NEOFX sees strong demand for low-cost corporate FX services

July 2023 in News Headlines

NEOFX, the European low-cost FX provider for mid-sized companies, reports an increased interest from companies across Europe to cut FX costs related to import and export by using NEOFX’s services. Managing Director NEOFX, Thomas Morten Jensen explains: “We have seen a massive surge in European companies coming to us for competitive FX rates because it leads to significant cost reductions and thereby improved profit margins for these companies.” NEOFX’s customers use a secure online platform to conduct low-cost FX trading and make international payments, and the convenient access to extremely competitive FX rates is a good match for mid-sized companies. “Our proven services are widely used by exporters and importers across Europe” explains Thomas Morten Jensen and elaborates: “As a disruptive fintech we must have a real value-add to attract customers and ours is simply that we help reduce costs by providing better FX rates than the customers’ bank, which leads to a significantly improved bottom line for our customers.”