September 2023

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With Andrew Ralich
Co-Founder and CEO
of oneZero

oneZero is a global leader in multi asset trading technology solutions, with an emphasis on …..

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The Power of the Cloud:
Why this technology is
such a good fit for FX

Nicholas Pratt investigates why the FX market is a perfect fit for the operational characteristics and agility of Cloud computing.

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Pathways to success: Taking steps
to optimise Post Trade FX

Market participants typically view the FX market as technologically advanced compared to other…..

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Risk Management: Harnessing the
benefits of Digital Transformation

Trading FX is an inherently risky activity, and risk management has kept pace with…

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Electronic FX trading services
across Latin America

We investigate factors are influencing the growth of e-FX across Latin America.

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IPC celebrates
50 years and counting.

We asked Tim Carmody to tell us more about how the firm has maintained its market leading …

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Cloud Repatriation:
Escape route
or dynamic reality?

Cloud Repatriation means the withdrawal of workloads out of the public cloud back into on-prem environments, either bare metal, colocations or managed private and hybrid cloud platform…

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Order Management System

DIGITEC’s new Order Management System automates interdealer FX Swap workflows …

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Counterparty diversity:
a prerequisite
for FX risk management?

The collapse of Silicon Valley Bank, UBS’s takeover of Credit Suisse and the closure of Signature Bank
has shone a light on many vulnerabilities in the banking industry…

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