GFI launches new version of FENICS FX

GFI has launched version 9.

October, 2003

GFI has launched version 9.0 of FENICS FX, the global standard for pricing and analysing FX options used in more than 850 dealing rooms globally. With hundreds of changes throughout the application, FENICS FX version 9.0 introduces improvements in three main areas. Firstly, users can further modify the layout of the standard pricing pages by adding or removing fields, allowing the user interface to be tailored to specific end-user requirements.
Secondly, trade risk and sales reporting have been improved throughout FENICS portfolio management functions. The third main area of improvement is exotic option pricing, where new exotic option types have been added, pricing models have been upgraded and the overall exotic option pricing process has been improved. The launch of FENICS FX 9.0 coincides with GFIs acquisition of dVega Software, an established provider of pricing models that calculate the market value for the most frequently traded exotic FX options.