NetDania selected for Citi Velocity 3.0

July 2023 in News Headlines

NetDania, part of United Fintech has announced it has been selected by Citi to provide advanced charting and data visualisation on its platform, Velocity 3.0. “The Velocity OS was purpose built to allow for an ecosystem of partnerships; and we see our clients benefitting greatly from NetDania’s rich data visualisation and advanced charting tools”, said David O’Byrne, Global Product Head of FX Platforms and Distribution at Citi. As a leader in charting and data visualisation solutions for the financial industry, NetDania empowers institutional customers with innovative tools for optimal data analysis, decision-making and customer value creation. “NetDania provides high-performance charting and data management services. With our flexible Open API structure, we offer full customisation to meet diverse needs and we’re very thrilled to bring these capabilities to Citi’s Velocity 3.0 platform”, says NetDania’s co-CEO Rasmus A. Bagger.