is transforming today’s FX market. Traditionally, FX has been slower than other asset classes to capitalise..

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