November 2023

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With Eric Donovan, Global Head
of Institutional FX at
StoneX Group

StoneX Group Inc is a diversified financial services firm providing institutional traders access ….

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How MSP’s are hastening banks’ migration to the Cloud

The notion that ‘freedom lies on the other side of fear’ holds true not only in human psychology but also in the context of financial business.

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FX Swaps: The only constant
is change

Stephan von Massenbach discusses the numerous changes taking place in the FX Swaps market

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Takeaways from TradeTech FX in September 2023

Saeed Amen provides some takeaways from the recent TradeTech FX event in Paris in September.

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Ultra-low latency FX trading infrastructures

Achieving ultra-low latency is only half the battle for trading firms – the real challenge lies in

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Corporate treasury automation:
Technology solves pressing needs

Treasury automation has consistently been a hot topic since the COVID-19 pandemic hit

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A story of growing demand and new product development

There are two clear trends in the listed FX trading world. Firstly there is …

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Taking a closer look at the
MENA FX picture

The MENA region has never grabbed headlines quite as violently

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Next generation FX analytics: Bringing transparency and more to the FX execution process

Electronification has steadily increased in FX over the years, and has spawned

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