eSignal 7.5 Release Adds Market Depth

eSignal has announced the release of eSignalTM 7.

January, 2004

eSignal has announced the release of eSignalTM 7.5. This innovative upgrade to its award-winning market-analytics platform furnishes subscribers with extended intraday data, added market depth, news from Dow Jones NewsPlus and AFX News, more advanced charts, new add-on studies and full integration with eSignal Market Scanners.
eSignal 7.5 also supports a connection to the new eSignal Office Server that provides clients with a cost-effective and efficient way of managing bandwidth for all eSignal users within a single office. eSignal 7.5 now offers market depth from the Chicago Mercantile Exchange (CME), Chicago Board of Trade (CBOT), New York Open Book, now with New York Liquidity Quote (NYLQ) and Foreign Currency Market (FOREX) for viewing the bid/ask for each FOREX contributor.