November 2022

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With Jon Light,
VP of Trading Solutions
at Devexperts.

We set out to discover more about this innovative and influential technology company and to uncover the secrets of its success.

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Execution Analytics:
Helping firms to improve
their FX trading outcomes

There are both macro and market structure trends putting buy-side firms under pressure to better ….

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Digital FX across Africa: A continent plugged in and ready for growth

Africa is often referred to as a single block or a model when discussing electronic FX growth. However, this…

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Treasury Automation: A story of sweeping technological changes

Global treasury management is currently experiencing sweeping
changes. Like many other sectors of institutional …

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Listed FX trading around the world: New regulations
spur further growth

The FX arms of major exchanges have enjoyed a fruitful year so far.
A combination of regulatory developments, market volatility…

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How to build a
quantitative HFT FX shop

Building a Quant HFT on the forex market could be much more challenging than with other markets.

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LMAX Group:
Looking to
challenge convention

LMAX Group is a leading independent operator of multiple execution venues for FX and crypto currency trading.

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TradeTech FX
27th - 29th September, 2022

Amsterdam is a city that I haven’t visited for a while. I’m glad to say not much has changed since my last visit:

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The B2B FX trading
and compliance marketplace

e-Forex spoke with Mike Robertson, CEO and co-founder of AbbeyCross to learn more about how his company is …..

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The next evolution of
application delivery

In the fast-paced world of Capital Markets, businesses are always looking for technological trends to help them execute their…..

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Investigating the
increasingly mission-critical
importance of APIs in FX

API usage is prevalent in FX but is witnessing increased growth. How will this growth unfold and what lies in store for FX? Vivek Shankar investigates. 

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The great

It is no secret that there are issues within the cross-border payments industry. Up until recent years, the whole system was left in its…

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Towards borderless payments
Best practice recommendations
from a P20 report

A recent report published by P20, contains specific best practice actions to move towards borderless payments and says that this can only….

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