Alex Dunegan

NatWest offers passive currency hedging in new partnership

January 2023 in News Headlines

NatWest has announced a new passive currency hedging service to add to its suite of foreign exchange products offered to institutional investors. The bank stands unique in terms of bringing together end-to end-automation and acting as an Agency FX provider, trading on behalf of clients and providing greater execution transparency. In an innovative partnership with Lumint Corporation, a US-based fintech specialising in currency management services, NatWest will provide automated administration of passive currency hedging programmes including share class, portfolio, look-through and index replication strategies, supported with real time performance attribution and reporting. Lumint’s software gives NatWest the ability to operate highly complicated passive currency hedging mandates, supported by the automation of data processing and system integration into both NatWest’s Agency FX and principal market making execution services. By combining these tools, NatWest will bring transparency and clarity to services that are often challenging for customers.  With TCA (Transaction Cost Analysis) from New Change, NatWest Market’s Agency FX offering gives clients a powerful new choice in their pursuit of better FX execution.

Alex Dunegan, CEO of Lumint, said,  “The Lumint team is very excited to be working with such a respected organization, and to be a part of NatWest’s effort to continuously offer innovative services to their clients.”